Dealing with Quora

I have complained about Quora in my last blog post. For the first time ever, I regretted writing a post. I had to change it to make it less of a hissy fit, and more respectful.

Going back onto the Quora site, I discover interesting stats about myself there. People actually read my answers! Even though they are mainly about smoking or vaping.

But today I was delighted. I have had two questions about Sciatica and one question about Fountain Pens!


Also, I have wallowed about reading wonderful answers written by dedicated people in beautiful English on fascinating topics.

I’ll hang about a little longer.


I have written on Quora for many years now.

It has changed.

For the worse I feel.

It has adverts. It has monetised answers. It hosts the most ridiculous kinds of trolling questions. And good ones too of course.

But I’m sick of getting questions on smoking or vaping constantly. Most of them are anti smoking and anti vaping trolls. Or people who have been terrorised by The Anti Smoking Industry. I am the older generation who grew up when most people smoked, and whose children grew up in a home where two people smoked – inside. We all turned out healthy.

Once Quora went through a whole persecution of people whose names “sounded” fake, or pseudonyms. I had a pseudonym that all my old blog and YouTube followers called me, yet it was not allowed by Quora. I even appealed but was turned down. Now, there are tons of names appearing that are OBVIOUSLY not real names. some of them have glaring implications

Even with my new “name” I have been put on the torture list of getting smoking and vaping questions only. I cannot seem to break free.

I think my days on Quora, which used to be an exciting place, are numbered unless I can change this situation to suit ME.

PS, this post has been changed to be more respectful

Fires? All on one day? Smell a rat!

I ask a question.

Who actually believes that fires spontaneously broke out all over England on “the hottest day” the UK has ever had? (Not counting the Medieval Warm Period when it was bloody hot but no one talks about that.)

We’ve had many hottest days. Not once before have fires occurred, burning down houses and schools. The rat is so putrid, everyone can smell it, yes?

I hope the police find the arsonists. And punish them.

I know who I suspect, and the violence in trying to make your point is very troubling.

Its far worse than sticking yourself to an underground tube, or an artwork, or a telephone pole don’t you think?

It is seriously criminal.

The Uglification of Women

I’m going to tell you how deeply sad I am about how the story of women, the home makers, children nurturers, influencers of men, is transforming into a horror story.

I think of it as “The Uglification of Women”.

And it is being perpetuated by women.

It’s women leading the uglification process from inventing the impossible to mimic Barbie Doll, originally for teenagers can you believe, but whose voluptuousness is a guide for ‘beauty’ from celebrities to drag artists. The Barbie Doll look, is a Comic Book character. She is not a representation of real women.

So we now have generations women since the 1960’s whose idea of beauty has been the Barbie Doll.

Through to quite recently, big boobs were fashionable, but big boobs have suddenly gone out of fashion with the new women’s lib activists. To stick to the current trend, women are having implants removed and reducing surgically, the breasts they have. Women are doing this, to themselves.

Voluptuousness is out.

Underarm hair, leg hair, pubic hair is back! Being natural, wild, and free is the thing.

But its not looks that disappoint me. Women have always followed fashion.

It’s behaviours.

The modern woman has been deluded into thinking women had no power in the past. They have been misled to believe having a career makes them free. They have taken on trying to be a copy of men as an idea of equality. They talk with course harsh voices – have you noticed? – and yelling is called singing.

There is no mystique left about women, or being a woman. No hiding of the messiness of monthly periods, or birthing a child. Women demanded men be present at childbirth, a thing not done until recently (recently being MY lifetime). I think it was demanded so that men could see how women suffer the ‘indignity and pain’ of being a woman as a result of men’s sex act.A punishment so to speak. A goodly amount of men are completely switched off sex at that point. I can perfectly understand why being gay is better.

Women have got sloppy.

Letting it all hang out is not a good move in the adventure of being a woman. Womens’ Rights, Womens’ rights, Womens’ rights comes the clamorous call.

It is a woman’s right to not be attacked on the street at 2am whilst walking home alone.

It is a woman’s right to get blind drunk and stoned and not to expect someone taking advantage of their foolishness and lack of propriety.

It is a woman’s right to have a career.

It is a woman’s right to have ANY career, soldier, sailor, beggar man, thief. Sex worker.

It is a woman’s right to protest naked for woman’s rights, or display menstrual blood pouring down a leg. And to have her sanitary equipment paid for by the state.

It is a woman’s right to go up to a mans hotel room on invitation and alone, clueless and stupidly naive and then claim victim hood. And cry “me too”.

It is a woman’s right to abort babies and to be pro choice. It is a woman’s right to do this without the consent of the father.

It is a woman’s right to bring up their children alone, children that two people created.

It is a woman’s right to have rights!

It is a woman’s right to be constantly yowling about women’s rights, so that now they have more coverage everywhere than the other half of the population.

I am sick of women. They make me ashamed to be one.

We have descended into the grotesque. We have lost all sense of intuition about situations that we once knew how to handle. Unfortunately copulation is “in”, marriage, devotion, loyalty, monogamy, virtue is “out”. Having children is on the way “out”. Getting educated and having a career is “in”.

