Great new video from Graham Handcock

I am archiving this video. It asks profound questions.

Many current Scientists deny  any other history of our past except the one they generate. They persecute those who are providing evidence of lost civilisations, floods, and even massive geological events.  This video is the story of that.

The most profound question comes at the end – who would survive a cosmic event if something large hit our Earth to day?  Our fragile modern civilisation would disintegrate rapidly. But the hunter gatherers on our Earth, who’s daily grind it is to survive in a natural environment, might make it through. If some of us ‘advanced’ people arrived in their culture with ‘myths’ of our wonderful civilisation, with stories of the technological magic we had, telling tales of our management of disease, our power to make food – or to fly, would we be the next ‘Lost Civilisation’? Would our history become a legend like the lost civilisation of Atlantis – just a silly story, made up, by superstitious people and dismissed out of hand by future historians of a future world that will be built upon the knowledge we transferred to humanity ?

This video is easy to watch, entertaining and quite inspirational.

It’s worth the nearly two hours of attention you give it – and makes all the headlines of today look very unimportant in the vast expanse of time.



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