Tommy Robinson – interview with a genuine man

I am shocked as a person coming ‘home’ to the civilised land of my fathers, how very ugly politically this land has become.

It always was thus, though I didn’t know it: from the refusal of Churchill to NOT war with Germany to the trial of the last witch who knew too much about the phoney invasion of Lyme bay and the deaths there; to the British meddling in the Governments of Iran, the Balfour mess up and the continued interference in the middle east. And the rendition scandal. There are many many more.

The box of political filthyness is enormous. A Latrine! We have a government as corrupt as any anywhere.

When I came home to England, the scales fell from my eyes.

We are a nasty bunch.

Two current things worry me. The situation with Julienne Assange who has been imprisoned for eight years through British Government intransigence.

And Tommy Robinson.

I think Tommy is a genuine, honourable man,



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