The Tobacco Control Industry and their venom

In my life, the most frightening thing that has seeped its way into the consciousness of culture, is the venomous thinking of Tobacco Control Industry. The idea of prohibition, the idea that Second Hand Smoke causes disease in those who inhale it, the idea that smoking is obnoxious, foul, repulsive, shameful and that smokers need eradicating from the face of the earth, is a terrifying creed – totalitarian. Currently, The Tobacco Control Industry is meeting in Cape Town.

Clive Bates sums up the insanity of The Tobacco Control Industry HERE and HERE

Clive Bates is part of The Tobacco Control Industry. I wish the scales would fall from his eyes and he would see the whole evil picture of it.

Here is their future battle plan against The Tobacco Industry. But actually everything they do is against individual smokers – smoker genocide – ridding the world of smokers.

This is ‘The Plan’

The Tobacco Industry has a grip on Government? That is the pot calling the kettle black indeed. The Tobacco Control Industry has a grip on every government in the world. Their product is hatred.

I think the words Tobacco Industry in ‘the plan’ should be changed to Tobacco Control Industry. THAT would be a good ‘plan’, and the whole world would be better off!

Break tobacco CONTROLcontrol og govt


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