Why Christmas Carols are unbearable for me

I cannot bear to listen to Christmas Carols. They evoke in me overwhelming nostalgia for times past.

They conjure up memories of when I was a child and then a young mother singing carols, hearing strains of Christmas music on the radio, Father Christmas’s in all varieties and many places, Nativity Plays, decorating the tree, the smell of fir leaves and cones, the gleam of glass baubles, decorations handed down from generation to generation – magical times when life was for living and fun. It was never without the action of sharing the joy with those less blessed, and we were poor, but not as poor as some. Christmas afternoon the adults slumped with over-indulgence from food, drinks and smoked cigarettes without guilt or shame and the children played. We were a family welded together with celebratory solidarity, good and bad. We felt wonderful.

This was a time when the newly formed World Health Organisation was dedicated to addressing poverty and illnesses in poor Nations. It was before the time of the Charity Industry, or Lobby Groups, or Tobacco Control, or Public Health had become intrusive into everyone’s private health. It was before the Religion of Science stated that God was a Delusion, thus classifying most of the world insane.

So it was a time when I knew that good people worldwide were doing good things for those to whom it really mattered – the poor and the sick. It seemed a good world that had come out of a bad time of World War Two. I trusted those who ruled because they were trustworthy and wise. They would make the world safe from war and it would be better in every way. It was a time of hope. And the best feeling of all was, I BELIEVED it with all my heart.

 Christmas Carols expose to me the depth of my young naivete and I can’t bear them.

Who are you Rose? – brilliant words all about vaping – thank you!

This is some nice thinking! I salute you Rose!

Quote – 

On your first point we are in complete agreement. No group of people is more joyfully and defiantly independent of the tobacco industry than us “vapers”. “Big Tobacco” has not had a cent out of me for the last 18 months. And neither has “Big Pharma”, which is even better news. As I stated in my first email, apart from nicotine, an e-cigarette contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food flavouring, substances generally regarded as safe. Exactly the same ingredients are to be found in Nicorette QuickMist Spray, except that the latter also contains anhydrous ethanol, trometamol, poloxamer 407, sodium hydrogen carbonate, levomenthol, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and hydrochloric acid. I should add that the dose of nicotine in this nasty product is so low as to be sub-therapeutic. It’s a setup for failure.

Secondly, it must be clearly understood, the tobacco industry has only moved into the arena of small cigalikes. They have shown no interest in the larger personal vaporisers and nor are they likely to. It is not possible for tobacco companies to monopolise the sale of batteries, metal tubes, atomisers, wire and wick, nor propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nor food flavouring. The real business of enjoyable and safer nicotine consumption is Big Tobacco (and Big Pharma)-proof. And it is predominantly these products which are enabling smokers to make the permanent switch. Big Tobacco has in fact already had its “Kodak moment”. They are simply trying to chase after a horse that has long bolted. Consider this irony: tobacco companies, in a desperate bid for survival have found themselves selling small pre-filled cigalikes, a product that is strongly establishing itself as a gateway out of cigarettes, a product they monopolise, and a gateway into the realm of 2nd generation ecigs and personal vaporisers, products which they do not have a hope of monopolising. With or without the comprehension of the health establishment, Big Tobacco’s days are numbered. Isn’t this a good thing? Imagine successfully banning e-cigarettes. BT would live to fight another day.

And thirdly your point about smoking becoming re-normalised by the acceptance of e-cigarettes. This is understandably based on the fact that “vaping” small cigalikes looks like smoking from a distance. I could argue that drinking water looks like drinking vodka, but do I really need to? The reality is that though it may look like smoking, it is not smoking, and does not even closely smell like smoking. In fact it is usually quite pleasant. The fact that it resembles smoking so well is precisely why it works. And because the use of ecigs returns a healthy sense of taste and smell to the user, they very effectively make smoking unappealing. Smoking, directly or passively, is generally not well tolerated by vapers at all. And the overwhelming majority of vapers are ex-smokers. There is no evidence to suggest that non-smokers are taking up vaping to any significant degree. Even school children found to be experimenting with ecigs are predominantly the same kids who are experimenting with cigarettes. A recent study by the American Association of Cancer Research also concluded that ecigs are “not a gateway to anything”. (E-cigarettes:) Vaping doesn’t normalise smoking. It normalises vaping. And vaping, thus far, has not been shown to be harmful, to either the user or to bystanders.

And to add to my enjoyment – I watched THIS

I FEEL UPLIFTED!  I hope you do too.


Will sanity return? Its Public health that needs treatment

I really got steamed reading THIS 

” The purported beneficial psychiatric effects of smoking is actually something that has long been known or suspected. It was once routine policy, I’ve been told, to supply hospitalized psychiatric patients with free cigarettes. Thanks to the Nico-Nazis, we have now banned any smoking whatsoever in psychiatric hospitals to the detriment of patients. Previously, in-patients had an isolated smoking room within the unit so they could smoke on their own timetable. Now, patients are given short furloughs from their wards to go outside to smoke. Those who are confined to locked units until they stabilize must be escorted outside by busy staff for whom that task is a last priority.”

“We hear from patients that a lot of behavioural issues start because they’ve been denied a smoke. Some have smoked for decades and suddenly, because they need mental health treatment, that’s the end of it. They engage in acting-out behaviour and may end up in seclusion or restraints, which creates health and safety risks for patients and staff.”


 “A somewhat different solution is to use electronic or e-cigarettes. These devices do not contain the chemicals and carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes, do not smell or produce second hand smoke. They heat up liquid containing nicotine and produce water vapour rather than smoke. According to Melodie Tilson, policy director with the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association quoted in the National Post, there’s “virtually no chance an e-cigarette could be as harmful as a tobacco cigarette to the individual using the product.” 

