‘The Disease of Public Health’ – excellent article

‘The Disease of Public Health’ – is an excellent article in Spiked, by Chris Snowdon published in 2013.

It still applies.

In fact, it is even MORE applicable in 2017.

As the definition of ‘health’ has been changed, so too has the meaning of ‘public health’. It once meant vaccinations, sanitation and education. It was ‘public’ only in the sense that it protected people from contagious diseases carried by others. Today, it means protecting people from themselves. The word ‘epidemic’ has also been divorced from its meaning – an outbreak of infectious disease – and is instead used to describe endemic behaviour such as drinking, or non-contagious diseases such as cancer, or physical conditions such as obesity which are neither diseases nor activities. This switch from literal meanings to poetic metaphors helps to maintain the conceit that governments have the same rights and responsibility to police the habits of its citizens as they do to ensure that drinking water is uncontaminated. It masks the hard reality that ‘public health’ is increasingly concerned with regulating private behaviour or private property.

The anti-smoking campaign is where the severe new public-health crusade began, but it is not where it ends. Libertarians warned that the campaign against tobacco would morph into an anti-booze and anti-fat campaign of similar intensity. They were derided; ridiculed for making fallacious ‘slippery slope’ arguments. In retrospect, their greatest failing was not that they were too hysterical in their warnings but that they lacked the imagination to foresee policies as absurd as plain packaging or bans on large servings of lemonade, even as satire.

The slippery slope was both predictable and predicted. The only surprise is how little time it took for the British public to taken in, when only a few years earlier they would have scoffed at the idea of drinkers and salad-dodgers being next in line. Once again, all it took was a change in terminology. A ‘binge-drinker’ had traditionally been someone who went on a session lasting several days. Now it means anyone who consumes more than three drinks in an evening. Similarly, the crude and arbitrary nineteenth century measure of body mass index (BMI) has been used to categorise the chubby as ‘obese’ and the fat as ‘morbidly obese’.  Sugar is ‘addictive’ now – and ‘toxic’. ‘Big Food’ is the new ‘Big Tobacco’. The anti-smoking blueprint of advertising bans, tax rises and ‘denormalisation’ provides the roadmap for action. At this stage, there is nothing to be gained from saying we told you this would happen, but we told you this would happen.

Today, if you are gripped by an urge to eradicate some bad habit or other, you no longer have to make a nuisance of yourself knocking door-to-door or waving a placard in some dismal town square. You can instead find yourself a job in the vast network of publicly funded health groups and transform yourself from crank to ‘advocate’.

No wonder, then, that everything – from gambling and climate change to gay-rights and international finance – is now pitched as a ‘public health issue’. No wonder, also, that a swarm of political activists and belligerent academics have transformed themselves into ‘public health professionals’ as a way to win power without winning votes. Although ‘public health’ is still popularly viewed as a wing of the medical profession, its enormous funding and prestige has attracted countless individuals whose lack of medical qualifications is compensated by their thirst for social change. The movement is dominated by sociologists, engineers, psychologists, lawyers, epidemiologists and other academics whose contempt for consumer capitalism is often more conspicuous than their concern for people’s health and wellbeing. Whether it is attacking multinational corporations or campaigning against ‘health inequalities’ (which are invariably a proxy for income inequalities), the endlessly accommodating field of ‘public health’ is a magnet for unelectable social scientists and moral entrepreneurs.

Do read the whole article of which there is much more thought provoking stuff – and the comments at the end.

I am archiving it here for my own interest. It’s a reason why I feel I’m living on an alien planet.

We are not just particles – we are fields tied into little bundles called ‘particles’

Magical physics!

I like it better than stuff I learned in Physics.

Everything is waves of fields tied up into little parcels called ‘particles’.

Empty space is full of fields – quantum vacuum fluctuations. Mathematically un- solved.

Exciting stuff really….

Archived here for my pleasure.

According to our best theories of physics, the fundamental building blocks of matter are not particles, but continuous fluid-like substances known as ‘quantum fields’. David Tong explains what we know about these fields, and how they fit into our understanding of the Universe.

Las Vegas – the Hotel shootings cover-up

So many mysteries!

So much cover-up!

Here’s a brave lady to stick to her guns. Rene Downs  who was at the Bellagio  during shooting AFTER Mandelay Bay – videos and interviews (see her full story below.)

There were shootings at the Aria, Bellagio, Tropicano and New York New York, AFTER the Mandalay Bay shooting.

Recounted here  (also below) by a brave young man.

Both videos are very long and have the aura of total honesty about them. They are summarised above and below each video.

