Cane Toads – something completely different…

I am archiving this video here in case you are sick of Covid, Boris Johnson and Black Lives Matter!

It’s the weekend. You have time to give your brain a break; to focus on some other problem.

Get some snacks and something to drink.


Here’s an ecological movie with a difference, and despite it’s seriousness, it’s very funny too.

From my point of view (Covid hullabaloo)

Early this morning I watched a robin surveying our garden from the top of our garden arch. We were both looking at the garden, saw the same things like the bird feeders, the bench, the trees and plants from a different angle, a different mindset. The bench, bird feeders, trees and plants were observable facts to us both. Same facts, different interpretation.

It reminded me of my dissertation for my final science exam. I could choose from two topics to write. The one I chose was “Is there life on Mars?” And prove from the facts at my disposal that there was. I did. But many other people proved from the facts at their disposal that there wasn’t.

THAT’S how science works.

With the facts at our disposal we make assumptions.

There is a great hullabaloo about Covid. There are many points of view.

Here is how I see it as an Historian and also a scientist.

Conspiracy theorists believe Bill Gates and the elite have coordinated a massive Hoax to depopulate our planet and enslave us. We even have proofs of all kinds from James Corbett to David Icke and all in between. There is a ‘great plan’ being developed from a central controlling group. Or a secret ancient cult.They have proof.

Lurch historians would view the Covid catastophe as an event into which opportunists have stepped and taken advantage of. LURCH history is the idea that history is driven forwards by situations that are compensated for or altered by opportunists stepping in. Lurch History is a sort of random story, unplanned from any central point. In the case of Covid, all Governments have realised their opportunity to take away our freedoms and enslave us. The believers have proof.

Then there is the Covid ‘End Times’ idea and the cleansing of the Earth. Also linked to the idea that we are being punished for our abuse of the planet. Connected also to the climate change ideology; the idea is that our natural state of being is beautiful, resistant and vigorous if we eat the correct food, use natural prophylaxis and cures for Covid and stop polluting our planet. Vegans, anti vaxxers and whole food devoties fall into this group it seems to me. And climate change activists. This situation is our fault. We can overcome Covid by avoiding the machinations of Goverments and faulty science and halt the degradation of earth. They have proof.

But, of course, we have the internet and the internet of things. Most people on the planet are connected to each other now – our real global master to whom we are slaves that spies on us daily wherever we live. The world wide web augments ideas that now spread around our once-apon-a-time villages. The web does not have ONE giant spider in the centre. It has many. Each person sending out signals vibrates on their own tiny web. They are the tiny spiders. Other small spiders recognise the vibration that excites them and they listen in. They spread the ‘Tune’. The giant spiders are also communicating their ‘Tunes’. There are many ‘Tunes’. We can mix and match. We can devote ourselves to communicating our favourites. Our ‘Tunes’ are our dissertations for our beliefs. We can prove there is life on Mars, or not, according to the facts we choose.

Conspiracy theories, Lurch opportunist theories, Cleansing theories, are simply like the bench in my garden that the Robin in my garden sees differently to me. The bench is the FACT – like Covid-19. Covid IS . From my point of view, the bench represents my inner self, a place of rest, and like Covid-19, a place where I have stopped in a world that has stopped too. I can be patient as an Historian and also a scientist here on my imaginary bench and remember that all things happen in the due course of time. I wait for the passing of time. Only time will tell. The fact is that no conspiracy theory, Lurch theory, or Earth cleansing theory can be proved true, they are all simply dissertations from a point of view. So are the predictions, fear mongering and news in the media. And Government hype.

Like much of the writings of academia published as fact for paid-for reviews ………

Like the tribal drums sending out a call for members……….

Like the sound of spiders communicating through their webs………

What is Truth except something we believe has been proven true that resonates with US?

Don’t you think the vaccination blood clots are very bloody funny, or is it just me?

