Spamming Public Consultations online – vaping as an example of the dangers of ‘Public Consultations’

I have always been suspicious of so called ‘Public Consultations’. Just the name gives me the creeps. I know, that the outcomes of a ‘Public Consultation’ are rarely implemented and the whole operation is a scam.

A ‘Public Consultation’ is just a modern form of patronising the masses in a pretend offering of power.

‘Public Consultations’ seem particularly prevalent in Tobacco Control issues, and during the vaping wars with the European Union back in 2013, ‘Public Consultations’ were used to ‘discover’ public opinion. Of course, the final destination of a ‘Public Consultation’ is the bin, and further regulations on the already over-regulated public are brought in regardless. Public opinion be dammed!

In the USA, the FDA ran ‘Public Consultations’ on Vaping some years back when the controllers-of-people first panicked about it. The rulings the ‘Public Consultation’ produced are ludicrous. They covered regulations about the devices Vapers use to vape with. Now, they are doing it again about the flavours vapers use in their e-liquid.

It has become a farce.

But the whole episode is not unique. It has happened before. Spamming a ‘Public Consultation’ is a useful tool for a Government to have cause to dump the whole ‘Public Consultation’ operation as not being valid. That’s very convenient when controllers-of-the-people want to do their own thing despite public opinion.

As a vaper, the whole situation of the witch-hunt against vapers and vaping is very interesting to me. I watch what is happening.  I am appalled by the fact that vaping is now illegal in many countries, punishable with fines and imprisonment.

I ask myself “Has the world gone insane?”

But the spamming of the FDA ‘Public Consultation’ debacle exposes to me the fact that the world has NOT gone insane – but rather, it is influenced by the forces of EVIL working against the people living in it.

In a bitter battle to destroy vaping, bad actors have spammed over 255,000 fake ‘anti-vaping’ comments into the system overseeing the public consultation process for FDA’s proposed rulemaking on the Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products. Regulations that could include: restrictions on flavors or an outright flavor ban.

FDA sources tell RegWatch; the spammed entry of over a quarter-million fake comments is “extraordinary” and “unprecedented”. It nearly brought down federal servers and so bogged-down the internal network it’s become next-to-impossible to process any submissions at all. It’s a massive assault on the credibility of the public consultation process.

Who did it? Was it Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids?

Video on this LINK HERE

Who was it? Well – it is Tobacco Control of course! Who could doubt that? What other group has proved themselves more despicable in the manipulation of society?


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