First “evidence” linking e-cigs to COPD and laryngeal cancer – is this supposed to be science?

Here is an interesting study on e cigarettes, taken apart by Doctor Farsalinos.  It’s interesting because it’s such bad science.

I’m not a scientist, but even I can see that this is a load of bollocks!

First evidence linking e-cigs to COPD and laryngeal cancer

Tommy Robinson news blackout.

In the UK, Tommy Robinson was arrested two days ago outside the Leeds courthouse, in a public place, where he was livestreaming information on the trial inside of the Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs. Within HOURS he was thrown in prison for thirteen months.

Tommy Robinson is likely to be murdered there for his strong anti Islamic stance.

So, where are the press?


There is a press blackout.

Where were Tommys legal team?

There is a huge public sympathy for Tommy Robinson. He says things that people think, but are not allowed to say in the UK.

If I was in anyway suspicious about our government’s actions on many things, I am now a true believer.

To convince yourself that we live in a totalitarian state, go to your UK news app and type in Tommy Robinson. What do you see?

Zilch, nada, nothing, zero.

Do you want to know what’s  hapenning in the world?

Use alternative media – you will find plenty on YouTube about Tommy Robinson.

Wake up UK. We are living in constructed reality. And the goverment constructs it.





Debating in the USA

This video reveals the depth of thought, the profoundidy of knowledge of the  generation snowflake in the USA.

Can you bear to watch it?

These are your new rulers. Be afraid!

I think this video is worth archiving here.

And Dave Rubin needs a medal.

Jordan Peterson critic Bruce Charlton

For some reason, my computer would not post my comment on Bruce Charlton’s recent post. I do not believe Peterson is a Saviour, or an anti-Christ. But there are some unusual ideas in this post which you can read in full on the title link.

Jordan Peterson – saviour, or antichrist?

Does he have to be either? – you ask. And the answer is, in principle, of course not.

But in practice Jordan Peterson is indeed being treated as if a saviour, or potentially such; therefore – since he is nothing of the kind! – in practice JP is indeed an antichrist.. and such by a precise definition of being a person who rhetorically uses aspects of a Christianity he disbelieves and opposes to deny Christ; someone who advertises to superficially-Christian agenda but who is fundamentally pursuing an un-Christian agenda.

(An antichrist is not supposed to be explicity against Christ – as some people mistakenly imagine; an antichrist is someone who seems a Christian or Christian supporter; who might indeed appear 99% Christian – but the missing percent is their real agenda. Because the Antichrist is a deceiver, in-practice. Whether an antichrist is a purposive deceiver, or has deceived himself before he deceives other people, is not a crucial distinction – an antichrist can do his evil work even if he is unaware of his own true motivations; and perhaps more effectively. For example: antichrists abound among ‘Liberal Christian’ church leaders – who may speak 99% Christian-talk, but whose real agenda is an aspect of Leftist materialsm, such as progressing the sexual revolution.)
>>> my personal experience over the past year or so has been to have an unprecedented number of individuals write to me to recommend Jordan Peterson.

It was not just the fact of them having written to inform and enlist me; it was the starry eyed enthusiasm of their advocacy that was so striking. The tone was that ‘Here, at last!” was someone to inspire faith and hope, someone to get-behind… (CoughAntichristCough)

By unprecedented, I mean that this has never happened before with any other person, nothing like it; yet these letters were frequent enough that I at first assumed that there was an organised campaign, or that they all emanated from a single besotted ‘troll’… however, it became apparent that there was indeed a ‘movement’ who regarded JP as their personal saviour and the world’s potential saviour.
What Peterson advocates is merely a moderately libertarian variant of modern, mainstream, Leftism – and those who can’t see that fact at a glance are merely revealing their own unconscious complicity in the assumptions of secular, hedonic/ utilitarian materialism.
This is a plain fact of categorisation: Peterson is a Leftist and a materialist – and there is absolutely no way in which yet-another Leftist materialist is going to awaken, inspire or lead anybody in the direction they need to be going… except, perhaps, in seeing-through and understanding the deception being practiced, and reacting-against JP.

Please read more…..LINK

I think Jordan Peterson is not committing to being a Christian because it would tarnish his ideas. Opinions not tinged with any religion are better for the millions that listen to him, being more neutral. How would his kind of common sense seem if people knew he was a committed Muslim, or a Jain or a Seventh Day Adventist, or a Mormon – or even Church of England/Catholic?

I think, at last, someone is speaking up offering some good old common sense. Common sense might be an aspect of many different religions – and even psychotherapy. But it is not politically correct to be open and not common. Jordan Peterson’s great appeal is his support of men in the face of New Feminism, his use of science to back up his ideas rather than dogma or creed. The use of science, in this age where science confirms facts, not religions, is an important reason for why he is popular. Antichrist? Nah!

He’s just a guy with lots of charisma, a charming person, honest to his back teeth. And like a good professional person, he does not divulge his inner beliefs because they are nobody else’s business, except his own, and must not affect his official position in the career he follows.

It would be different if he was a professor of Christian Theology or something similar.

He will probably crash and burn, because he has enemies intent on pulling him down (like this blog above) but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching his rise to fame. Where else do you find people saying “Tidy your room”, “Take responsibility”. These are good Christian Values and, there needs to be some kind of person – not a Christian – to resuscitate them.

I believe God works in mysterious ways, not ONLY through Christians.There are many waves crashing onto the shore of life but all flow back into the Divine Sea.

Oh – and I point out “The Saviour” Jesus Christ that Christians believe in was NOT a Christian!

Oh – a second post came out on the same topic here –

If not, then what? As applied to Jordan Peterson (in this evil totalitarian society)

Feel good about yourself

I found this site I like. They post videos twice a week.

This planet gets more and more alien as I age. The sickest part is that young people don’t KNOW what it was like. They think today is normal – and yesterday old-fashioned.

We have to get to grips with what is wrong with this place so we can make it right!

Here is the video that came out today. Isn’t it great? Check it out….

I am one of the lucky breastscreening escapees!

I am one of those whose breast screening letter never came. This is a story making nice dramatic headlines in the UK .

I feel lucky I never got my letter. The benefits of screening  for breast cancer have always been questionable. But I found this excellent article in The New Scientist, that suggests the cock-up with the letters might have actually saved lives.

How lucky are we?

Why breast screening error stories are getting death stats wrong

It was announced this week that, between 2009 and 2018, a computer error meant that 450,000 women aged around 70 in the UK were not sent their final breast screening appointment letter. These women were mistakenly not offered screening that may have picked up a cancer that had developed since their last check three years before. Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt announced in Parliament that “there may be between 135 and 270 women who had their lives shortened”. This has been reported as “up to 270 women died”.


But the third issue is that, contrary to popular belief, screening also does harm . The current NHS leaflet states that, for every 200 women attending screening between the ages of 50 and 70, we would expect one to have her early death from breast cancer prevented, but three to be unnecessarily treated for a harmless cancer that would not have troubled them. It might be worth pointing out that these women (or their doctors) would never know this – they would forever be grateful, thinking that their lives had been saved by the harrowing treatment process. So, it is an invisible harm, difficult to quantify or take into consideration.

But it means that up to 800 women may have been saved from harm by not sending them their final screening appointment letter, as they avoided possible reduction in their life expectancy through unnecessary treatment.