Monsanto moans

Monsanto is moaning that the World Heath Organisation didn’t take into account Monsanto’s OWN studies that ‘proved’ Roundup doesn’t cause cancer in humans when the World Heath Organisation banned Roundup to be sold to us ordinary humans, for it doing just that.

Monsanto Calls for Investigation Into WHO Agency for Ignoring Monsanto-Funded Studies

So Monsanto is taking them to court.

Their failure to include these two studies, according to Monsanto’s vice president of strategy, Scott Partridge, shows that the IARC “was corrupted apparently with individuals who have an agenda” and warrants an external investigation into the workings of the agency and its leadership.

Well, I think that’s the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you?

They are ALL corrupt!

Aren’t they?

In fact science itself is so corrupt we don’t know whether Roundup causes cancer or not – we only know there is a global emergence of cancer and the spread of glyphosate-resistant weeds.

FFS – NOBODY should be using Roundup! The blessing is that one day it won’t work anymore, and it won’t be worth using.

By that time, us ordinary people will be given permission to use Roundup privately, whilst ‘the professionals’ will be using something else that DOES work – and maybe is much worse for the health of planet Earth!

Roundup is the weedkiller the professionals use. Utilising the same advanced technology developed by its agricultural counterpart, Roundup has been specially formulated to kill weeds right down to the root. So, with Roundup Weed Killer, gardeners know that, once the weed’s gone, it’s gone for good.

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Things you didn’t know – but might like to (video)

I spent a fascinating day, watching people now, that I was interested in in 2008.

I read and followed two women scientists at that time – Susan Blackmore and Susan Greenfield.  They ended up having some kind of hissy fit confrontation with each other at which point I lost interest.

Blackmore was a sort of anal atheist which never attracts me, and Greenfield never said what she believed, and as a scientist, was not committing to.

I watched both of them AS THEY ARE NOW on YouTube today. Blackmore is still an anal atheist (Dawkins style) and so rather disappointing in her own personal evolution for me. I don’t mind people being atheists – as long as they aren’t anal about it – or promote it as ‘saving the world’.

But the surprise today was watching this interview with Greenfield. I found her a fascinating speaker – no waffle – just interesting stuff that is new and different. Inspiring actually. Covers lots of different topics.

I’m archiving it here. It’s an hour of un-wasted time. I’m a fan all over again!


Pederasty versus homosexuality

In wandering around the Internet, I followed the idea of pederasty.

Pederasty – the love of men for boys – has been around for a very long time. It is linked, now to homosexuality. But pederasty is not homosexuality as we understand the concept nowadays of men having sex with men. A  pederast loves young boys.  It is a MUTUAL relationship, ideally.

I suppose, now, paedophile is a more common word.  This is how we classify pederasty today – in its perverted form.

In modern thought, same-sex relations with adolescents is regarded as an abuse of power when the older partner is in a position of educationalreligiouseconomic, or other form of institutional authority over the younger partner. Pederasty therefore remains widely censured and instances of it have had severe political repercussions (for example, the Mark Foley scandal, or “Pagegate”,which broke out in the United States in 2006) LINK (Wiki)

But, pederasty – true pederasty – boy-love – still exists as a movement. David Thorstad writing in 1998 – Pederasty and Homosexuality

Pederasty, like homosexuality, has existed, and exists, in all societies that have ever been studied. Homoeroticism is a ubiquitous feature of human experience, as even efforts to repress it confirm. Men and youths have always been attracted to each other, and, like homosexuality in general, their love is irrepressible. Even if it is far from triumphing, or flowering with the freedom it merits and has enjoyed in some other cultures (for example, Siwa oasis in Egypt), still, it can never be repressed. It will continue to find its way to expression despite all the efforts to suppress and demonize it. As John Henry Mackay wrote in 1924 in The Books of the Nameless Love:

    • They murder our love and yet it lives.They throttle our cry and it echoes back from the future.

Pederasty is supposed to be a ‘beautiful’ thing – as it was once thought to be in ancient Greece.

Here is a curious warning video to young boys put out in the nineteen fifties – if you left out the word ‘homosexual’, it would still have relevance today.

Nietzsche for me

Some years ago, I was doing a course in Earth Sciences with The Open University.

I worked at home. It was lonely.

So I went to University daily. I watched  every  physics lecture Professor Richard Muller ever gave at Berkeley. We even communicated. He and I are the same age.

Now, I’m ‘universitizing’ myself again. On a discussion on Nietzsche on Reddit philosophy – a post which completely confused me – someone gave this wonderful link to a Professor as inspirational as Prof Muller! It’s Raymond Geuss from Cambridge.

I’m archiving the series here so I don’t loose him! It ought to be a playlist. Oh – and we are roughly the same age!

Dawkins – the missionary

I have always disliked Richard Dawkins.

I think he has somehow been wounded, and never healed.

He has certainly been an active missionary for his god. His god is Science. Rational, logical, reason alone.

And he is arrogant about it. He’s a fundamentalist in his own way – somehow chucking the baby out with the bath water.  The baby is the idea that we are creatures evolving through our own personal internal experiences FIRSTLY, what Dawkins call ‘hallucinations’ and other ‘rubbish’.  The bathwater is the medium we are living our lives in. It needs to be some kind of nurturing fluid that nourishes personal growth, whether it be a religion, or no religion – the bathwater of our own choosing/culture/circumstances of birth – a fluid whose currents challenge us to be the best humans we can be in all the stages of our lives.

