Congress – be brave, be moral, be anti-war too and stop little boys playing with terrifying toys

I have been really upbeat about how democracy has worked in the UK with our anti-war vote. I believe we have set an example. We must have shot up in the estimation of many, if not the whole world. Right now, I am proud to be British!

I like to think Obama would not be consulting with Congress, if David Cameron had blathered along with warmongering and taken us into war like Tony Blair did, trotting on behind the USA. Fortunately he was stopped in his tracks by our Parliament.

I think the actions of Britain ARE important. I think this action in Parliament has been one of the most important for a long, long time. In all the doom and gloom and pretty-boy politicians imposing their Oxbridge ideas on us, it has been the single most uplifting thing recently, that has made me feel happy.

If Congress stops Obama in his warmongering tracks too, I will be delirious!

The younger generation of politician that actually knows f**** all about war, should learn that there ARE other ways to exert domination without killing people. They are little boys with terrifying toys being advised by Generals who just need a job.

Agent Orange, Napalm, depleted uranium, drones, and affronted morals.

We can only go up in World Opinion, even as we drop out of World Power. Last night was Democracy in action, as it should be. Well done the UK! Toughees Cameron.

The USA is affronted morally by the use of gas in Syria? Yup. They are the country that used agent orange and napalm in Vietnam and depleted uranium in the Middle East. Morally affronted? My foot. It’s the pot calling the kettle black – look to the record of the world’s biggest interfering bully with questionable morality, that has sold arms to shore up/knock down regimes around the world, and is terrorising the citizens of other nations with “moral” drones.

I can’t understand why the UK has anything to do with training and supporting rebels in a Sovereign country. I could never understand how we could use “Shock and Awe” whilst invading yet another Sovereign country. I was ashamed of us.

We have too long been America’s little puppy dog and desperate to be a “world leader”. We should lead the world by example.

And in my opinion – we just have.

May wisdom rule

Nothing good will be put in my blogs for a while. I am really cross with myself – extra grumpy – not happy.

Last night I killed my laptop partially – you can’t really be partially killed? you’re either dead or alive yes? but my laptop is partially killed  – bits of it work – but not all the bits – so it is really dead for me. I lobbed a ball for my dog against the lounge wall, which I sometimes do, for fun. It was a shot in a million! It glanced off the edge of the open door, came right back at me. Hit me. Ricochet’d off me and  into my litre glass of water. That flipped over emtying the whole contents into my face and splashed onto my laptop. It was like  a scene out of a slapstick comedy  I laughed myself breathless – whilst mopping up the water on the laptop. But now I’m laughing on the other side of my face.

Having just returned from walking the dog, I find North West Electricity have now completed the huge pole/mast that we fought so hard to stop last year. On Friday, they delivered a letter to the inhabitants of the houses that overlook it, and three days later, they erected it. Weasels!  So that has made me feel extra grumpy. I hope the bloody thing falls over. Mind you, one of the farmers in the protest last year did say that it was amazing what tractors could do by accident. However, the weasels have erected a tractor-proof fence too. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authorities really have no authority – North West Electricity went over their heads in a Government appeal.

But I am delighted to say that I got a personal e-mail in answer to mine  from our MP to say he agreed with my request for him not to be complicit in the warmongering of Tony Blair’s Heir, Cameron in parliament today. May wisdom rule.

As soon as he gets home from Parliament, I will add my e-mail to the others already sent to him about the bloody pole/mast. But, poor fellow, he’s a bit busy right now!

I will also not be lobbing balls around our lounge again.

War on a foreign country by bankrupt Britain?

I am holding my breath. I have written to my MP – again! If things follow the pattern of the warmongering that occurred before the Iraq war, Britain will get involved in Syria  – to our shame.

Once, we were rulers of the “Empire”. That was then. We have no “Empire”. We are a bankrupt little island with delusions of grandeur. There is no way meddling in other countries is our “moral” duty. The moral duty of our Government is to stop wasting tax payers’ money and do the will of its citizens. British citizens to NOT want yet another war based on flimsy uncorroborated evidence, that might involve us in unforeseen ways and cause more suffering to people who are already suffering. There’s no logic in that – no morality – just foolishness.

I watched how Tony Blair turned into a glittering eyed goblin as his terms progressed – the same transformation that is making Obama look equally old and shriveled now. It really must be difficult to be a President/Prime Minister. It astonishes me anyone ever wants to be.

