Today my heart sings….

In all the violence in Kwa Zulu Natal as the Zulu nation was “commuting suicide” to quote from the King’s address to the Zulu Nation yesterday, residents pulled together to protect their property. This man, whoever he is, sent out a message of hope. I copied and pasted it here. It is not mine, but I think he has a point!

South Africans of all nationalities are pretty angry. They have felt abandoned…..


“Great piece (name removed by me as being fake) which really resonated:


I would like to personally thank CR and his ANC government, the Police force, the Defenceless force, Malema, the Zuma supporters and the criminal looters!!

You have achieved what not even the great Nelson Mandela could achieve, and my heart sings with gladness today!

You have achieved in uniting the righteous law- abiding citizens of RSA, Black, Coloured, Indian and White into a magnificent force! A force that you will now never be able to control again!

Thank you to the Zuma supporters and that silly boy Malema for inciting this lawless looting…it showed us that us law abiding citizens outnumber your little clan of criminals by miles.

Thank you to CR and the ANC government for not declaring a state of emergency…it showed us that you have ulterior motives with this, and that you are incapable of running our or any country.

Thank you to the Police- and Defenceless force for not coming in and bringing the situation under control…it showed us that we are on our own against the less than 5% criminal element in this country. We will have to fend for ourselves.

And we have:-
Residential communities have now taken it on themselves to defend their suburbs and shopping centres. Mixed race suburb residents now stand shoulder to shoulder in defending what is theirs. Previous strangers now greet each other in the streets of their suburbs, and I foresee a lot of mixed race cross cultural get-togethers taking place in the future.

I also pity the petty or serious criminal who enters one of these suburbs with sinister motives…they are going to learn permanent lessons, never to be forgotten. Some of these criminals have already learnt these lessons, some of them will never be able to learn from the lessons they were given.

Communities are now going to form emergency defence teams and patrol their streets. They are now going to be in control of their safety and security.

The Police can now continue to do what they are good for…nothing. We now don’t need them anymore. As for the Defenceless force, they cannot fight their way out of a paper bag anyway…I think they are defenceless against the Lesotho Defense force…

In situations like these there will always be collateral damage, and my heart bleeds for the innocent people who lost their livelihoods or even lives. It is now our duty to show them that they did not loose it or die in vain.

I look forward to more posts from communities standing strong against this government sponsored lawlessness!
Today, my heart sings!”

SA visuals – no police, no army!

I am not allowed by WordPress to upload the very many videos of the devastation in SA I have for “security” reasons. But here are the more honest Press reports I can get. I hope they remain on this site. But it seems I might not be allowed to even publish this post….

Police useless. Army not visible! No protection for anyone…..

South Africa – more than a mess

Something is going on in South Africa.

Not sure what it is.

Yesterday I thought people were pillaging shops. They were simply frustrated poverty stricken people making a point. They were sick of high prices, bad services, constant load shedding, Covid regulation, homelessness, joblessness, etcetera and they sort of just squished out of their frustration in a very visible explosion of shop looting.

But it is more than that.

Hardly a policeman in sight. No army for four days, and then only protecting Government buildings.

This kind of destruction is organised. I’m certain it is a political move by the Zuma’s. But unfortunately, the people are shooting themselves in the foot. Now hardship begins.

Ivermectin, the right way

I ordered enough Ivermectin to treat two people with Covid should anyone catch it in our family. Not all of us have chosen to be vaccinated.

I can’t see how any Government could afford to dish out trillions of little pills for however many years it would take to deal with Covid using Ivermectin as a prophylactic. It would be eye-wateringly expensive and impractical. Ivermectin, incorrectly dosed, kills people. Covid size dosages are quite different to a simple de- worming dose. Covid prophylactic dosages are huge in comparison. Safe dosing by weight, age, sex in the hands of fools would be a huge error. Maybe that’s why it’s not being advised by WHO.

Vaccines are far more efficient.

There’s nothing stopping people using Ivermectin. Just get your own.

Ivermectin is not the solution to Covid protection, it’s just a backstop if you get it, used for a very short time in fact. Enjoy this little video against the use of Ivermectin as prophylactic.

Keeping up with Conspiracies

I like to know what’s going on in the world of conspiracy.




