You didn’t like my yesterday’s post on School “Climate Strikes”? Well, how about this? THE MANUFACTURING OF GRETA THUNBERG

If you think our wonderful, courageous children are protesting spontaneously such a great thing as Climate Change, and demanding that Governments of the World must do something NOW through their in-school-hours “Climate Strikes”, then we need to drop the scales from our eyes. There is yet another strike tomorrow (15th March 2019)

As I said yesterday, its ADULTS organising the children. Be aware!

My granddaughter who comes from “activist” stock’s attitude is “she is not bothered one way or another. She went to the last “Climate strike” because her friends were going and it meant they got a day off school. She is not investing any thought – political agendas /fear or anything else in it.” My granddaughter is a typical unpolluted teenager…I don’t know if I should be pleased or disappointed that she’s not politically motivated! But I guess her’s is the normal response to complex things she can’t see apply to her.

If you think I’m a conspiracy theorist, you are welcome. But wait! Maybe I’m not.

If you too, wish to know what might actually be happening to our children, how they are being “used” here is a very long article, carefully researched, that will give you a lot of information.  If you wish to read, or browse it, it’s worth wondering about…….see what YOU think…..


This was a discussion on our TV’s at the last “Climate Strike” three weeks ago….



Modern fairy tales, the Children’s Crusade and the Pied Piper

On Friday, there is another “Strike for Climate” in our town. On Friday. On a school day. I have been invited to join it.

Well, I’m not going to.

There is something particularly creepy about the whole thing. What I see is the grooming of children by adults to further a political cause and I disapprove.

When I was a teacher in South Africa during apartheid, I was given the job in a “new” Government initiative being introduced in the schools, of forming a Youth Group in our school, to teach the ideals of the then National Party. I was repulsed by it. When the inspectors arrived to inspect me due to my insurrection, I explained that this new Youth Group was nothing less than Hitler’s Youth and I refused to do it.

I’m not sure how I kept my job. And I think the project was shelved due to teacher revulsion of it.

Today, teachers are mendicants of the psychological instability of the age.

Children are groomed to think ‘right think’ in all sorts of ways. I see this as indoctrination, not education.

Now, to me, Strike for Climate, is being used to inculcate a sort of whipped frenzy in kids, drawing images of a terrible satanic future for them, us and the world unless we stop the world NOW.

Strike for Climate appears to me to be pushing Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ which certainly would stop the world NOW. It is absolutely impracticable. And to facilitate this world frenzy of dumping classes for political activism BY ADULTS psyching children on, is despicable.

It’s a combination of The Medieval Children’s Crusade and The Pied Piper of Hamlin unfolding before my eyes.

The Children’s Crusade “remains one of a series of social explosions, through which medieval men and women—and children too—found release”.


Leaving Neverland thoughts

I was very moved by watching Leaving Neverland. I don’t know how it affected you. It seemed not so much about Michael Jackson’s guilt or innocence, for I think he was guilty anyway, but rather, about how the grooming of people happens – in fact the grooming of whole families happen. And how ongoing sexual abuse of children, also means the parents and families have, in some way, been groomed too.

I was gripped by the sincerity of the film. I think it will be a watershed film on Michael Jackson himself and how abusers, set the scene.

This film will predictably have interesting outcomes, wait and see.

If you haven’t watched it, please do. There is not a spiteful bone in its body.

Some initial response on Leaving Neverland (UK stream)

Mobilising our children for your propaganda – disgusting!

My grandchildren were off school to “protest” climate change.


The BBC puked children spouting words put into their mouths by adults.

This whole event was a propaganda activity coordinated by Youth Strike 4 Climate.

I think its totally and absolutely disgusting and should NEVER have been permitted.

Its obscene.

My grandchildren are not there to further your cause. What they know about Climate Change is what has been put into their heads by their schools. They can decide to join your protest, when they are old enough to think for themselves, and not regurgitate propaganda like small programmed robots.

Shame on you all.

This article on the BBC (God help us) news page says “Since then (began with 15-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg), tens of thousands of children across Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia have been inspired to hold their own demonstrations. Link


We know who “inspired” them!

The group, which helped coordinate the protests, has four key demands:

  • The government should declare a “climate emergency”
  • It should also inform the public about the seriousness of the situation
  • The national curriculum should be reformed to include “the ecological crisis”
  • The age of voting should be lowered to 16 so younger people can be involved in decision-making around environmental issues.


How low can they go?

Nice links for smokers and vapers

Such skill and knowledge in the writings of these two men is worth sharing.

For smokers read this answer I found by Gustavo Guardiola on Quora – it’s great.

How is it fair that during work, smokers get to take a break to smoke but don’t have to make up the time they missed?

For vapers read Clive Bates on The Vaping Epidemic (in young people in the USA) (Long but worth the read)

The great American youth vaping epidemic. Really?



Do not read this. It’s only MY opinion….and you probably won’t like it.

This is the new holocaust memorial proposed for London.

