The planetary uniform

I haven’t blogged here for over a month. I’m waiting to be uplifted. But I’m not. I thought I’d blog just to show I’m not dead, but living and thinking.

Watching the world go by from my position on this alien planet, I notice how very uniform Western culture has become and how much it is coveted by people not living in it.

I’d like out – they want in!

Mass production of political correctness is implanted in the people by tame media and tame education, serving their political masters and ideologies.

There is no luck, fate, magic, wonder, excitement, awe, serendipity on the planet in the west – well none allowed by the prevailing culture – it is experienced covertly only. It is not politically correct to think that something greater than us might possibly exist.

Science leads. Statistics and evidence based facts are Supreme.

The inhabitants of the west dress in mass produced clothing, live and work in mass produced buildings, tightly controlled by regulations and protected by health and safety laws.

Ingenuity, spontaneity and  individuality have been cloned into celebrity who do the stuff for the watching dis-empowered people.

Adventure is practiced on safe mass produced slopes, ropes, vehicles, and centres in mass produced adventure industry uniforms.

Health is controlled in a one-size-fits-all medical system, preaching to the people in a tongue more fire and brimstone than the old vision of hell and satan. Death is more feared than ever, not viewed as being the companion to life and a blessing to sufferers, but something to be avoided at all costs, even suffering to do so.

The West has become a playground for a restless bored species consuming itself, whilst marketing “happiness”.