Slavery – Thomas Sowell

I have found a man with ideas! Thomas Sowell. Of course he has critics – but his ideas are refreshing to me.

Among conservatives, Sowell is lauded as a “giant”, brilliant, one of the most original and prolific intellects of modern times, “a national treasure”, and someone worthy of a Nobel Prize. Admirers cite his originality, great depth and breadth, clarity of expression, thoroughness of research, persuasiveness, clear-thinking, marshaling of evidence, and propensity to uncover surprising and unexpected facts and statistics and for up-ending conventional wisdom. Playwright David Mamet has referred to him as “[America’s] greatest contemporary philosopher.”

This is his writing about Slavery.


There’s a kind of hush

Have you noticed there is very little in the press about the Bucket Bomber?

It’s almost like no one is saying anything much.

The only article I have read is by Piers Morgan in the Wailonline.

PIERS MORGAN: Trump was RIGHT about the bucket bomb suspect and I fear he’s also right about the risk of letting in poorly vetted refugees who repay Britain’s kindness with blind hate and bombings

The two suspects are friends.

One, who has not yet been named, is an 18-year-old refugee from Iraq. The other, Yahya Faroukh, is a 21-year-old refugee from Syria.

They have both lived with the same foster parents in Surrey, a wonderful couple named Penny and Ronald Jones who have helped raise 268 children.

Yet the Joneses, it appears, knew very little about the background of their charges.

The 18-year-old, from all accounts, was a tinderbox waiting to blow; an angry young man, born in Baghdad shortly before the Iraq War, whose parents had died, and who was brought to Britain for a supposedly better life.

He was bitter, resentful, and increasingly volatile.

No one is talking, no one is pointing out that it was Britain’s OWN refugee program who invited in the “children” – mostly young men old enough to have fought in WW1 and WW11, who are now Jihadists.

Who will say “We TOLD you so!”

Piers Morgan does say

If it does indeed turn out that the people responsible for this latest attack on London were young men from Iraq and Syria who came through Britain’s own refugee programme, then maybe it’s time to stop screaming abuse at Trump, and actually tighten up our own system?

But that’s not enough.

Da‘wah for Islam

Abdur Raheem Green (born Anthony Vatswaf Galvin Green; 1962) is a British Salafi Muslim convert who is known in some Muslim communities for his work in Dawah, both in televised formal settings and informal contexts such as Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner. He is a presenter on Peace TV

This is Abdur Raheem Green preaching in 2007

It’s very convincing! He has been in trouble now and again for the last ten years, but he STILL preaches. List for the last month.


The age of discord

It seems to me that anger, rage and discord are nowadays amplified by the speed in which they are spread on Social Media.

Once, invitation to protest took a phone call, a letter, or was advertised by word of mouth in the local grocer, or at community events.

Now, one tweet from one single human, deranged, sane or menopausal can travel in a matter of seconds from Los Angeles, to Langfang. Well, maybe not to Langfang, I think China censors the Internet.

Have you ever wondered what guys in Likasi, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, must think of tweets about

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face id

I bet on an iPhoneX it wouldn’t be less confusing!

What a strange planet this is.



Three secrets we CANNOT expose

  1. We cannot admit that GMO Crops might do us harm. I’m talking about round up ready seeds, not cloning, or genetically perfecting plants, or other technological advances. Knowledge that Monsanto’s seeds are toxic when eaten by humans or animals would be devastating to the world’s food industry. We cannot admit that Monsanto has empowered nature to respond with resistant plants, resistant insects and species extinction. We cannot admit Monsanto are injuring billions of living creatures and altering nature permanently. We aren’t to admit Monsanto are foolish and corrupt, so anyone with such ideas, is ridiculed as conspiracy theorists to stop the secret getting out.
  2. We cannot admit that vaccines, too much, in cocktails, given too young are affecting our children and that governments have injured thousands of people, for generations. We cannot admit to injuring thousands of humans. We vaccinate for the greater good, sacrificing the rest. We do not admit, vaccination programs COULD be made safer by ditching cocktails given too soon. We aren’t to admit medical science is foolish, so anyone with such ideas, is ridiculed as conspiracy theorists to stop the secret getting out. Part of the secret of improved childhood health is that children’s illnesses have been reducing anyway since our homes became more hygienic.
  3. We cannot admit there might be life after death and remove the power of death as a tool of fear over the people. We dare not admit that despite all our technical knowledge we have not taken into account that humans are part of the ecological system, the evolutionary system of that ‘thing’ called consciousness. We deny that we might live in only one of several dimensions that make up Planet Earth and that death, for all living creatures is not the end, but a continuation. And we are not so different there as we are here. We aren’t to admit scientifically that such a secret might exist, so anyone with such ideas, is ridiculed as a nut job to stop the secret getting out.