David Adjaye’s design for the £50m Holocaust memorial in London’s Victoria Tower Gardens Adjaye’s proposal includes an underground learning centre to ‘immerse visitors in the historical content’.


I ask why we have gone over the top about the Jewish Holocaust? What actual link is there to Britain? We didn’t do it. We didn’t do anything to stop it either, except finish a war that had already started before any Jewish Holocaust.

In the process we killed over 60 million of our OWN people. 60 million.

There seems to be only one holocaust that we ever promote constantly. “Lest we forget” they say.

What about all the others we did nothing about? What about the ones ongoing now?

Are they not on our conscience too? Where is the education about them? Where are the monuments? Where is the grief? Where is the guilt?

“Lest we forget”

Event Location From To Lowest
Proportion of group killed
The Holocaust[N 1] Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg German-occupied Europe 1941 1945 5,750,000
Around 2/3 of the Jewish population of Europe.[5]
Generalplan Ost[N 1] Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg German-occupied Europe 1941 1945 4,500,000
Deaths include 1.3 million Jews, which are included in the deaths of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust,[4] as well as the deaths of more than 3 million Soviet POWs.[4]
Holodomor(Голодомор)[N 2]
(Ukrainian genocide which is part of greater Soviet famine of 1932–33)
Flag of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union 1932 1933 1,800,000
Genocide of Ukrainians through artificial starvation by the Soviet regime.[28] At least 10% of Ukraine’s population perished.[29] Its characterization as a genocide is disputed by some historians.[30][31][32]
Polish genocide[N 1] Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg German-occupied Europe 1939 1945 1,800,000
As much as 3 million Christian Poles were killed as part of the Nazi’s plan to exterminate the Polish population in order to provide living space for Germans.[33]
Cambodian genocide[N 3] Flag of Democratic Kampuchea.svg Democratic Kampuchea 1975 1979 1,386,734
10–33% of total population of Cambodia killed[45][46] including:100% of Cambodian Viets
50% of Cambodian Chinese and Cham
40% of Cambodian Lao and Thai
25% of Urban Khmer
16% of Rural Khmer
Kazakh genocideduring the Soviet famine of 1932–33[N 4] Flag of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.svg Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union 1931 1933 1,300,000
Some historians assume that 42% of the entire Kazakh population died in the famine.[48] The two Soviet census show that the number of the Kazakhs in Kazakhstan dropped from 3,637,612 in 1926 to 2,181,520 in 1937.[49]
Armenian genocideՄեծ Եղեռն (Medz Yeghern, “Great Crime”)[N 5]
Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg

Ottoman Empire
(territories of present-day TurkeySyriaand Iraq)

