Answer to How are so many people able to vape and not get health problems? by João Pargana

I have vaped since 2011. Previously I smoked for fifty years. So vaping and smoking interest me. I found this answer to the the question “How are so many people able to vape and not get health problems?” on Quora. As a reference for vapers it is absolutely brilliant. Bookmark it!

I’m sharing it here. Thank you João Pargana. You’re a star!

Answer to How are so many people able to vape and not get health problems? by João Pargana

Covid cults

This Covid pandemic has more ramifications than simply illness or death.

It has split friends and families apart. The family is the backbone of society, and friends are our emotional support.

In my lifetime of 77 years, I cannot remember any event, any idea, any situation, any global occurrence that has so profoundly fucked up people’s relationships with each other.

Under the two cults, Covid conspiracy and Covid conformity, we are having a slogging match of epic proportions. It matters not that  YouTube or Facebook, or Twitter are censoring the conspiracy cult. They simply post elsewhere. Conspiracy is not going away. It simply dwells in a different world.

In families and amongst friends divided by two different Covid-views it is censored too. No one talks about it lest our relationships are ruined for good. I know, I live in just such a family and have friends who turn dumb the minute the word “Covid” is said.

Currently, the Covid Conformist cult has the government’s power and support behind it.

It’s what is being done about Covid

To terrify the people.

And what is being done by the other cult is to undermine what is being done as much as possible.

By terrifing the people.

Seems quits to me. We should talk to each other.

We need a new cult.

More on aspiration…

So, here is another video about what should be done when you get a vaccination, but isn’t being done.

As a result of my first post Aspirate, aspirate, aspirate. Demand it! an old lady I know, enquired about it when she went to get her booster shot. The nurses were adamant they did not aspirate vaccinations and they would not be doing it for her.

Do they aspirate ANY injections nowadays?

The nurse giving me my Shingles vaccination didn’t aspirate the needle. She said no nurse does that anymore.

As if I was suggesting a really old fashioned practice from the dark ages of medicine.

Here is more about aspiration from Dr Campbell…

Aspirate? “We don’t do that anymore!”

Yesterday I wrote a blog sharing Dr Campbell’s video about the findings of the mouse study. Mice vaccinated with nRNA vaccines into blood vessels, developed heart issues seen in some humans after vaccination, but not if the shot was delivered to a muscle.

To make certain humans received their vaccinations into muscle, not blood vessels, nurses should aspirate ( pull back on the syringe) to make sure they had a muscle and not a blood vessel.

My post was dramatically called Aspirate, aspirate, aspirate. Demand it!

Yesterday I went for a Shingles vaccination and so aspiration came up in the conversation. A shingles shot is an intramuscular injection. I explained about the mice, the findings, the idea that for safety reasons, nurses giving mRNA doses should aspirate the needle to avoid the rare occasions they had hit a blood vessel and not the muscle.

I recounted the story of the man who demanded aspiration for his shot and how the nurse didn’t even know what ‘aspiration’ meant.

My nurse, said, “Oh no, they probably didn’t. We don’t aspirate any more.”

Aspirate, aspirate, aspirate. Demand it!

When you have your vaccination, booster, whatever, demand that the nurse aspirate your injection site before injection. Aspiration means the nurse pulls back on the needle to check they aren’t hitting a vein.

There is clear evidence that vaccinations should not be given into veins.

Be bold. If the nurse doesn’t know about aspiration, demand one who does.

Here is what you need to know. It will make you brave!

Write in haste, repent at leasure.

Yesterday I wrote in haste, a post called Good intentions, turned to abuse. The Covid control wet dream must stop.

The section about how intrusive track and trace is, were the stats of another family, not my daughter. I have corrected it.

Not that this correction makes ANY difference to any state of affairs as I am simply a blogger.

I like to feel I am reasonably honest. Yesterday I was cross. Never blog when you are cross.

Honestly, now, where once I had confidence in our UK health department, experts, scientists and priests, I have become disillusioned.

In the early days of Track and Trace, I could see a point but realised that only those who register are “on the books” so to speak. So millions of us are NOT signed up to it. So it Tracks and Traces nothing.

In the early days of vaccinations I was enthusiastic. The difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated seemed clear. There might have been a case for vaccine passports. But as the lines blur, as months go on, as data comes in from studies, the vaccinated give themselves a small advantage, self protection from hospitalisation. As vaccinated “good” folks, there can be no benefit to society in dividing the “good” from the “bad unvaxxed” as we are all sufferers and carriers. Many hospitalised patients have been doubly vaccinated. The vaccines are deeply disappointing. They do not do what they say on the tin!

There should be no vaccine passports, and no track and trace. We are all in this together.

The old ideas are just that – old.

We need to move on.

The science tells us so.

