A few things seem now to be so over the top, one has to laugh.

Boris is having a new allegation thrown at him almost hourly. Someone behind the scenes is trying exceptionally hard to remove him. Trouble is, they are exposing how very ugly they are, how devious, how untrustworthy. I’d reckon Boris is virtuous by comparison.

The next Prime Minister take care in case your parliament assassinates you in the same way.

And who could the next Prime Minister be?

I’ll stick with Boris.

Until someone suitable comes along.

Better the devil etc. I suspect Boris does a lot of things he’s not comfortable with, especially how the UK has handled COVID.

Thank God restrictions are being lifted. I suspect it’s to save Conservative life, especially Boris’s.

Of course it could just be the science….

The pink shaded bar to the right is Omicron. CDC graph.

A new plot

I have a new conspiracy theory.

Even conspiracy theorists laughed at my old one that the governments of the world had all marched in step in this Covid 19 crises because Aliens had instructed them to and were infiltrating the population prior to taking over the Earth during the ensuing chaos.

But now I have a new theory.

My theory is this.

The New World Order had the Sars-Cov-2 virus especially concocted in a Wuhan Lab. It was released to induce a pandemic. That’s called the Plandemic. That’s commonly accepted amongst conspiracy theorists.

But here is my twist.

Over the two years that have passed, a new virus is put together using mice, wild or otherwise, that is the antidote to the main Covid variants. It’s called Omicron.

Omicron is resistant to vaccinations, so we can dump extra vaccination stock and manufacture can be phased out. The profits have already been harvested.The embarrassment of failure already felt.

Omicron tests better from a throat test and not from the new nose tests the UK Government have changed to. So that leaves a window of profit to be had by swapping the Lateral Flow Tests back to throat only ones.

Omicron is better than vaccination for immunity. It makes one immune to all other variants of Sars-Cov-2.

If Omicron has been released by The New World Order, it has been done to rectify the Plandemic.



The Aliens, seeing what a complete lot of idiots we are, have decided to immigrate to a different planet. They have promoted the Omicron hoax as they did with Covid 19, so we can all get back to normal.

Either way, is fine by me.

Hold your nerve Boris, and get braver.

It’s about time this pandemic ended.

We should stop counting ‘cases’. Is it only me that sees how ridiculous it is? Does anyone in Government see what fools they are? Do any of our ‘scientist’s’ see that track and trace is simply rediculous when such vast numbers are involved, and a colossal number of citizens have stopped reporting themselves for fear of Track and Trace punishment? ‘Cases’ tell us nothing. It’s a scientific wet dream.

The fact is Omicron is everywhere. Hell, even I know Omicron people up here in the wilds of The Lake District! They test everyday whilst feeling well!

Boris, soon we need to stop these wretched tests. Poking things up your nose constantly is not a healthy occupation. If Omicron is everywhere who cares if you have it or not?

Under the Omicron situation, Passports and Lateral Flow Tests or even proof of having covid are scientifically illogical.

C’mon Boris, you know I’m right. Be brave. Stay strong. Just unlock the country from all the silly regulations. We’ve had enough.

Oh, and one last thing. Tony Blair should never have received the highest decoration in the land. Speak to the Queen. Undo, undo. He was not a good man! The country does NOT agree.

For 2022, the International Criminal Court Case against the UK.

Here is a wonderful larder of information about the thinking of people offended by vaccination, masks, lockdowns, and loss of freedom instigated it seems by The World Economic Forum and implemented by the UK Government.

In it, you will find all the “conspiracy” dogma and creed put about on the Internet. Do not stop reading!

It seems to me that “the other side” has at last compiled all their points into a single document focussed towards ONE action against people they blame. It is good that all allegations are made public, in court. I hope it is not thrown out before it is properly discussed in public before the whole world – uncensored.

Both sides need to have the opportunity to speak and have it written officially into the records of law.

Do read it, please. It is a 45-page document. And if you are interested in History, it makes a fascinating read.


International Criminal Court
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

What if?

