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I enjoyed this article that I post quotes from. But I liked the comments too.

Why IS it smokers never rebel? Why are we not represented in parliament or government. We have no Lobby Groups. And no money!

No scientist questions facts about smoking. Once, people ‘loved’ the smell of fresh cigarette smoke – I admit stale smoke is not pleasant – even to me. But then, I am one of the generation that grew up marinated in second hand smoke – the longest living generation of all time. Just saying.

I think we have taken leave of our senses. Tobacco Control is not what it seems. It’s the first tentacle of totalitarianism – and no one fights it.

No smoker groups fight the laws except C.L.A.S.H in New York. There might be others that I have never heard of.

I am not a smoker. I’m a vaper. But the same tactics are being used about vaping that were used to terrify the population about Second Hand Smoke.

I object to that!

Here is a comment I found worth archiving, followed by quotes from the article – a breath of fresh air – yes, the article is a breath of FRESH air.

A comment

Smoking bans have never been about health; they’re about control.

On second hand smoke: The majority of studies—over 70 studies including the two most robust studies (Boffetta and Engstrom & Kabet showed no adverse effects under normal exposures). The second hand smoke ruse was developed to stigmatize and denormalize smoking and smokers.

See Boffetta, et al: Multicenter Case-Control Study of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer in Europe, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 90, No. 19, October 7, 1998: “public indoor settings did not represent an important source of ETS exposure.” (This case-control study used data from the IARC. The period of enrollment of case and control subjects was from 1988 to 1994–16 years; IARC=International Agency for Research on Cancer.}

This large study looked at 38 years worth of data: Enstrom, JE and Kabat, GC. Environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality in a prospective study of Californians, 1960-98 BMJ 2003; 326:1057.This study found “No significant associations were found for current or former exposure to environmental tobacco smoke before or after adjusting for seven confounders and before or after excluding participants with pre-existing disease.” (This prospective study used American Cancer Society dataset.)

Smoking bans and mirrors: Is it about health? Or control?

When I was in college, quite some time ago, I smoked in class.  You could smoke in airplanes, bars, restaurants, public parks, subways, hotel rooms, Grandma’s parlor.  Today?  Almost nowhere.  How is it that in those days, almost no one complained about the smell of burning tobacco, and now nearly everyone does?

The war on tobacco, breathlessly waged by liberals and others who yearn to command everyone and everything, is based on the hysteria that smoking and being around the reprobates who smoke, as the surgeon general has declared, kill us.  That countless others things do is dismissed as a distraction, not germane to the clear scientific facts.

A look at the clear scientific facts actually conveys quite a different conclusion.

According to nearly all the studies done, as opposed to the mere assertions, about 10 percent of lifelong cigarette-smokers contract any stripe of cancer.  Those who consume three or more packs a day have a 3- to 4-percent higher rate of lung cancer than the nonsmoking population.

And among that nonsmoking population, 10 to 15 percent are likely to get cancer of anything.  Thus, it would appear that in the absence of post hoc ergo propter hoc, you are more likely to be felled by cancer if you don’t smoke.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/06/smoking_bans_and_mirrors_is_it_about_health_or_control.html#ixzz5IFVbAIt4

The Tim Noakes affair, resolved

As a once practitioner of The Banting Diet, a reader and admirer of Noakes’ books, and a listener to his videos,  I have always been interested in the persecution of Tim Noakes by the Health Profession’s Council of SA.

This has been a scandalous affair that has dragged on for years and exposed how corruption works in those who have power, but no sense!

It’s finally over‚ says relieved banting guru Noakes

Banting guru Professor Tim Noakes has won his case at the Health Profession’s Council of SA‚ four years after he tweeted that a mother should wean her baby on to a low-carb-high-fat diet.

He told TimesLIVE: “The predominant feeling at the moment is one of intense relief. Relief that it is finally over and that the appeal judgment was again 100% in our favour as was the original judgment. This chapter is finally closed. I just hope that all the effort put in by myself and my team will help move the dietary guidelines forward to the benefit of the health of all South Africans.”

 In February 2014‚ the mother‚ Pippa Leenstra‚ tweeted: “@ProfTimNoakes @SalCreed is LCHF eating ok for breastfeeding mums? Worried about all the dairy + cauliflower = wind for babies??”

The complaint against Noakes was laid with Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) by dietician Claire Strydom‚ who was then chairperson of the Association of Dieticians of SA.

Noakes won his case in April last year but the HPCSA appealed the ruling and a new appeal committee‚ including a doctor and a lawyer‚ was established.

The issues at both hearings examined whether Noakes was giving “unconventional advice” over social media and whether he was treating Leenstra’s baby as a patient without conducting an examination. Doctors cannot treat patients over social media.

