St Trump

Has there ever been such an exposure of viciousness in politics and how it works as there is now in world politics? What is happening in the USA is pure spite and vindictiveness!

It has made me into a believer in a lot of the conspiracy theories we are told are the mad delusions of looney people.

I absolutely believe the government of the USA is a swamp.

I absolutely believe many governments are, and they manipulate situations to their advantage in montrously evil ways. I believe the information coming to us about everything is ‘manicured’, twisted, deformed, false flagged, fake.

Every world government is doing it surruptitiosly.

They do it, like Sweden, who ‘managed’ their Covid-19 case reports to look better.

They do it like China who is colonising the world under the guise of trade, or manufacture or assistances.

They do it like the EU, which I believe is simply the Fouth Reich beneath the architecture of it.

The untruths, plots, machinations are usually difficult to unravel for ordinary people. But right now, in the USA, it’s clear. Everyone can see it. Everyone, Trump supporter or Trump hater can see what is going on. Trump is being purposefully destroyed.

His martyrdom is exposing the degradations of swamp life.

It reveals how revolting humans really are in the practice of self power.

Two worlds

We have had constructed around us, two realities. There is the generally accepted one constructed by a feed of filtered information that sets up the world the way it is expected we should see it. That world is blind to any other world having any validity at all. The reality that questions the generally accepted world is the ‘wrong’ one. In that reality,  lurk the conspiracy theorists and loonies,  the deplorables, the ignoramases so named by the accepted world.

In the ‘wrong’ world, live very brilliant people, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, writers and many humans who think differently about the generally constructed reality. 

Currently, the ‘right’ world is most powerful. The correct world’s  inhabitants have a carefully contructed habitat that is the turgid with woke, political correctnes, critical theory of all varieties, academic elites, leftist politicians, neo feminists and all that jazz.

And arrogance.

The ‘wrong’ world is bursting with anti vaxxers, New World Order naysayers, pro Trumpers, Q, hoax revealers, Covid deniers, climate deniers, and more of that jazz.

And arrogance.

Some people believe a bit from both worlds.

The ‘right’ world,  that is generally accepted as ‘correct’, is putting a lid on the ‘wrong’ world and shutting up the thinkers, loonies, and other insane ideas they see being put about by mad people. So even if you believed a bit from both worlds, you are now unable to be in contact with their dangerous ideas.

The real rulers of the world have been revealed. The real rulers of the world are ideas. Who are the  caretakers of ideas? Why, the information network of course.

They can shut the ‘wrong’ world up. They can even take down Presidents!

But, of course, as ideas are the real rulers, the old information network is busy taking itself  down, because it cannot stem the flow of ideas that simply circulate elsewhere, on other information networks where they find a home away from censorship.

Here are two very nice articles by loonies who inhabit the ‘wrong’ world.

On the danger of vaccines…

Brave New World of Vaccines 

On the danger of Q

Baseless evidence and the Man in the Iron Mask

I have no doubt that President Trump should complete his second term in office and that Biden as winner, is illegal.

Biden will be the illegal President of America and Kamala Harris, the first woman Vice (probably Acting President) to be elected in a coup.

Trump should have made this speech (see below) several weeks ago while he carried on with Lawfare against those guilty of the fraud.

The legal cases brought proving fraud were all dismissed for lack of “evidence”.  How much ‘evidence’ is “evidence”? Which judges did not see ‘evidence’?

I am disappointed in it all. I am disappointed that the Kraken affeared no one, produced no HARD ‘evidence’ that blew the minds of Biden believers, or convinced the world.

I am disappointed that  Trump did not forsee that his speeches could inflame a mob, or that  provocoteurs could infiltrate his crowd to be violent and disorderly, discrediting them.

Trump or his advisors could have seen it coming and warned of it. He could have made a temperature cooling speech as he just did, too late.


The Kraken has arisen from the deep. She has ‘evidence’ of a real twist. Its called Italygate. And it involves Obama. Its the ‘how’ ‘by who’ the votes were switched.

Its breaking now…….evidently.

Trump’s supporters are still at work, and while they do, he himself  is languishing in the dungeon of disgrace, gagged like The Man in the Iron Mask, waiting for his inheritance.

Trumps speech too late that he should have given from 42 s


Lawfare not warfare

I am very disappointed in Trump.

He’s been an idiot for fawning on his supporters and fomenting violence. “I love you” is not something you say to the citizens of the country. “Fight’ is not an acceptable word either, unless you tell the people how.

So the people fought.

Silly man. What did he think would happen?

I was fortunate enough to watch his weak and feeble video asking for the rioters to go home before it was removed from sight by our real rulers. It really was an eye opener for me. It was a stop-it–I-like-it request for his fans to be peaceful and return home. This was after weeks of stirring up their patriotism by other Twitter videos.

Trump has got his just deserts for encouraging warfare rather than slog on with lawfare. He had friends on the inside who were prepared to support his cause and demand a proper investigation into election fraud. But he fumbled it, or rather his supporters, egged on, by him, succesfully cut him down. His political support in the really important place evaporated in response.

Trump blew it for me.

Its over President Trump!

This is how you stirred up the crowd (Reuters)

About the new mRNA vaccine

I’m archiving this video here. If you have basic biology, you will understand it. Whether the new vaccine is going to kill or cure, is unknown. We are constantly advised how BAD it is, or how GOOD it is. Nevertheless, understanding WHAT it is, is a good step forward.

I enjoyed this video. Be my guest to watch it. It’s easy listening.

The age of conflicts

I don’t know what to believe nowadays. In my seventy six years, I have never been so aware of conflict.