And one that comforts our pain.

Dawkins believes the bath water to be poisonous, whereas it is our amniotic fluid.

I think Dawkins should first acknowledge the inner life of humans. The life that experiences mystical states, inspirations, glimpses of the profound, personal conviction, dedication, wisdom that comes not from science but from the inner felt experience.

If he could heal his own wound, it would be wonderful!

We would have no science were it not for the inner yearnings of mankind.

Here is Dawkins in Russia – arrogant as usual!





What would we do without Russia?

I lived through the ‘Cold War’, the time when people were gunned down trying to escape from Soviet Russia, over the Berlin wall, and I went to school with escapees from Hungary.

Young people noways don’t know about such things.  In my life, Russia was ‘the enemy’ of the West.

What is wrong with this damn planet?

Russia was the enemy THEN. Do we always have to have her as the enemy? Russia is no longer the Soviet Union.

Russia could be our friend.

Why not?

More than 200 ISIS militants WIPED OUT in precision Russian air strike in Syria

A statement from the Russian defence ministry said: “The Russian Air Force destroyed another large column of ISIS fighters that was heading to the area of the city of Deir ez-Zor, where international terrorists are trying to regroup and equip their last base in Syria.

“The defeat of ISIS in the Deir ez-Zor region will be a strategic defeat for the international terrorist group in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

The ministry also said that ISIS is trying to make their last stand in Deir ez-Zor after suffering heavy losses in Raqqa and Homs provinces.


Former Russian minister of defence Sergey Shoygu said the fall of ISIS in Deir ez-Zor could be the end of the self-proclaimed caliphate.

He added: “There have been military actions for more than one year. People bravely fight there. Regularly, two or three, or it happens, four times a week, food, medicine, ammunition are being delivered there.

“This is perhaps the main point at the Euphrates, which will in many ways indicate the end of the fight against ISIS.”

We aren’t doing so well ourselves against Daesh – what would we do without Russia even though she is our ‘enemy’?

Perhaps the friend of our enemy (Syria) is OUR friend too.

I think the time has come for more friends and LESS enemies!

Let the people smoke

I seems to me, that smoking served a purpose. It was something people did to comfort themselves. They could smoke when out. It was a communal pleasure. So called baby boomers used to be the smokers. THEY are the ones living the longest – isn’t that strange?

But the term ‘baby boomer’ now encompasses ‘people over fifty’. That’s not the true meaning of ‘baby boomer’ which was the increase in births after world war two.

So, according to this article in the Guardian, ‘baby boomers’ are giving trouble.

Baby boomers’ drink and drug misuse needs urgent action, warn experts

“This is the first generation of home-drinkers who are far more likely to buy cheap supermarket alcohol than visit their local pub. They are drinking more than their parents and it’s no surprise that their health is starting to suffer as a result,” she said, adding that price increases and tighter controls on alcohol promotions are needed.

Well – they stay at home because they can’t SMOKE when they are out – so they never go to pubs anymore. And they drink more than their parents because THEY could and did.

I suggest you stuff  your price increases and tighter controls on alcohol where the sun don’t shine, and admit that the Tobacco Control fallacy that ‘second hand smoke’ kills other people is concocted. If people could smoke as they used to, or have proper smoking areas, everywhere, perhaps many of our new problems would waft away.

Including the use of worse drugs.

Seems simple to me. I’m a real baby boomer who smoked for fifty years.

Let the people smoke.

It’s economically sound too.

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The Aslan-Uygur Decoder 5000 to Establish Your White Guilt

Yesterday, I studied Russian history. Catherine the Great was an ‘enlightened monarch’, like many of the rulers of that time. Like Napoleon, she re-wrote the laws of Russia after her own peasants attacked her nobility very like a mini French Revolution.

The Enlightenment was an amazing evolution in consciousness.

The enlightenment changed our world forever. Gradually, through it, the position of us ordinary folk has been improved. Technology, medicine, politics, the abolition of slavery, education, science, our liberties and comfortable living have all blossomed out of The Enlightenment.

The enlightenment was WHITE. The scientific revolution/industrial revolution was WHITE. The French and American Revolutions were WHITE.

The Enlightenment  has improved the world from what it was, to what it is now, however imperfect it may be. The whole world is better for it. Not just white people, or the western world, ALL people are better off through it.

Right now moral relativism, the new victim groups, black lives matter, new feminism, LGBTQ, millennials, and others, are deliberately constructed according to fascist/marxist ideas to break down the old society, and build a new one – the new fascism. The new world.

The new world is the post enlightenment world. More than a ‘modern’ world, but a post modern world, devoid of religion, nationality, family, freedom, where the ‘serfs’ that will be corralled via it, like in Catherine the Great’s time, are cash cows for the state.

In this scenario, WHITE is bad, putrid. WHITE is guilty of all the worst things that happened in the world. White-hating is a tool to further defragment society into  ‘victims’ that feel legitimate and that assist in the deconstruction of the old society by protest, violence and hate.

How do people negotiate their way through life in such a world where every race on earth is better than white?

Well, there is a new device which Gad Saad demonstrates in this video. It will help identify whether we are white, and could assist us to discover whether our friends and relatives might be too. It judges our guilt for the horrors us white people have brought down upon our victims.

It’s called The Aslan-Uygur Decoder 5000 to Establish Your White Guilt 

And it’s fun! (And afterwards is the first video (of 8) of Gad Saad sardonic humour.)