The appeal found there was no doctor-patient relationship between Noakes and Leenstra‚ who had used Twitter to ask for general advice.

In its appeal the HPCSA argued that the protection of public from tweets was paramount.

The appeal was dismissed late on Friday afternoon.

The panel found that the first panel was correct to agree with Noakes’s argument that: “Neither she [Strydom] or I can be certain of what is the best diet on to which to wean a child. As a result‚ we are allowed to our own conclusions based on professional experience and training.”

What Noakes frequently said during the trial was that if he was banned for tweeting‚ it would affect all health professionals giving general medical advice on social media‚ or discussing controversial medical issues.

During the appeal hearing Noakes’s lawyers mentioned emails they had accessed through the Promotion of Access to Information request. The emails were between Strydom and a professor of dietetics at North-West University and discussed a plan to complain about Noakes before the tweet in question was posted.

Noakes’s legal team argued that the two had planned to take him down and found a tweet to do so.

Noakes has said his legal costs would have run into millions had his two advocates‚ Mike van der Nest and Rocky Ramdass‚ not acted for free.

There was no order about costs‚ so the HPCSA did not need not pay any of his legal fees.

Vapingpoint Liz



Thoughts on vaping


I started a video channel in 2011. I called it ‘Vaping for the over sixties’. Now I am in my seventies. Maybe I’ve just got old and crabby, but I am not going to make any more videos or write about vaping anymore. Firstly, there are wonderful videos on the internet about vaping and vaping products – or at the moment there are. The  disappointment in me is that videos by vapers promoting vaping might be shut down as the cage of hate about vaping constricts us and freedom of speech is closed down by those who control us.


So right now in June 2018, in England, we are free to spread the word that vaping is a good thing. In the UK, there seems to be a saner attitude to vaping. It is allowed by our controllers. You can buy devices freely and vaping is sanctioned as a helpful thing for smokers to “quit “ smoking.


But I have not used vaping to quit smoking, though, of course, I HAVE.  I smoked for fifty years. As the regulations against smoking seeped into society and smokers became the persecuted minority, I vowed I would NEVER give it up. The word “quit” is a word put about by Tobacco Control to give the idea that  stopping smoking is a flippant thing that anyone can do, like it is a simple thing. I don’t believe that.


People smoke for reasons other than  simply being hooked on nicotine. It has always been nicotine that has been blamed yet, with the advent of vaping, a lot of ideas should have been jettisoned about nicotine. Nicotine was the  bad boy in smoking that, we were told, addicted us, and killed us.


Tobacco Control, lied to themselves and the world by demonizing nicotine. There are still people who think that nicotine causes cancer. And that  IT is what enslaves us to smoking.


From my own experiences as an enslaved smoker, it is something else in burning tobacco, some combination of chemicals that my body topped up with every time I smoked a cigarette. As a vaper, now, I never get the frantic meltdown if I do not vape, that used to overcome me without a cigarette. There is some other factor in inhaled tobacco that creates the craving.


I vape about three mls of e liquid a day. I mix my own. The  amount of nicotine is at strengths between 1.1 and .6 percent. It doesn’t  seem to matter what strength of nicotine it is but flavour is important to me. I used to often vape pure vegetable glycerine without nicotine or favouring. It is pleasantly sweet. But currently I only have aqueous vegetable glycerine which is bland, uninteresting and tasteless.


I switched to vaping as a SUBSTITUTE for smoking. It was never my intention to, as they say, ‘quit’. Smoking is deeply rooted in my psyche. And I believe it is rooted that way many people. Smoking is a comfort for me. A way to fill a hole. A pleasurable  activity, meaningful. It is the marker of peak experiences, deep lows, celebrations, triumphs, a friend that accompanies me through my life. My best friend. How thoughtless it is for someone to tell me I must simply ‘quit’.


It is more realistic to consider the idea that many people, for whatever psychological reason, who smoke, do not simply quit, but abandon a friend. The depression that such people feel, the emptiness, the loneliness, the heavy hearts are because they are suffering grief. I could never face the grief.


So vaping, for me, was the substitution of one friend for another. I have been such a happy vaper.


I achieved what  Tobacco Control wanted. I stopped smoking.


But now, I see some kind of insanity in the world that has grown up around vaping. In some countries it is illegal. Even possessing vaping paraphernalia can get you in prison. Don’t think this is some primitive, backward society somewhere remote. It is happening in so called civilised countries. In some, nicotine is illegal. Nicotine!


Instead of the welcoming of a technology that could truly make people give up their best friends and discover a new friend, we have prohibition, false science, scare stories, and persecution. Those responsible are the same Tobacco Control that are on a mission to make the whole world smoke free and destroy the Tobacco Industry.