A young man named Gio Rios did a livestream on Facebook last Sunday, October 8th and I’ve edited out some of his small talk (especially in the beginning) and added some titles. He made this livestream because he is appalled at the lies of the US Government and the Mainstream Media. He states unequivocally, “What happened exactly one week ago was a terrorist attack. It was group-organized, it was choreographed and I don’t want anyone thinking it was a one-person shooter…This was a terrorist attack on US soil and they’re still out there, on our soil, planning another attack.” Gio says he was staying at the Luxor hotel with his girlfriend, Marissa the weekend of the Las Vegas shooting. They went to the Route 91 festival across the street and were watching Jason Aldean perform near the front row, Stage Left when the shots began firing and people all around them began dropping. They were in the area closest to the sights of the guns being fired from the Mandalay Bay hotel. Gio describes hearing the horrible sound of bullets penetrating human flesh as he fled the venue with Marissa on Giles Street, only to hear more shots coming from the direction of the Hooters restaurant on Tropicana Boulevard. He and Marissa hid behind a car before being herded into the Tropicana Hotel with dozens of other fleeing, bleeding concertgoers, one of whom died in the hallway. While in this hallway, a very calm, muscular, light brown-skinned man with a black polymer suitcase ordered him into the casino. Gio refused and asked what was in the suitcase (this was a chaotic crisis situation with a dead man beside them on the floor and this cool and collected man had a suitcase). The man looked him dead in the eye and was about to show Gio what was inside when very rapid bursts of gunfire erupted in the casino and the man ran in that direction. Jason’s impression was that people were being herded into the Tropicana’s casino to be killed and that this man would have killed him, if he hadn’t been distracted. (During the question session at the end, which I’ve edited out, Gio describes the man as speaking unaccented Southern Californian English and looking like he was maybe of “Armenian” ethnicity (which I take to mean that he looked like a male Kim Kardashian). After escaping through a door, Gio and Marissa were in an alleyway when shots began firing again, from fairly close range in the direction of the New York New York hotel. They then ran back into the alley and hid inside a dumpster for three hours. It was from this location that he heard helicopters flying over the Strip for several hours. He asks why, if by then Stephen Paddock had already been found dead, that the police would still be looking for perpetrators, if they were so certain that they had found their Lone Gunman. He says, “They knew that there were multiple shooters.” After three hours in the dumpster, he and Marissa emerged and a Las Vegas Metro cop immediately told them to get inside the Tropicana hotel, which had by then been secured. They lay on floor of a convention room for a couple of hours and waited for all of the hotels on the strip to check and clear all of the rooms so they could go back. He comments, “Again, why were they doing that if there had only been one shooter?” When the TV was turned on and it was announced that, “Two were confirmed dead and 20 injured,” Gio and Marissa were shocked because they had seen with their own eyes that the casualties were much greater. The local TV station flashed the phone number for the FBI tip line. Gio immediately called the FBI and relayed everything that’s been stated here. At that point, he thought this was the right thing to do. He’s not so sure about his safety anymore (!) Gio describes staying up all night and finally getting back to their room at the Luxor hotel and watching Trump’s speech at 7AM. He says, “It wasn’t right…It was a terrorist attack, OK?…There’s no way in Hell that a 64-year-old, untrained could shoot an automatic military grade weapon from the 34th (sic) floor at a declining grade and hit people…[he couldn’t do that] for ten minutes straight. There’s no way. And if you believe that, I’m sorry. I have no words for you…it was a terrorist attack. Donald Trump can’t say that because he doesn’t want that [on his watch]…but who gives a sh*t? “Be real! Tell the people the truth! If you are running our country, you need to tell them the truth…this is immense, people! This was so huge. This was a terrorist attack on US soil and they’re still out there, on our soil, planning another attack.”

A woman by the name of Rene Downs claims that the entire lobby of the Bellagio was a mess after bullets came whizzing in just 30-45-minutes after the Route 91 music festival massacre occurred over a mile-and-a-half away.

Downs recalls a chaotic scene as people came ‘flying’ into the lobby through the front doors.

Downs said that she was sitting with a man by the name of “Daniel,” presumably her husband, who got her down on the ground behind a table when she heard ‘pop, pop, pop!’

“For some reason, there has not been one reporting that we have heard from our friends or anything,” Downs said, pointing out the media blackout on the incident. Link (video taken down)

My favourite theory is that this whole thing was an accident – an arms deal gone wrong, with people around the Mandalay Bay getting in on the act when the signal was given. Here.

Were the police pursuing other shooters they say did not exist? Or were the shooters trying to cause a distraction while others got away?

Some sense on the insanity of humans?

I read George Monbiot’s blog at The Guardian. Guardian link

His ideas are like the Curate’s Egg for me. Good and Bad in parts.