This last secret, would be the most dangerous of all. It CANNOT be allowed to be true!

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False paedophile accusations

I remember, as a teacher. kids would come up to me ‘telling tales’. It is complete common sense to ANYONE, that the character and reputation of the tale-teller should be taken into account. If the tale is discounted, the tale-teller should be reprimanded!

I know a man who, as a teacher in Switzerland, was accused by an adolescent girl of paedophilia. His life was ruined. At the court case, the girl admitted she had made it all up to ‘punish’ him for some small offence she had taken. She was, as usual, ‘anonymous’. The case was dropped. I think she got away with it scott free!

I would have thought the character and reputation of the SINGLE accuser in the VIP Paedophile case in the UK, should have been investigated BEFORE the investigation had even begun, don’t you think? That’s common sense to me!

Operation Midland: Alleged fantasist ‘Nick’ could face charges over abuse claims

An alleged fantasist, known only as Nick, who claimed he had been raped and abused by a powerful VIP paedophile ring, could face charges after police referred the case to prosecutors.




He SHOULD be charged and punished!

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The history of bathing/cleanliness

Once, unless you lived right next to a stream, for instance, bathing was a bother.

And even if you did live next to a steam, it might have been a bother.

Just removing voluminous clothes would have been a bother.

So, bathing regularly wasn’t a societal ‘meme’ – until it became easy, and was thought to promote good health.  The Wikipedia History of bathing entry is beautifully entertaining – Wikipedia at it’s best.

Bathing has become SO easy nowadays, we are doing it too much.

We are pushing cleanliness over the top – to our detriment.

Science Suggests You Should Not Shower Every Day Anymore

    • The top layer of your skin is composed of dead skin cells that protect underlying skin layers
    • The top layer is held together by fats or lipids that are responsible for moisture
    • Whenever you shower and scrub, you’re breaking this layer apart
  • The more showers you take, the more damage occurs in top layer
  • Due to frequent showers, your skin has less time to repair and recover through natural oil production
  • It prevents “good” bacteria from growing on your skin. This good bacteria is beneficial for protecting your skin and your body from infections
  • It’s bad for your hair too. Negative consequences include dry, dull hair that is prone to dandruff. In some cases, hair can become greasy as scalp tries to overcompensate for dryness

Not only do we now bathe too much, we have this concept of ‘bathing’ inside is too!

Why we fell for clean eating Long article worth reading.

Clean eating – whether it is called that or not – is perhaps best seen as a dysfunctional response to a still more dysfunctional food supply: a dream of purity in a toxic world. To walk into a modern western supermarket is to be assailed by aisle upon aisle of salty, oily snacks and sugary cereals, of “bread” that has been neither proved nor fermented, of cheap, sweetened drinks and meat from animals kept in inhumane conditions.


Among other things, clean eating confirms how vulnerable and lost millions of us feel about diet – which really means how lost we feel about our own bodies. We are so unmoored that we will put our faith in any master who promises us that we, too, can become pure and good.

We are pushing the meme of cleanliness and bathing too far. It is even embedded in our minds in the concept of being ‘politically correct’ – speaking clean!

File:Bathing legs (3059324891).jpg

Yet, with all this cleanliness about, the thing that is becoming dirtier and dirtier as we are able SO EASILY to spread fake ‘germs’ on the Internet, is POLITICS!

The humans on this strange planet are still a dirty bunch, are they not?