1915 1922 700,000
At least 50% of Armenians in Turkey killed[50]
Indonesian genocide[N 6] Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia 1965 1966 500,000
Some scholars now argue that the Indonesian massacres constitute genocide by the legal definition.[64][53][57][65][66]
Rwandan genocide[N 7] Flag of Rwanda (1962–2001).svg Rwanda 1994 1994 500,000
70% of Tutsis in Rwanda killed
1/3 of Twa in Rwanda killed
20% of Rwanda’s total population killed
Greek genocideincluding the Pontic genocide[N 8] Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Ottoman Empire
(territories of present-day Turkey)
1914 1922 500,000
Zunghar genocide准噶尔灭族 in the Zunghar Khanate[N 9] Flag of the Qing Dynasty (1862-1889).svgQing Dynasty(Dzungaria) 1755 1758 480,000
80% of 600,000 Zungharian Oirats killed
Great Famine (Ireland)[N 10] Green harp flag of Ireland 17th century.svg Ireland 1845 1849 775,000 1,500,000 25% of the Irish population at the time died in the famine or fled the country.
Circassian genocide[N 11] Flag of Adygea.svg CircassiaCaucasus 1864 1867 400,000
90% to 97% of total Circassian population perished and deported by the Russian forces.[89][90][91]
Genocide by the Ustaše including the Serbian genocide[N 12] Flag of Independent State of Croatia.svg Independent State of Croatia(territories of present-day CroatiaBosnia and Herzegovinaand Serbian Syrmia) 1941 1945 357,000
Conservative estimates ranging between 200,000 and 500,000 Serbs killed by the Ustaše.[96][97][98][99]
(See death toll of Serbian genocide)
Bangladesh genocide[N 13] Flag of Pakistan.svg East Pakistan 1971 1971 300,000 3,000,000
4% of Bangladesh’s total population killed[103]
Over 20% of Bengali Hindus killed[104]
(Using 1 to 3 million deaths figures)
Albigensian Crusade
(Cathar genocide)[N 14]
LanguedocFrance 1209 1229 200,000
Assyrian genocideܣܝܦܐ (Seyfo, “Sword”)[N 15] Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Ottoman Empire
(territories of present-day TurkeySyriaand Iraq)
1915 1923 200,000
Irish genocide[N 16] Green harp flag of Ireland 17th century.svg Ireland 1649 1653 200,000
20-40% of the population of Ireland perished during the Cromwellian conquest[115][116]
Wu Hu genocide[N 17] Northern China 350 351 200,000
Aardakh[N 18]
(Soviet deportation of Chechens and other Vainakh populations)
Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1955).svg Soviet UnionNorth Caucasus 1944 1948 144,704
23.5% to almost 50% of total Chechen population killed[124][118][119][120][121]
Porajmos (Romani genocide)[N 19] Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg Nazi controlled Europe 1935 1945 130,000
25% of Romani peoplein Europe killed
Battle of Carthage
(Punic genocide)
[N 20]
Carthage(territories of present-day TunisTunisia) 149 BC 149 BC 150,000
150,000 Population reduced from 500,000 to 55,000. 150,000 died in the fall of Carthage.[140]
Polish Operation of the NKVD (Polish genocide)[N 21] Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1936).svg Soviet Union 1937 1938 111,091
Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia[N 22] Eastern part of pre-war Poland 1943 1945 100,000
minimum 4 to 20% of pre-war (1931) Second Polish Republic‘s total Polish population of Voivodeships: stanisławowskietarnopolskie and wołyńskie[157]
Jewish genocide during the Russian White Terror[N 23] what is now Ukraine and Russia 1918 1923 100,000
An estimated 100,000 to 150,000 Jews in Ukraine and southern Russia were killed in pogromsperpetrated by Denikin’s forces as well as Petlyura’s nationalist-separatists.
Darfur genocide[N 24] DarfurSudan 2003 ongoing 98,000
East Timor genocide[N 25] Flag of East Timor.svg East Timor 1975 1999 85,320
13% to 44% of East Timor‘s total population killed
(See death toll of East Timor genocide)
Burundian genocides of Hutusand Tutsis[N 26] Flag of Burundi.svg Burundi 1972 1993 80,000
Libyan genocide[N 27] Italian Libya 1923 1932 80,000
25% of Cyrenaicanpopulation killed[177]
Bambuti genocide[N 28] North KivuDemocratic Republic of the Congo 2002 2003 60,000
40% of the Eastern Congo’s Pygmy population killed[N 29]
Isaaq genocide[N 30] Flag of Somalia.svg Somalia 1988 1991 50,000
Kurdish genocide[N 31] Flag of Iraq (1963–1991); Flag of Syria (1963–1972).svg Iraq 1986 1989 50,000
Genocide by the Chetniks[N 32] Flag of Independent State of Croatia.svg Independent State of Croatia(territories of present-day CroatiaBosnia and Herzegovinaand Sandžak) 1941 1945 47,000
Herero and Namaqua genocide[N 33] Flaggenentwurf 7 Südwestafrika 1914.svg German South-West Africa 1904 1908 34,000
60% (24,000 out of 40,000[218]) to 81.25% (65,000[221][222] out of 80,000[223]) of total Herero and 50%[218] of Nama population killed.
Guatemalan genocide[N 34] Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala 1962 1996 32,632
Genocide of Jews in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth[231] Alex K Kingdom of Poland-flag.svg Ukraine and Belarus (Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth), Moldova 1648 1657 18,000
45-50% of the Jewish population of Ukrainewas killed.[232]
Latvian Operation of the NKVD
(Lativian genocide)[N 35]
Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1955).svg Soviet Union 1937 1938 16,573
California genocide[N 36]  California 1846 1873 9,492 – 16,094
Amerindian population in California declined by 80% during the period
2017-18 Rohingya genocide in Myanmar[N 37] Myanmar Flag.svg Myanmar 2017 Present 9,000 – 13,700
Bosnian genocide[N 38] Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992 1995 8,373
More then 3% of the Bosniak population of Bosnia and Herzegovinaperished during the Bosnian War.[261]
Chittagong Hill Tracts genocide[N 39] Chittagong Hill TractsBangladesh 1977 1997 3,000
[N 40]
Selk’nam genocide[N 41] ChileTierra del Fuego Late 19th century Early 20th century 2,500
The genocide reduced their numbers from around 3,000 to about 500 people. (Now pure Selk’nam are considered extinct.[272][273]
Genocide of Yazidis by ISIL[N 42] northern Iraqand Syria 2014 present 2,100
Genocide of the Moriori[N 43] Flag of New Zealand.svg Chatham IslandsNew Zealand 1835 1863 1,900
1,900 95% of the Morioripopulation was eradicated by the invasion from Taranaki, a group of Ngāti Mutunga and Ngāti Tama people from the Māori tribe.[281][282] All were enslaved and many were cannibalized.[283] They were not permitted to mix with their race.[284]The Moriori language is now extinct.[278][285]There are no Moriori of unmixed ancestry left.[280]
Black War
(Genocide of Aboriginal Tasmanians)[N 44]
Flag of Tasmania.svg TasmaniaAustralia Mid 1820s 1832 400