They are using the same tactics about vaping. In the UK, we already have restrictions on the size of our tanks, the strength of our e liquid and, the most frustrating thing of all, the tiny tiny 10ml bottles in which we have to buy e liquid. This for a disabled person, drives me nuts. Also, we now are producing and discarding millions of little bottles!


But, at least, in the UK, vaping is not illegal.


Since I have been vaping, vapers themselves have changed. The absolute joy and comradie of discovering vaping has evaporated.


There is my kind of vaper, the kind that still thinks of themselves as a smoker who now vapes, that has switched friends so to speak, and then there is the other kind of vaper who is a bitter anti smoker.


Anti smoking vapers are not doing any good. They simply alienate smokers. They regurgitate the anti smoking dogma that has poisoned them. They quit from fear and compliance.


I don’t care if people smoke or vape. Smokers have had enough persecution. They  must be the most discriminated group on earth in the West. There has been no consideration shown to smokers in the UK, though, some European countries have not been so terminally infected by anti smoking lobby groups. For me, watching how Tobacco Control has promoted themselves worldwide, frightens me. It is totalitarian at its clearest. It means, to me, that any ideology using the same tactics could gradually remove our right to be free.


The strongest tool that Tobacco Control used, by design, planned at their conference when they were first forming and on purpose, was that they could claim second hand smoke was affecting others, and that smokers were not only killing themselves, but everyone else too. They used that to drive their ideology.


As of now, how dangerous second hand smoke is, has not been proved. Couples in which one partner smokes and the other doesn’t have been studied over lifetimes without producing any proof of fatal dangers.


This is important in considering how Tobacco Control is infecting the minds of society to also demonize vaping. What is our vapour doing to others? How frightened can they make society of US?


So, as I become more satisfied with devices we vapers can buy, they are getting better and better, I get more alarmed by how, this wonderful friend I have, is being demonized by anti smokers. To me, it is tragic how vaping has not been accepted for the pleasure it gives millions. Or, in my own experience, the ability to switch this devoted smoker, ME, to a substitute friend, to quit, to enthuse me to actually make videos for seven years, to write blogs, defend  and talk about vaping. If vaping did that to me, it can change millions of people. And of course, it has!


Unwittingly, my humble video channel ‘Vaping for the over sixties’, has encouraged hundreds of people to stop smoking. I know, because they write to me. I thank everyone for watching my videos which I am going to leave up as HISTORICAL. I will leave it all here till YouTube removes me for so called ‘promoting vaping’.


Younger people than me need to go on fighting the fight. A lot of you don’t remember the bad old days where people were free in an old fashioned world full of smokers. You cannot know the imagination, creativity, optimism of writers, artists, movie makers and society in general in those days. It seems to have disappeared now. A pall of depression has fallen over us. Society is being altered, dumbed, manicured. It has become a topiary where every stray shoot is being snipped off so that everyone conforms to the design of the controllers.


Everyone in the West is complaining their rights are violated by this, that or the other thing. Suicide rates have risen. The obsession with lifestyle has overtaken the spontaneity of enjoying a life.


No one smokes behind the shed in school any more. Or uses smoking as a rite of passage. They use much more dangerous stuff. Children are ashamed of their parents for smoking, drinking or being fat. School makes them so by telling children how dangerous to life smoking, drinking, and eating is. Their parents are killing themselves. How frightening that must feel about someone you love.


There are parents agonising about the behaviours of their children too. We are obsessed with vice but smoking is the greatest evil of all.


I wonder sometimes, in this time of war – the war on smoking, drugs, drink, food, thought, hate, men, bullying, and the many other wars of the modern age how the world would have been for young people had there been no wars, how life would be in a society where lobby groups were not allowed to partake in government, where drugs were legal and medically controlled, where the rite of passage was a cigarette, or sex was a thing you did rather than simply watched. And where people were free to NOT take offence.


It is politically incorrect to speak about many things that were once openly discussed, and, in the UK, in the twenty years I have lived here, the people i know have become more reticent, more tight lipped and more fearful of simply being themselves. We are being mentally sanitised in the West. Newspeak is the new speak. We have entered George Orwell’s 1984.


I ask young people listening to me, to investigate how the world has changed since the times we were free from excessive regulation. How, gradually, you are being muzzled, manipulated and brainwashed. Us oldies will not be here much longer. We have revealed a stunning truth that despite eating all wrong, smoking and drinking all wrong, being disciplined all wrong, being groped, flirted with, raped even, in a society run by men, we survived. We even flourished.


We are the longest living generation of all time.


Everyone nowadays has a better standard of living, better medical technology, better choices in food, clothing, and most material things than we had. And most people can read and write.


With all the wrong ways we were treated that in these times would be considered shocking, and all the wrong behaviours we practised in our lifestyle that are frowned on now, my generation developed true grit, produced wonderful music, comedy, literature, poetry, science and ideas that changed the world. And we did it in a smoking world.