But, as the National Post pointed out, she is opposed to them because “We need to look at the bigger picture and their impact on overall smoking rates. If the widespread promotion of these products, and availability, causes young people to use them and then transition to actual cigarettes, that’s an increase in harm.”!

 At this point I KNEW who really needs psychiatric treatment.

Conversation with a councillor from the world of mean

Re our conversation on Sunday about the actual facts on Second Hand Smoke, here is a comment on the new study by The American Cancer Society I was telling you about. Although I don’t smoke, and I disagree with you that smoking should not be seen in public as it then becomes “secret” and “salacious” to young people, I still feel like an angry smoker that has watched society being engineered on a lie.


I like the Lib Dem attitude against Nuclear Power and Fracking which UKIP unfortunately favour. I do favour UKIP. Smoking is not abnormal to the people it gives pleasure, but only the ideology trying to make it so. The core, hardened, embattled smokers have no rights, no voice. They have been politically crippled by the allegations that their smoke kills others. The smoking ban needs reassessing on scientific evidence and not the lies of smokefree lobby groups. Farage smokes! I think every angry smoker like me – they number one fifth of the population  – 13000000 – not to mention the 1 500000 vapers will favour UKIP. We are all voters!

I enjoyed the vibrant life of the past, when politicians were real people and often not very rich. I think pipes and cigars and even cigarettes  made them look trustworthy.  You, sir, certainly look shifty to me. You have been brainwashed. I don’t like you!

I am going to only vote for Councillors, MP’s or MEP’s  that smoke or vape. And you are not one of them!

Mandela – a different view

I believe that Nelson Mandela has been dead for months – there were suspicions of this way back in July in South Africa. (Read here)

“On June 26, 2013, the Guardian Express printed stories relating the death of Nelson Mandela, after learning that the Pretoria hospital where he was being treated turned off his life support system and allowed the great leader to pass on in dignity. Around the same time, other news agencies also reported the icon’s death, only to retract their stories immediately. With the news finally emerging that the South African legend is, allegedly, still on life support and in a “permanent vegetative” state, it is apparent that the Mandela family is colluding with the South African President Zuma to maintain the lie that Madiba is still alive.”

So whatever is happening now is part of a grand illusion about Mandela. The image of him being a benevolent icon was “created” by the West.

Before Robben Island, he was a terrorist. He and the ANC had blood on their hands. Living in South Africa was like living in Northern Ireland, never knowing where the next bomb would blow up your friends, relatives, or yourself. Never knowing if the latest murder had been perpetrated by your side or “their” side. It seemed a vicious cycle and solution-less. Black people were  “necklaced“(Winnie Mandela’s necklace) regularly  – hundreds of them for “non-cooperation” by their own side. It was a terrible, terrible death which she promoted and her husband tried to distance himself from.

After 18 years on Robben Island, Mandela lived on the mainland. This was the time of his “creation” into the gentle, Elder Statesman that we know, groomed to be the first Black President, a martyr restored, an icon, a leader. As President, he seemed without resentment, without rage at the terrible things done to himself personally, or to his people. He spoke of reconciliation — a new word in the vocabulary of South Africans, but in fact practising Ubuntu.

Among these awards is the shared 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with F.W. de Klerk, the last president of the apartheid government of South Africa (he too is widely credited as an instrumental force in ending apartheid). – See more at: http://afkinsider.com/1772/10-things-you-probably-didnt-know-about-nelson-mandela/7/#sthash.1IQLuJpd.dpuf

I believe he and de Klerk  did a magnificent job of making the South African Transition a peaceful one. It was not Mandela alone.  But, as an icon, everyone, black and white could rally round Mandela, the Statesman, and  his image was promoted because it suited big business, money, the financial institutions that actually rule our world and who were the ones doing the negotiations. The media and the West have kept Mandela as an illusion – the lovable Mandela, the Mandela who “freed” his people.

Watch Pilger’s Apartheid did not die it’s a very outdated, still uncomfortable video that doesn’t cover present government corruption. But the nub is money, corruption and greed – the Wests’ – is still at work in the Rainbow Nation, keeping the poor, poor, and the rich, rich. Hear Mandela speaking from about 33:40mins to 38:40mins, his naivety and gentleness obvious.

As Mandela’s term ended,  and the new guard took over, the greed, avarice and confusion of the Rainbow Nation’s government must have distressed Mandela – or did he just accept that that is the way corruption goes, the rewards you get for power? I don’t think he ever said one way or the other – well not openly, and under South African press censorship, it would never have been published. And the world needs to hold onto the illusion that South Africa is a success. Instead, on retirement, Mandela gave lovely interviews to sportsmen, visitors and dignitaries, opened sports stadiums and charities, much like the Queen does for us here in the UK. As The Elder Statesman Figurehead Mandela’s face was charming whilst animated, yet transformed into deep sadness at private moments. I think those were the real moments. I think the Mandela illusion caused goodness to happen in the hearts of others so they could weave more goodness under his banner. I think the real Mandela was profoundly sad.

I liked the sad Mandela with fire. I am afraid that it was obliterated from view so he could become gracious and inspiring  in our eyes. I liked him when he didn’t pull his punches, when he was sad and not good – when he made people uncomfortable!

“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care for human beings,” Mandela

 “If you look at those matters, you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace.” Mandela 

“The UN took a strong stand against apartheid; and over the years, an international consensus was built, which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” Mandela

Mandela was the friend of Castro and Gadaffi  seldom reported in the press.

Mandela was on the CIA “terrorist” list till 2008

Now world leaders are slithering along to his funeral.

I am glad Mandela found love in his old age – real love, from a woman as gracious as himself.  I hope this made his inner places less sad.

And most of all, I am glad he has been freed from his last imprisonment – the cruelest most unnecessary imprisonment of all – by his own avaricious family.