Surfside Condo was a controlled demolition



Trump Drops Major Hint On Coming Judgement!

The National Guard Just Issued A Threat To Nancy Pelosi…What’s Going To Happen?

It’s Going To Be A Hot Week Ahead

 Trump Is 100% Insulated, Expect Fireworks, Justice Is Coming


EnzymeDom: The Royal family are satanists


Anthropologist: What to do when Many People Start to Die from the Vaccine


Fear is hugely fashionable, and spreads so easily now with modern technology. It’s profitable too. Conspiracy fear is an old drug offered in a new form by conspiracy gurus; a religion for the followers – like living in your own personal horror movie, your nightmares, your deepest longing for vengeance. Or your wildest dreams. And comrades, friends and love

You can get your thrills on Conspiracy Hill!

I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill
On Blueberry Hill where I found you
The moon stood still on Blueberry Hill
And lingered till my dreams came true

The wind in the willow played
Love’s sweet melody
But all of those vows we made
Were never to be

Tho’ we’re apart you’re part of me still
For you were my thrill on Blueberry Hill

Elvis Presley

The trouble with Ivermectin is…..

It seems by all accounts Ivermectin is a useful drug. It works!

Trouble with Ivermectin instead of vaccination is this.

Health departments responsible for public health would have to continually dish out trillions of Ivermectin tablets to millions of people according to their weight, age and so on. Obese people and larger people would get more pills to take than slim, light folk for Ivermectin is prescribed on weight.

So this would have to be continually done over years with instructions on whether to take one pill once a week, or two pills twice a week, or one pill every second week, or possibly a prophylactic pill once a month. And then, the dose would change if you actually got Covid.

One could never be sure who got mixed up, forgot to take their pills, overdosed, underdosed, or who simply chucked their pills down the loo!

And then, home dosing gets complex when you leave it in the hands of ordinary people some of whom can’t understand basic ideas like wash your hands, wear masks, distance yourself.

There is no reliability when you dish out pills to millions and millions of people.

In the UK here, Ivermectin is prescribed by the National Health Service for several different conditions already. National Institute for Health and Care already know the side effects of Ivermectin.

In treating Covid, Doctors have already found several cheap drugs that work, even though they are not ‘for Covid’. Our ways of treating the disease in hospital have changed with experience – it’s got better.

And the next problem is treating the millions of people suffering Long Covid. And indead, Ivermectin may assist with that.

So to those who are fighting vaccinations, think on the Ivermectin alternative. How do you see the world working using Ivermectin instead?

Smoking, bonking, birds and the BBC

I’ve been watching old movies and what a treat it is!

Remember when the BBC made good movies without ticking woke boxes?

Remember when English detective series’ had casts that were made up of English white characters with a smattering of English black characters or people of colour? I haven’t found any Muslims anywhere yet. They have to be there in the current tick- box quota format the BBC uses now.

Missing are also the disabled quota. The LGBTQ and trans folks. Taking the knee, and aggressive women with razor sharp voices to skewer men on are absent. Of course millions of Brits do not know people as they are offered to us by the BBC. Their friends are not similar in any way shape or form!

How humiliating to know that your part is written in to fill the prevailing quota drawn up at the BBC. How tedious for us who are aware to watch current BBC offerings and who cannot recognise anything like what is occurring in most English towns and villages.

Flirting is allowed on old movies. Women are not performing copulation on a desperate sudden urge, but are equipped with smart moves to stop unwanted approaches from men who are. Yet their “come hither” tactics are very clear, having been used by women (and men) for thousand of years, until the present day. A bit of sex is nice, and in old movies, they usually involve some kind of a relationship first, minus intoxication.

Men of lesser education call their women “birds”, or “chicks” in detective series and speak in grammatically incorrect sentences accepted as “English” nowadays.. Those are the worst words. The word f**** is mostly absent from scripts. Though “sh**” appears now and again. And, you can actually hear the words the actors say! That’s a treat!

But the very, very best thing is that people SMOKE!

That’s the best of it all. THATS a real treat!

It’s what millions of people still do. They also vape. But who would ever guess?

Actually who would ever know what life is really like here in the UK by watching the current BBC?