I don’t like the fact that many things he says I totally agree with – but no political party offers me a choice to vote for it on those ideas I feel are correct. Monbiot himself does not lead the way for me as he himself is not anything in particular.

And I suppose that’s the point.


I don’t know if his ideas will work. When I hear them – ideas like ‘community’, ‘commons’, ‘a common purpose’, I get the creeps!  Shades of collectives.

But he is absolutely right when he points out the land has been stolen from us by robber barons. And our political systems are not working anymore.

There are other videos exploring Monbiot’s ideas – I think they are worth listening to.

And more on YouTube 

Lecture worth watching. 

I just don’t know…..

Review of –

Out of the Wreckage: George Monbiot searches for the common good


Slick, neat – and sticking to the myth

Someone shared this excellent link from The New York Times Video. This is a professional video that’s neat, slick and sticking to the myth.

10 Minutes. 12 Gunfire Bursts. 30 Videos. Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre.

There are still questions  about the whole of Las Vegas episode not answered for me.

  • Why are there no gun flashes ever seen on any video from the windows of the Mandalay Bay Hotel?
  • Why was the sequence – the only one to my knowledge – of flashes in the Taxi Driver Video, not shown in The New York Times Video, nor in the same video cut by Snopes?
  • There is STILL no motive.
  • There is NO information forthcoming from hotel surveillance – no video footage at all.
  • Who is covering up/misleading/lying by omission?

Something still feels suspicious, no matter how the press roll out the myth.

Here is the Taxi Driver video  again (18.15 min) – the full video that seems to be true to mine. as I took it off the ‘net within moments of it being uploaded.  The last round  of shots heard in the NYT video is NOT as Cori Langdon leaves the hotel in THEIR clip, but later. as she is already on the road….. before she says “It looks as if its coming from the TENTH floor” (6.10 min)

If the fifth round is the first round Cori heard as the NYT Video says, then the last is the fourteenth, minus two ‘far way’ that the NYT Video says is the shooter shooting inside his room.

This CANNOT BE TRUE as even the police report Jesus Compos, the injured security guard, was shot before the shootings even began!

Really really real, but not really

Well, I have to admit, humans are ingenious!

A commentator sent me a link to this article on “Hyper Realistic Stress Inoculation”

For many years I have been convinced that violent movies, porn, conspiracy films and series on TV, are ‘grooming’ our minds. Coarsening society. Making us immune to shock and horror.  I don’t like it. I’d like peace, love and harmony always.

But my ancestors used to flock to the town square to see a lynching, a hanging or an execution not so long ago. It was huge entertainment! They were faced personally with death, sickness and poverty for real. And, further back, intense cruelty, rape, pillage of marauding armies/tribes, and slave catchers.

We have evolved in a soup of violence. There has never been peace, love and harmony always, ever.

Now, is the time in History where ordinary people have more peace, love and harmony in our everyday lives than at any time in History.

We are so far away from personally experiencing brutality – at least in the West,


to really get used to reality, we have to make it up!


A new idea for me on the Las Vegas shooting

You will have to enlarge the picture below to read the text. This was purportedly hacked by anonymous from police computers.

Isis las vegas

I don’t know if it’s true, but the idea that the whole Las Vegas shooting was an arms deal that backfired (excuse the pun) when Paddock – the FBI agent doing it, was exposed by ISIS in his room. It would explain the huge amount of weapons there and the ammunition lined up for the ‘deal’ It explains the second room, the meals for two, the shooting through the door at the threat of discovery. Perhaps, at that point, the Isis person thought “We’ve been discovered, lets do a shooting now as a distraction/exposure.” The shooter might have already shot Paddock. He then used one of the guns on the petrol store to get range and then shot for ten minutes before making his escape. Who knows, he might have what’sapped his mates to ask them outside in the street below to add a bit to the mayhem and fire their guns a bit too? An ammo/arms deal would explain the stuff packed in Paddocks car waiting to be loaded into the buyers vehicle.

If it had gone smoothly, no one would have known a thing about it!

It was an FBI arms deal gone wrong.

If it is true, it explains all the crap being fed to the public by the LA Sheriff.

The presence of the FBI in the investigation.

It explains their inability to find out anything about Stephen Paddock.

It explains a very lot of stuff, including the helicopter overhead, bullets entering victims from different angles, the police delay in getting to the room. It explains the now disappeared security guard and Paddock’s girlfriend, videos, hotel records.

Yup! It’s the theory that seems to explain almost everything to me. I can’t think of any detail that doesn’t fit into a theory like this.

It explains why no one is being told anything. Would YOU admit to a thing gone so wrong? Maybe the FBI are trying to find the actual shooters. maybe, maybe..