When I was young, life was much freeer. Most people smoked. There were no safety belts in cars. Kids got disciplined, a smack was normal. Sex was something you practised in secret until you got married. Marraige was the norm. A family had a ‘family doctor’. Most women stayed at home and influenced the family over the dinner table. Most people went to Church on a Sunday, or belonged to some kind of religion. Ordinary people washed dishes in the sink, clothes in a twin tub or the bath, kept food in a food safe and sat before a fire in the winter. They read books, wrote letters, talked on a phone, or made calls from a call box, watched TV in shop windows and went to the movies on Saturday where Movietone News told them what was happening  in other parts of the world. People sang God Save the Queen at events and after a film.

Bitchiness was called gossip. Homosexual people were called Queers. People talked behind other people’s backs. Some people were very nasty in their own small area.

Certain behaviours were considered bad, whilst other behaviours were good, and thus encouraged.

Masturbation caused insanity. Porn was censored. Abortion was illegal. They were considered harmful.

With all its flaws, life then, was free from over regulation. There were no health and safety laws. Drop side cots painted with lead paint were common. Babies slept on their stomachs and were swaddled. Women were free to bottle feed them. And use pacifiers/dummies. Only rich people sued other people, and you were famous and rich, or a ‘star’, not a celebrity to be envied for most people hardly dreamed of becoming one.

Ordinary people owned less. Consumerism had only just begun. There were less experts, few psychiatrists or psychologists, no life coaches, few scientists, university was for privaledged people. Learning was admired.

On the whole, people were happier we are told.

I can’t remember.

But in my old age, I am conflicted.

Currently, my computers feed me news that alters by the hour. I can watch  conspiracy news, biased news, mainstream news, TV news, Youtube News, Bitchute news, Christian news, Asian news, Falun Gong news, Chinese News. I can read any paper from anywhere on my computer or Smart TV.

Legislations pour in about what we can or cannot do, daily.

Scientists, who are just common folk with a university degree, that are two a penny now, disagree whilst using the same science,  and conflictingly tell me Covid is a hoax, vaccinations kill, and the government lies,  or that Covid is real and we are not doing ‘enough’ to stop it.

My news sources tell me Trump lost, or Trump actually won. That Biden will be President despite the fraud, or that he is ingahoots with the Chinese. He will lockdown on Covid, whilst Trump will not because he got the vaccine for the country instead.

Here in the UK, we have left the EU, but we haven’t. Our children are being taught they can chose their gender. Actually, anyone may. We find Black Lives matter more than White Lives, the climate will kill us so we must not eat meat, use gas, fly, or waste stuff.

And of course, no one may smoke or vape. Or say certain words, or express opinions. Gossiping is called tweeting, but only certain words are allowed otherwise your career is over. Im so grateful I have no career, and am not a ‘celebrity’.

There are many ways that life is more comfortable in this age of plenty.  Most people have everything they need, or even dreamed of. But the discontent is vaster. Everyone is fighting for their rights.

In truth, as simply animals, developed gorillas, the scientists say, we have no rights at all. Not even rights as animals. Rights are proclaimed by humans.

And they can be taken away. In this age of conflicts – opinions, scientific, political, religious, cultural – our thought, even privately, is facing the greatest challenge. Our thought can be taken away by censorship and manipulation. By having to be politically correct. So that we even need to suspect the thoughts of others are tainted with hypocracy. None can be trusted.

Our age of innocence has been destroyed. Everything is allowed, yet nothing except the creed of the new critical thought.

There is no preacher on a Sunday, nor one Movietone news. There is no Sunday Paper to peruse from front page to the back page comics for comforting support, there is simply a Tsunami of information containing logs and debris, doubts and fears, criticisms and slanders, that are altering by the minute with every bias of opinion.

I can see why people must have been happier before, in the old days; when they had time to think their own thoughts in the safety of their own homes, when experts were really experts and universities were places of wisdom and newspapers employed real journalists.

And life was slow.

For thinkers – interesting video by can’t say his name

I have followed Stefan Molyneux for many years. He has enraged me. Before he was banned on YouTube my keyboard would overheat with challenges to his ideas in comments.

He is the most vain, arrogant creature. He’s not changed much in this video. But this conversation is most fascinating for the input of his Christian friend Dr Pesta. It reveals. It informs. It uplifts. I enjoyed it. It’s about almost everything!

When you have time, have a listen!

Death After God: Stefan Molyneux & Dr. Duke Pesta

Old joke, new problem

2020 has highlighted a very ugly thing. People may no longer use the Internet to partake of a smorgasbord of colourful ideas, freely, like in the good old days.

A sinister thing lurks there. The Internet is being manicured by this force called control. On Social Media and in the Twitter-reading Press certain topics are airbrushed out of the knowledge currently allowed us.

Those suggesting vaccination is questionable, or defending Trump, promoting Climate Denial, Conspiracy of any or many kinds, have their sites removed, shut down, invisibilised. Their ideas are deleted. My humble tweet about hydroxychloroquine clinical trials in the days when hydroxychloroquine was a naughty word on Twitter because Trump said it, simply vanished itself by the whim of an algorithm.

Search engines offer people who use them, results not from the Internet, but from the currently devised menu of knowledge deigned correctly suitable by the cult of political correctness. Scientists, writers, thinkers produce results encased in Critical Theory for funders or political parties . The days of the lone writer, philosopher, thinker, scientist without provenance are gone. They are not heard, not promoted.

The bucket of scoffed ideas is full on the Internet and none will be offered to us except with derision.

A thinker needs to find the knowledge he searches for, in other places besides YouTube, Hollywood Movies, Twitter, Mainstream Press, Google, Chrome and Bing.

We need to be very determined not to allow the cult of thought control swallow us alive in those places. Be the one who never gives up seeing the danger.