In the face of Omicron, that has miraculously appeared all over the World in a twinkling of an eye, making Rupert Sheldrakes theory of morphic resonance seem perfectly logical, ‘what if’ questions occur to me.

What if our Government held a Vitamin D and Zinc campaign? It could hand out pills to the nation. Or would anti vaxxers be suspicious it was poison intent on reducing the population?

What if all isolation rules were lifted? What if those who got sick, stayed home on the days they weren’t well, and then simply went back to work like used to happen in the old days? The Omicron anecdotes I hear tell me it arrives quickly and disappears fast.

What if the Government fired all their scientists predicting 6000 deaths a day and replaced them with scientists who have not spent two years making twits of themselves?

What if nurses were told to aspirate injections? The NHS need not grovel in shame, but simply change policy.

What if Ivermectin was allowed to be sold in UK pharmacies for those who wished to use it?

What if Omicron is the pussycat it seems to be and the UK is the first country to realise it, adjust to it, sneer at it, put it in its place, defy the demon, dump the fear? What if we all became optimistic? What if we phased out vaccinations?

What if this country stopped wasting money on lateral flow tests, Track and Trace, assistance for businesses threatened by lockdown, advertising and promoting boosters, speeches and propaganda, and just left everyone alone?

What if citizens stopped blaming the Government for every tiny thing, expecting it to be Mother, Father, and High Priest? What if having a Christmas Party last year along with thousands of other clandestine gatherings in homes and secret places, did not actually hurt anyone? People are human after all.

What if we just let Omicron rip?

And get back to normal.

Campbell and Hoiby. Message to world leaders.

When ARE we going to get this right? I asked for aspiration for all my vaccinations and the booster here in the UK. I was told, “We don’t aspirate.”

I wondered if I should throw myself to the floor and have a complete temper tantrum about not getting my request. But I didn’t have the guts!

Somebody needs guts.

Who will that be?

Here is the latest video from two people who know countries who don’t aspirate vaccinations, are making a mistake.

Do you realise how daft this is? Ha de ha de ha!

Aren’t you absolutely sick of the ‘cases’ stats for Covid we hear every night on the TV here in the UK?

Do you think like I do, that the people who manufacture them, haven’t got a clue?

Is it possible they think ‘cases’ tell us anything at all except they are rising now with the new Omicron?

The stats that are reported are from where? Track and Trace?

Ha de ha de ha!

Science people, are you relying on Track and Trace to produce any kind of figure you can rely on?

Ha de ha de ha!

Do you know how many people are absolutely sick and tired of Track and Trace, that they have taken themselves off it and refuse to report anything because they know they are going to get punished with isolation? And everyone they know will get punished too?

Track and Trace is a laugh.

Ha de ha de ha!

Your ‘cases’ are a laugh.

Ha de ha de ha!

The only numbers you might have a grip on are hospital admissions and deaths ‘with’ Covid.

And who cares if you are vaccinated or not? Turns out, it makes not much difference.

Omicron doesn’t care. It will be so rife soon, that everyone who dies of anything at all will have died ‘with’ Omicron.

Perhaps you should dump all your stats and just leave hospital admissions?

Oh dear, The Mad Hatter.

Parliament voted on the wretched Vaccine Passports.

They voted it through!

Now I need to think about this a bit more.

The idea is that vaccine passports will stem the tide of Omicron. I think proof of a negative Covid test can be used too. Am I right?

So, now, we all arrive at a venue. Breathing, living creatures. The vaccines are not working and lateral flow tests are only as reliable as the people who do them, which is sloppy to say the least! How do you ‘prove’ a lateral flow test? Not sure.

This mob of ‘sanitised’ ‘certificated’ people, living breathing creatures, all inhaling and exhaling God knows what, is going to slow down Omicron?

I’m still waiting for myself to understand the logic.

But after yesterday, and the rebellion in Parliament that made absolutely no difference, I have decided that Kier Starmer must be the Mad Hatter.

At the very moment Labour could have made a difference and won ‘fans’, they made their position clear in supporting FOR vaccine passports, supporting the motion and supporting the Government!




Who did what.