ISIS are still claiming responsibility – maybe they are right!

This is the video below that I got my screenshot from.

If anyone has any original videos about this that haven’t been removed from public view or posts that still exist about this theory – please comment!


Acoustics from Las Vegas

I have never known an event in my long lifetime that has so instantly triggered suspicion and disbelief about what we are being told by authorities, who have now changed their timeline, which even the hotel disagrees with. The man Jesus Campos, the security guard has been issued with a banning order, and has disappeared. Paddock’s house was burglarised. The phones being returned to concert goers are wiped clean.



I’m just archiving this video here which I preferred to the Mike Adams video.

The videos are the acoustic analysis of the shootings.

More on Las Vegas

I’m still not happy with what we are being told about what happened in the Las Vegas shooting.

I am not happy with what I see.

In all the videos I’ve trawled through that show the Mandalay Bay Frontice during the actual shootings, I don’t SEE any gun bursts.

The Taxi Driver Video which I downloaded almost the second it was uploaded on YouTube is being ‘manipulated’ to leave out stuff, or altered.

The police report the security guard who ‘stopped’ the shooter shooting was actually shot BEFORE the shooter shot at the crowd.

Maybe he ‘spooked’ him to get on with the shooting, seeing he hadn’t finished barricading the door to the stairs. A job left undone which the police discovered when they attempted to get to his room via the stairs to break the door in?

No police audio has been released after the “Breach, Breach” order at that point.

Paddock was in the hotel from the 25th NOT the 28th.

He was gambling the night before.

This is from the police who refused to answer a question from a journalist on the till receipts that show food orders for TWO people to Paddocks room.

There are such a lot of  questions ‘out there’, the mind boggles.

And the investigation is SO SLOW! The police are answering nothing.








This IS a scary planet…

In September I thought what was happening in Cuba was a bit disconcerting. It still does not have an explanation.

The US is slashing its staff in Cuba after diplomats reported brain injuries and hearing loss, perhaps from mysterious sonic weapons

No one knows exactly what happened to the growing number of Americans and Canadians who returned from diplomatic missions in Cuba with mysterious and disturbing symptoms.

Some can no longer remember words, while others have hearing loss, speech problems, balance issues, nervous-system damage, headaches, ringing in the ears, and nausea. Some have shown signs of brain swelling or concussions — mild traumatic brain injuries.

Some of the victims remember strange occurrences before the symptoms appeared, though others didn’t hear or feel anything. One diplomat reported a “blaring, grinding noise” that woke him from his bed in a Havana hotel, according to the Associated Press. The AP also reported that some heard a “loud ringing or a high-pitch chirping similar to crickets or cicadas” in short bursts at night, while others said they could walk “in” and “out” of blaring noises that were audible only in certain spots.

Almost a year after the reports began, the AP reported on Friday that the US State Department had determined that the incidents were “specific attacks” on diplomats and had moved to cut its Cuban embassy staff by 60%. The State Department is expected to warn Americans against visiting Cuba, noting that the attacks have occurred in hotels — even though no American tourists seem to have been affected.

It’s like a sci fi horror movie, really.

But there is a more uncomfortable scenario that can happen simply with the things we own!

Is drive-by sex toy hacking a wake-up call for Britain’s internet security?

Hacking tends to bring to mind compromised bank accounts or infiltrated government security systems, not anything as salacious as a dildo. But yesterday, the scientist Ben Goldacre alerted me to the practice of “screwdriving” – short-distance sex-toy hacking.

It might sound far-fetched, but the bluetooth low energy (BLE) networking protocol that “smart” sex toys often use can be compromised relatively easily, as demonstrated by security consultant Alex Lomas, who wandered the streets of Berlin taking control of Lovense Hush buttplugs.


But we have to recognise that as more and more everyday objects become connected to the internet, the risk of a cyber-attack grows. Last year cyber criminals brought down Twitter, Spotify and Reddit by hacking domestic internet-of-things devices, including televisions and baby monitors. People’s homes weren’t actually the target – the hackers just used the devices to bombard websites with messages. But they could be next time. Sex toys are but one manifestation of what is an increasingly pervasive threat. Lomas was also able to hack his father’s BLE-enabled hearing aid to selectively alter his hearing and put voices in his father’s head. In February, a teenager hacked 150,000 printers to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving printers exposed online without a firewall. The US Food and Drug Administration recently recalled almost half a million pacemakers due to fears they were vulnerable to hacking in a way that could see their battery run down, or even deployed to alter their users’ heartbeat.

We will get to mistrust everything we use, soon. There has to be a better planet somewhere! This one is becoming most uncomfortable.