Making us crazy

I found this article from the Keunsel Newspaper, Bhutan’s daily News. They are having a problem with rising Mental Health issues as they ‘modernise’

Currently, our own amazing statistics are that 1 in every 200 people suffer some kind of psychotic interlude in a lifetime. And that’s just psychosis. Mental Health issues will increase 15% by 2020 according to WHO, so it seems to me, we need to remove the stigma from ‘going crackers’ because by 2020, many of our friends, and lots of us will have done it too!

It’s harder and harder to separate truth from lies. Conspiracy abounds. The media, politicians and Governments offer us a reality, fixed, altered or cosmeticised. We are told what to think, how to behave, what to eat, how to bring up our children, how much to exercise, and what we should know – and even what to ‘believe’. We are tracked by street cams, medical records,school records, college and university records. And now the Internet tracks our tastes and hobbies! It’s enough to make anyone crazy.

I want there to be a God.

After I watched Michio Kaku’s Visions of the Future I felt deeply depressed. We are becoming God-like. Well….I hate the idea that we think we are. I want there to be a God! There needs to be something bigger and better than us! Look what we’ve done….look what we do….if we are becoming God-like…..well God help us!

Disempowering by science

The belief that there is something greater than ourself gives meaning to our place on the planet – a reason for our life – the co-operation of God with ourself or vica versa.

Many people believe there is something greater than themselves who never go to a religious institution. They would call themselves “spiritual” rather than religious. They have the view that ‘the something greater than themselves’ is some kind of co-operative force that can be co-opted for personal nurturing, that ‘allows’ evolution – or maybe is evolving itself and IS evolution. We are fragments of the whole in its awesome complexity.

There is something in this thought that triggers an internal vastness that we could call a spiritual experience. In fact this ‘one-ness’ is the goal of all religious practice. So I like to think we NEED an inner life – A SPIRITUAL WAY – that is as important to our survival and the survival of our species as the workings of our lungs or bowels!

In contrast, the current mainstream scientific view says we are just an evolutionary accident and nothing else – we are “capped” by this view – how can we transcend being an evolutionary accident? How personally meaningful is this? I think this aspect is the most important – having no meaning weakens us.

What does the inner life of such a rational thinker look like? Is it bleak? Is it lush? What motivates his striving? How can he ever transcend his human limitations if his own thought processes cap him? How does he explain the inexplicable, which he needs to do, not by denial or aggressive scepticism, but by offering a logical natural concept (not labelled delusion, hallucination etc.) to those who live imaginatively rather than logically?

We need to study the benefits of faith in something greater than just us, in regards to the vitality of our species. Unless we come up with scientific, logical explanations in some compassionate way to explain the spiritual phenomena that are experienced by millions of people all over the world – that they know as real by personal testing, – we haven’t a hope in hell. The future seems bleak – we are going to lose our strength.

Why isn’t it a doughnut?

The universe is expanding. One day, it will expand to a lifeless, formless thing.

But, to me, logically, this is a really silly scientific idea. Every time I hear it, or read it, I think doughnuts!

A doughnut is a fascinating shape – delicious or mysterious take your pick!

So I want to ask all miserable, depressing, deluded scientists out there – why isn’t the Universe a doughnut?

And if it were – how could you ever know? It would be expanding and contracting simultaneously and your math would need adjusting. But a doughnut shape is what you are missing. Believe me – I know. Doughnuts are the answer! They are the theory of everything.

Worshiping without god and Dawkins.

Brian Cox movies always remind me of worship –  worshiping a miraculous and awesome Universe. Church like. God unnecessary.

Humanists are a kind of non theist group. The Sea of Faith Network is a place where such believers can link together and get “worshipful”.  

An interesting site to browse is the Sea of Faith (video page)

I usually have to imagine the vast cosmic miracle as “God” – one in which we live and have our being.

Same concept – different name.

Unfortunately, on The Sea of Faith video page, you will find Richard Dawkins on it exhorting Atheists to be “agressive” . I am so sorry I found it there, like a snake in the grass of reason. He always makes me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable by his spiritual ignorance.

More, more more – a haven for greed.

Where do all our taxes go? I thought we were taxed to death already. Smokers pay for all their medical treatment and the treatment of others. The tax on food and alcohol must pay for food and drink related conditions. Income tax is supposed to run the country. National Insurance for the National Health Service and we all pay for our pensions. Petrol tax builds our roads. What have I missed out?

We get taxed directly AND indirectly – for everything we consume. We don’t even realise we are being taxed sometimes!

Then, I also want to know what happens to all the “fines”? Who gets those?

Did you know our government and all it’s parts are “Corporations”?

There is something very smelly about planet earth as we have made it – a haven for greed with co-operating prisoners feeding profitable Corporations who thieve from us at every oportuninty.

And who always want more – more more…. 

Fools for the Foe.

Again – what am I missing here? Are we daft or what?

Our army has chosen to place Prince Harry openly in a camp in Afghanistan like a red rag to a bull? And this with complete disregard to the safety of everyone else there. Everyone at Harry’s camp has an excessive amount of extra responsibility undeserved by them. Should anything befall Harry it’s the others that will get the blame.  Somebody ELSE always gets hurt….why is this royal in a place where his presence endangers others – are we asking for it?

I don’t think this is responsible at all, but the action of fools.

Tits and bums

I’ve lived for 68 years and never appeared naked in public – i.e. in front of more than one other person. I believe decorum is important when others are around. But you don’t have to be a prude in a  private place i.e. in front of one other person. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’m not stupid.
Obviously society is less nonchalant about the naked human body than we are reported to be – it’s still tits and bums snigger-snigger, isn’t it? And pictures of famous ones make the best money.

So it seems to me, if you are a celebrity or a royal and you don’t want photographs of yourself naked appearing in the press, don’t take your clothes off in “public”!  Simple.

Cinderella goes to the ball

Have you noticed how the ugly sisters called Public Health and Anti-Tobacco have slagged Cinderella off so much that all citizens of all nations in the world have now got the wrong idea about her?

But we have moved on even since this article was written…. I am talking about the chemical nicotine.

A while back, I suggested to someone suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to ask her doctor for a script for nicotine patches. She shrieked in horror.  She has been well brainwashed by the ugly sisters.And most people are like her.

The ugly sisters have tried to keep the real truth about Cindarells a secret. Nicotine turns out to have potential as a really useful medication for all sorts of things and she seems to be going to the ball after all.

I have no doubt Prince Charming will meet her there. I think he’ll be a member of Big Pharma – in fact, I KNOW he will!