So I will be watching the face of our David Cameron. I am hoping he will prove more wise than I expect him to be.

But maybe not…..

Quote – Britain’s National Security Council “unanimously” backed action against Syria over its “unacceptable” chemical weapons use, Prime Minister David Cameron said earlier on Wednesday.

Want to know who is the National Security Council? Click here. Mmmm.. don’t know what to say  they all look really familiar!

So we are talking to the United Nations? We did that last time too. And then we waged an illegal war.


Do you think Assad would be daft enough to use gas on his own citizens, knowing that was exactly what the USA and their side-kick UK would use as an excuse for West-meddling? I say No.

Do you think Governments are honest and upstanding, that they would never censor information, or purposefully interfere in other autonomous countries for their own nefarious ends? I say No.

Do you think the anti smoking brigade should have such vast lobbying power that they can make Governments persecute the lifestyle of a quarter of their population? Or that vaping should be medicalised by the decision of a committe whose members represent Drug Companies?  I say No.

Do you think salt “causes” high blood pressure, even though in the very short term, it can raise some people’s blood pressure? Or that eating fat causes people to become fat? Or that our Government’s “healthy plates” are actually healthy? I say No.

Do you believe that the Drug Companies are more upstanding and moral than Big Tobacco? Or that Big Tobacco Control, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma never lie, cheat, or fudge statistics to promote their causes? I say No.

Do you believe the BBC is unbiased and fair in its reporting? That it never follows an “agenda” to brainwash the citizens of the UK, if not other countries too? That it never, by censorship, tries to influence us? I say No.

Do you trust our leaders to make good decisions on badger culls, or war, or smoking, or assisted suicide, or happiness, or housing, or railways, or legalising drugs, or healthy lifestyles, or gay marriage, or the EU, or internet porn? Do you think anyone really knows what they are doing? I say No.

Should we take ANYTHING on face value? Should we just believe everything we are told by our leaders?  I say No.

Giving up smoking might be dangerous for your health

I have long had a theory that people should want to give up smoking as a reason for giving up smoking. Giving up because of outside persuasion, pressure, feelings of guilt, nagging, Tobacco Control, social manipulation, is bad for your health. You will simply manifest something else to take its place.

Some years ago a friend nagged her husband constantly to stop the fags. I told her about my theory – but her eyes glazed over – I could tell she was not listening. This was the same friend, who years later, in my lounge, blown out of her mind on many bottles of our red wine, told me “Shmokersz are thu shcourge of the earth!” Mmmm.

Anyway, back to the story. Her poor husband got himself off smoking and into two years of addiction to nicotine gum. Eventually he managed to break his addiction to that, Six months later he developed testicular cancer. That coupled with the red wine problem of his wife, ended the marriage.

See? I told her so. But after the “Shmokersz are thu shcourge of the earth!” comment made as I was stubbing out my tiny home-rolled fag in my own ashtray, my feelings of friendship for her dissipated fast. She needed to take the mote out of her own eye before noticing them in the eyes of others.

But I might be wrong about my theory after all. What has uplifted me today is Giving up smoking might be dangerous for your health article I found in a comment on someone else’s blog.

While science looks through the keyhole, we can’t see the room we live in!

I have had a few “Jesus Saves” messages recently. Those afflict me less in my life than the constant barrage we get in the UK media that there is nothing believable but science. Thinking that science has the answer to all aspects of living, is called Scientism. It’s as fundamentalist as any “Jesus Saves” prostelytising that can happen to anyone. I think we have moved into a very horrible scientism age.

I believe we have a spiritual aspect and I think science could prove it if they wanted to. They have got stuck in their neo darwinsim and scientism.  While they are stuck there, they are unable to properly investigate ideas that have been studied for thousands of years in the east. One of the ideas that would improve life as we know it, is that everything and everyone is interconnected. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction in scientific terms. But the idea this only applies to billiard balls, is incorrect. I believe it applies to EVERYTHING, visible and invisible, material, natural, emotional, cultural, national and planetary if not also cosmic.

If we understood this we’d make less cock-ups.  And we’d live in a much wiser world.

We’d be nice to EVERYTHING.

My uplifting thought for today – pain and God and new atheists

I just came back from the dentist. There was a guy there trying to get seen by a dentist. He said he was in excruciating pain. He was clutching his face, groaning and twisting in his seat while the admin staff were trying to set him up with an urgent appointment like RIGHT THEN!