Good intentions, turned to abuse. The Covid control wet dream must stop.

Back in the beginning of 2020, my daughter got Covid. She was one of the first. In fact, I published here, the progression of her illness in the days when nobody knew much about anything. Covid 19 was brand new. That daughter simply got on with being sick in peace, untrammelled by Government persecution. It wasn’t nice. It was frightening.

For the last week, another daughter, her husband and two small children have been housebound with confirmed Covid.

Let me compare.

HER family have had what I can only call persecution.

The NHS has phoned her 3 times a day despite  her telling them to cross reference their records.

She’s had enough. She’s not answering calls anymore.

Shes had 18 texts telling them to isolate.

She’s had 14 phone calls telling them the same.

But that is not all!

Track and Trace is quite intrusive and exhausting! She counted 20 emails, 6 phone calls and 9 texts in the last two days for the  family.  CORRECTION 24th Sept 2021.. I have this wrong. These are the countings of their friends’ experience as parents with children.

Added to this, guess what!

The children are expected at school!

All this is occuring in a home where the parents have been clobbered by a very nasty virus and are struggling. They are ILL!

What once seemed a good idea to follow the progress of Covid, is not working now. Dump it! I will tell you one clear thing. When people are persecuted to this degree, more and more will not get on the Covid radar. Right now the system is total chaos. I doubt whether  any figures announced on the TV is any kind of accurate. It’s a farce!

Here in the North West, Covid is everywhere. Every person I know has someone in their families with it. And many of them have already been vaccinated.

Which brings me to my next pet bugbear.

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, we can pass Covid on, and get it too. What is a “Vaccine Passport” for, exactly? What is the tracking for? Are they not simply wet dreams exposed now as unworkable, chaotic, failures?

Stop with the persecution now. The Covid control effort has morphed into a horrid monster and your “science” has made an idiot of science!


Enough of the Vaccine Passport rubbish! It’s completely illogical. An old fashioned wet dream.

I see places here in England are imposing their own Vaccine Passport strategy. Are they NUTS?

Performers are being axed from Strictly Come Dancing because they haven’t had the vaccination!

I’ve heard of venues imposing their own Vaccine Passport requirements. Are THEY nuts?

Scotland has backed Vaccine Passports, is IT nuts?

The answer is yes.


I am not a conspiracy theorist, though I follow the progress of conspiracy theories as they are highly entertaining ideas. I do not believe Vaccine Passports are a control device from the New World Order, or that the unvaccinated will be imprisoned en mass.

I believe the idea of Vaccine Passports, once, seemed a good idea when we had the fantasy that vaccinations would stop the progress of Covid.

But they don’t. They simply reduce it’s severity to those who get vaccinated. And even that may be temporary. This Cov-2 virus seems like a mighty clever guy! Have you noticed how people talk about it ‘wanting’, or ‘doing’, as if it really has a brain?

So vaccinations have proved disappointing. Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can get Covid. Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can pass it on.

So can anyone tell me how a Vaccine Passport makes ANY difference to the situation anywhere?


Can anyone tell me why we are imposing such an an old fashioned concept on the people of the UK when it is obvious the clever guy on the block is Cov-2, and not US!

Strange place, this planet

There have been no posts from me for a while. The goings on, on this planet as reflected in the news and media, which simply seethes with emotion, hype, conspiracy, half truths, screaming voices, upset, confusion, battles and squabbles, allegations, counter facts and tormented, wailing voices has been illuminating indeed.

I have information indigestion. Struck dumb. Deafened by the clamour.

You have to take time out occasionally.

I have been noticing stuff.

Maybe you notice too?

Have you noticed how women’s voices have changed? They seem harsh to my ears when I listen to their sound. Women’s voices are either gravelly or strident. Politicians celebrities, young people on YouTube, tictok, TV, are speaking differently to how I remember women used to.

Have you noticed nearly every advert is for Black People?

Have you noticed how people gabble. Especially young people? They are speaking faster.

Have you noticed a change in our language describing our experiences? We are “devastated” by small set backs or disappointments, we are dazzled by “awesome”. We describe things in hyperbole.

Have you noticed there are no accidents anymore, only someone to blame, to sue, to be victim to?

Have you noticed how women have lost their mystery? Periods, sanitary wear, vulva, vaginas, orgasms, copulation are discussed on TV, or in company by younger people without restraint. There is no sense of the magical, porn is so common nowadays.

Have you noticed that doctors, TV presenters, politicians, our leaders of all kinds, are simply automatons, ticking boxes and following pre set procedures. There is no spontaneity, no thought, no freedom. Everyone follows “The protocol”.

Have you noticed how passe ‘taking the knee’ has become? How boring Black Lives Matter is, how ridiculous Climate Extinction are?

I hope so.

I have.