We have forgotten. Women have forgotten important things about how great we could be. How great most women have been. How elusive, attractive, mysterious, wiley, astonishing, delightful, nurturing, stabilising, alluring, culture shaping, influential, peace makers, we have been.

Women have done this to themselves. The Pill has freed us!

A strange world of imagination where facts can be anything you like. Clueless and going too far?

This film was made by the Reclaim Party. It is a protest on what is going on in British schools. As a grandmother I haven’t a clue what goes on in schools. Do parents have any clue?

Teachers have to do what they are told and cover the syllabus. I know because I am an ex teacher. Everyone conforms because your job depends on it.

Young teachers of today are already a product of their own brainwashing implanted in them by the previous generation who were the new generation once.

They have been brainwashed already to think that what they are teaching is right.

Old teachers are having to be politically correct and woke because they have to. There is no place to object.

In the old days where I taught in Africa, schools were about education, we had no sex education syllabus. The biology teacher taught biology and therefore we assumed that kids knew stuff. Teachers taught the old subjects like English, History, Geography, Math, Physics, Chemistry etc Each teacher taught the classes according to their subject syllabus, and manners in the classroom according to a moral compass of being nice to each other, not bullying, and being quiet when the teacher was teaching. But in those days, we were considered teachers of generations of received knowledge rather than facilitators of choosing whatever you fancied, imaginary facts, fashionable fancies. It was a different time.

Was it better? I think so.

The kids I taught are the parents of this generation of kids. Some of them are grandparents now.

Something is very strange when we really haven’t a clue about what the new generation is being taught.nor do the educators have any clue of what we might be doing to our future generations.

We are getting glimpses of what we are doing to kids. And it’s not good!


There’s a nice discussion today with Claire Fox whom I really like. I like her specially because she’s an unapologetic smoker.

This is a really good interview. It’s not about smoking only. it’s about our other sins too!

Take a listen.

Avoid the BBC “Entebbe” film

Last night we had the misfortune to watch the BBC’s “Entebbe”.

It might have aired in 2018. But it is being offered again on catch-up.

There are two main reasons not to watch this awful film.

  1. You will learn nothing about what actually happened in the hijack, nor how it resolved.
  2. You will be driven crazy by the completely illogical dance sequences you will have to endure.

It seems to me that the BBC should actually hide the fact that once, they thought “Entebbe” was in any way worth watching.

If you know anything about the Entebbe raid, or lived through it in the seventies, DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM!

If you are a young person who does not know what I’m talking about, DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM! You will learn absolutely nothing.

Type “Operation Entebbe” into your web browser and save yourselves an hour and a half of junk TV.

This event was pretty significant in the history of In/Out strikes, as it was the first. The whole world was astonished and impressed at its audacity.

If you watch “Entebbe” on the BBC that catch-up is currently offering, you will end up as clueless as you were before. And worse, you will struggle to get the dance scenes unmixed in your mind with ACTUAL reality.

They are just somebody’s woke wet dream. You can tell! It IS the BBC after all.



There is a simple solution to the greed and avarice that drives our lives. If it does not come from us, we are manipulated by the greed of business outside ourselves touting for profit from our insane urges to ‘own’ stuff that they have trained us into.

We squander resources.

Somehow, we as a society, are spoiled with the ease by which we throw away the old, and buy new. Poor people in their struggle, everywhere, have a better idea of the value of things.

Stop buying things you don’t need!


Everyone can do that.

Do not buy what you do not need.

You do not need a new kitchen in the house you bought that has a new kitchen.

You do not need a new bathroom in a house you bought with a perfectly good bathroom.

You do not need new curtains, carpets, or marble floors.

You do not need patios, paving, porches, unnecessary extensions.

Please realise that if you are privileged to be comfortably off and can do these things, YOU are the worst waster of planetary resources than the less well off that ‘ make do’.

‘Making do’ is a virtue. It stops flagrant waste. A really rich man lives a materially empty life.

And it feels better than constantly ‘wanting’.

Do you ever wonder why there is no communication from Extra Terrestrial Intelligence?

Some years ago, the EU created a post for an Ambassador to Alien intelligence should they contact us. I think it was a woman. It must be the most boring job on the planet. Does she ever do anything? Or is something happening behind our backs?

I read that there are small groups worldwide who are speaking with aliens telepathically. You can even get a phone app that guides you on how you proceed with this exciting encounter. Aliens cannot actually land, evidently, because of our gross pollution.

Maybe they do avoid contact because of pollution, but I think it really is because no matter how many scientists, experts, doctors, laboratories, institutions, governments, there are, Intelligent Life cannot communicate with morons.

Its not the pollution. It’s the mindset of a species so narcissistic and arrogant, they think they are the only ones who ‘know’ stuff.

Who’d want to waste time with beings like that?

Over the last ten years, Earthlings have gone round the twist in Wokeness, Idiocy and Creeping Insanity, that I don’t think there will be any work for The Ambassador to Alien Intelligence for a long time to come.