Don’t you think its very bloody funny about blood clots and vaccinations?

The ‘experimental’ Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not producing blood clots in recipients.

The old fashioned style vaccinations like the Oxford and the one shot Johnson and Johnson, whose vaccination recipes have been used forever, are?

Could it be that Pfizer and Moderna are EXPENSIVE


that the Oxford and Johnson and Johnson are CHEAP?

I wonder.

What do YOU think?

Prince Philip: An Example for Woke Prince Harry. Has Traditional Britain Died With Prince Philip?

As I watched this video, I thought of my own mother and grandmother. Those generations had ‘true grit’. I found this especially interesting as to Prince Philip’s upbringing, which, if those things happened nowadays, would have been cosseted by therapy and mental health, and sympathy. Things that occured to my ancestors, and, even me! were simply hardships that people endured with patience.

I suspect traditional Britain has been dying for a while.

There is hardly any true grit, patience during hardship, or endurance that I see, except amongst old people I know.

Life nowadays is so woke.


Twitter is a swamp awash with victims and poor me’s and some very catty people.

If they have nothing to say, they make it up just to keep in the public eye. If there is nothing to complain about, they think something up. They look for it.

Only moments after Prince Phillip died, I saw a tweet by a radio show host complaining that everyone else had to have small funerals, suffer the regulations of Covid, whine whine bla, and they asked how many other people thought it unfair that ‘The Royals’ got the privaledge of a PROPER funeral whilst ordinary folks SUFFERED with tiny ones! I could hear their brain thinking about a good topic of discussion for the next show.

Of course ‘The Royals’ have no privaledge as far as Covid goes. They are not having a PROPER funeral at all. I’m sure Phillip will look down from above and enjoy his own funeral. He hated fuss!

That radio show host simply exposed themselves as a fool.

A lot of people on Twitter have nothing to say, and they say it regularly!

They also say it on the Radio.

Moaning about your “rights” during Covid lockdown put into perspective

It’s so strange to watch those people in the UK gripped by personal insult because we have lockdown, vaccinations, possible Covid innoculation cards and other perceived serious assaults on our “rights”. Our freedoms have been taken away from us people claim.

In the UK, as they say, we dont know we’ve been born!

Here, people are fighting, protesting, wasting energy, bile, venom and stressing themselves and others out for nothing. All those people need is inner tranquility and PATIENCE.

All our “rights” have not been removed. They are simply on pause for a while. They are on pause as we cooperatively attempt to get back to our new normal. Here in the UK, we have become too used to having everything we need on a plate.

No one here is dying in the gutter, short of water, electricity, medical assistance, or starving to death because of Government incompetance. No one in the UK is threatened with pension loss, property confiscation with no compensation, or business bankruptcy from constant downtime from Government electricity provision and water conservation.

And no, I’m not just talking about white people in South Africa, I’m talking about ALL people in South Africa. I’m talking about poor people still living in substandard housing all over in townships, in areas where the incoming Rainbow Government promised they would “give” houses. They are still waiting thirty years later.

There is no excuse. Thirty years is a whole generation!

The problems with the Government in the UK are nothing compared to the corruption happening in South Africa.

I dare you!

Have you listened to the Meghan Harry interview?

I dare you to be honest here,

When Meghan fell pregnant, did it flash through your mind that her baby might be the first black person born to the Royal Family?

Did it?

No, its NOT important, its just natural! I also wondered if a dark skinned child with red hair might be fun.

You never know what to expect with these gene things…..anything can happen!

Poor Meghan, she hadn’t a clue what she was getting into when she married British Royalty. They do not speak to the Press to defend themselves when under attack, and it’s hard work that you have to do without complaint, without sharing your pain, with smiling and with dignity CONSTANTLY. It must be the loneliest job in the world!

You are “trapped” just as Harry explained. You cannot just “be yourself”.

You have to be a very special person to do it.

Here’s Nige on the subject….I agree with just about everything he says….