I felt sorry for him, I have no doubt he was in pain, his tee shirt was soaked with sweat and his face contorted as the next wave of pain overwhelmed him. My husband once had such terrible neuralgia he stood banging his face against a wall. That day he took 22 pain killers. I thought he would poison himself with the pills before the dentist got the tooth and sinuses sorted.

So I sat there thinking about pain. Pain is invisible to everyone else except the one experiencing it. Yet we do not doubt it exists. Science does not set out to “prove” pain.

Yet new athiests spend tons of energy trashing those who believe in something greater than themselves – God/Source/Whatever in an effort to impose their beliefs on believers.

But the existence of God/Source/Whatever is like pain. There is no science in the world that can disprove the experience of the person who has a God/Source/Whatever experience. But the person having it KNOWS. Science is superfluous. That is what drives the new atheists nuts!

What I enjoyed today

I had a lovely time reading Captain Ranty’s The Things I Despise because I don’t like the things he lists either.

This is the beginning of a “short” list that rambles right down the page. Read it all in his rant.
The EU
The Government
The Politicians
The Scientists (who sold their souls for grant money)
The wasted billions of taxpayer money
Sport. Pretty much all of it.
Censorship. Of any description etc etc

But the thing that actually uplifted me was the advice in the comments from William. I think he is a wise and serene man.

Here it is in full –
“Here’s Cr’s List with some solutions
The EU
Ignore it

The Government
Research Trusts and Proclamations
The Politicians
Ignore them they are not the government
The Scientists (who sold their souls for grant money)
They will do it anyway so ignore them. Real science is never settled
The wasted billions of taxpayer money
All in the past. Look to the now and reduce your tax contributions as much as you can, get creative.
Sport. Pretty much all of it.
Ignore it
Censorship. Of any description
Ignore it. Talk to those who will listen and wish those who won’t well.
State surveillance
Anything the state folks do they are spectacularly bad at so don’t worry about it until it bites you on the arse
Wind turbines
Be patient they will all fall over at some point once the subsidies run out so don’t get too near
The ridiculous tripe the SNP comes out with
They are political actors paid to spout tripe, ignore it.
Airport security
Theatre enjoy it. Be polite and cite non existent religious views to bypass as much of it as you can
Public servants who have forgotten who they serve
Ignore them. Toothless deluded pawns
The ‘two-tier’ law system
Another ‘too big’ to worry about. If it bites you then fix it if it doesn’t pay no attention
Having 14 stitches in my arse
Must be painful. Do some alternative health research and see if there is anything that can speed the healing and ease the pain
‘Donating’ over 70% of MY earnings to people who piss it away
The only solution here I can see is to stop working a job and do a Leg Iron instead (earn enough to live)
Council Tax-I could provide the same ‘services’ they do, but much cheaper
It’s a con plain and simple. Newstruth has a plan go read his blog
Thuggish police
Avoid them whenever possible or withdraw your consent to be policed
Leniency for crimes against children
No solutions on this one as I’ve not come into any contact with a crime against a child.
Not being ‘permitted’ to arm myself
You have fists, feet and a brain. You are armed.
Charities. Particularly those that are sponsored and/or ‘gifted’ our money by the govt
Ignore them. Do not given them a penny.
Rap music
Yes I agree to me it’s shite so don’t listen to it. Some people actually like it so unless you are forced to listen to it move or switch the crap off.
Justin Fucking Bieber
No opinion on this chap
The extortionate cost of tobacco
Tobacco tax is the extortion so find a better solution than Tesco. Use your imagination
The extortionate cost of alcohol
Alcohol tax is the extortion so find a better solution than Tesco. Use your imagination
The extortionate cost of petrol/diesel
Again just tax so research and seek out potential ways to reduce the reliance on the car. Changing habits is a good place to start.
That fucking Environmental Charge on my electricity bill
Don’t pay it. They will threaten to cut off the leccy, never the gas. Read their general supply contract. There is no mention of surcharges and the four schemes that make up the charge are meant to be funded by the suppliers. Do the research and send the CEO of the supplying company a nice and polite letter pointing this out and see what happens.
The biased BBC
Ignore it and stop funding it
The corrupted ‘free’ press
Dead man walking so ignore it.
A condition of deluded humans. The best you can do is stop being one of them”