Be aware of the danger of a world full of those promoting their own ideologies in the name of HEALTH or HAPPINESS. They are getting governments to legislate your every action.


Be sceptical of anything that regulates your thoughts. Be sceptical of so called science. Investigate the funding, the bias, the motive of the scientist doing the science. Believe nothing just because you are told to.


Health follows happiness. And happiness can develop when you are free.


If you smoke, smoke without guilt. Many smokers do NOT die from smoking. If you vape, vape without guilt. We are the big experiment that is worth it. Do not let the tight lipped disapprovers get you down. And to both smokers, vapers and those who are interested in liberty, resist totalitarianism of any kind.


If you haven’t, read, (or watch the films) the book George Orwell’s  1984.


Thank you for vaping with me. I wish you joy.

An Open Letter to Jamie Oliver – worth reading!

I have lived in the UK now for twenty years. In those years, I have noticed huge changes. Once, ill health was the luck of the draw, fate, God’s will, and doctors made you better. A doctor was someone who knew your family and circumstance and could use his intuition and intimate knowledge to put in place a healing path for you.

Now doctors have been completely dis empowered, simply ticking boxes in a pre planned route designed by people at the top, who know nothing about anyone personally, but only know numbers from their “scientific” studies. EVERYONE, doctors and patients have become robots.

There has been a massive switch from ‘the luck of the draw, fate, God’s will’, to blaming the individual for his own condition. Lifestyle has become the new illumination. Lifestyle is the whole explanation.

Where once, compassion, sympathy, concern, support in an hour of need was paramount, now we have switched to a bleak “It’s your fault” view.

Smoking is still blamed for the rising rates of lung cancer – yet, despite years of persecution and a reduction of smoking, cancer of the lung is still rising. Cancers of many kinds are on the rise, despite lifestyle changes!

The amount of guilt dropped onto individuals by ‘health experts’ is quite enormous. Guilt can be more harmful physically and mentally than any lifestyle habit.

And one of the worse purveyors of guilt,  is how we are responding to our new epidemic – the epidemic of fat kids. I don’t know where the experts get their figures from, but recently, we were parked outside a secondary school, the biggest in our area, as the kids were leaving to go home. I saw one, possibly two fat teenagers. When I went to school, back in the dark ages of the early sixties, that’s the same number of fat kids we had in our school – and one was type one diabetic.

Parents are hammered, kids are hammered, society is hammered by the anti fat fundamentalists wanting taxes, regulations and bans and lobbying hard, until we are – to pun – full up to the back teeth.

In the UK, Jamie Oliver has changed in twenty years from a beautiful boy-chef, spreading joy about food, to an overweight middle aged man spreading his ideology by meddling in schools and hospitals.

I found this open letter, that proves there ARE some sane people in the UK. I hope Jamie Oliver reads it! It’s worth reading for all its careful thoughts….


Source: An Open Letter to Jamie Oliver – Laura Thomas, PhD | Registered Nutritionist | Wellness Advocate

Quote :-

We think it’s time to change the conversation on children’s weight and we call on you to:

  • Focus on health improvement rather than weight management – frame your message in a weight inclusive manner that promotes wellbeing for all.
  • Promote body acceptance and diversity which will lead to people feeling better about themselves and may make it more likely that they will engage in health promoting behaviour whilst also supporting their mental health
  • Advocate more strongly for reductions in underlying socioeconomic disparities that limit people’s lifestyle choices and lead to health inequality (access to adequate income, jobs, education, housing and food).

Oh rubbish – how CAN you know, Melanie Klein

I get videos from the School of Life – I like many of them. But recently I received this one to which I took exception. It speaks of Melanie Klein’s theories about babies. Babies “hate”. Babies HATE? How can anyone ever know what babies feel?

That charged my interest in Melanie Klein – and other psychoanalysts in the fifties and sixties. Gosh, they were a mixed up lot! Squabbling, nit picking and pouring venom on each other big time. I don’t like Psychoanalysis myself. There is something, mmmm,  something in it, that gives me the creeps. What it is, I cannot quite say – possibly I feel it’s all just someone’s IDEA of something – THEIR interpretation.  And psychoanalysts in the Klein days belonged to a closed, elite group where everyone analysed everyone else and regurgitated their favourite “ideas”.

These ideas were sold to Governments! Seems a bit tricky to me, to know what is a true idea and what is rubbish.

Back to the video. Here it is. The bit that really impressed me as jumping to conclusions was that babies HATE. If you check out Melanie Klein, you will see that she probably jumped to that conclusion because of her own rather miserable life.

How can we possibly KNOW what babies feel? We can assume they feel hungry, frightened, wet, uncomfortable, tired, in pain with the gripes, when they yell, but hate? I don’t know about that…..