Nitpicking Icke

David Icke has been around and talking for almost forty years. His books have been read by millions of people and I bet they are on many people’s bookshelves. In fact, Icke is UPLIFTING. That’s why people read him. It’s not his Lizards nor Rothschild conspiracy theories that make him uplifting, but the constant and continual plea by him that we are more than we seem and have the power to free ourselves by allowing the scales to fall from our eyes.

Open our minds he says: open our minds in today’s world where peoples’ eyes are sealed by propaganda, political correctness, science and purposeful social cauterisation to prevent us seeing the truth of things.

The New York Times ran an article on Alice Walker who mentioned the fact that one of her inspirational books was David Icke’s ‘And the Truth Shall Set You Free’.

It has caused outrage.

The paper came under fire for including the answer; Icke is a conspiracist who expounds the theory that the world is run by a cabal of giant, shape-shifting lizards, and is described as “essentially a hate preacher with a 21st-century spin on a very old antisemitic conspiracy theory” by the Community Security Trust, a charity set up to protect the Jewish community. Tablet magazine’s Yair Rosenberg called the book highlighted by Walker “an unhinged antisemitic conspiracy tract written by one of Britain’s most notorious antisemites”.

How offensive is that? And whose business is it?  I read Mein Kampf, The Bible, bits of the Quran, D H Laurence, Rushdi, Kafka, Uris, Mandela, The Communist Manifesto – and Icke. Who cares what people read? Its called education! It’s nothing to make a fuss about…

It simply shows that Icke is right on many levels – maybe about lizard’s too!

There is something really poisonous about the bites being inflicted here….

‘We’ve informed you’: New York Times defends running Alice Walker’s David Icke recommendation

I don’t know what to do with this article – on meat allergies – so I thought to archive it here.

Thousands of people are developing life-threatening reactions to animal products – and a single tiny creature is to blame.

There is a a sugar that is present in the muscles of most mammals, though not in humans or other primates. The name of the sugar is galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, known for short as alpha-gal, and this triggers meat/diary allergies.

The story of how this was linked to the bites of ticks is in the article linked below. It reads like a who dunnit. If you are interested in allergies and the search for what causes them, I think you will find this read as fascinating as I did!

What is behind the spread of a mysterious allergy to meat?

UKIP imploded for me

Now I absolutely have no one to vote for if there were to be an election. All the political parties are ghastly!

I used to vote UKIP. But they have gone bananas. They now have Tommy Robinson as their mascot. I’ve got nothing against Tommy Robinson, but he’s not a sensible mascot for he will repel as many as he attracts. The leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, is having a squabble with Nigel Farage, ex leader. I’m so tired of squabbles – we’ve had enough.

The UKIP protest in London has drawn only 3000 people – to protest such an important moment in our country’s history. Why so few protesters?  Live

They do it under the new UKIP banner with mascot Tommy Robinson leading…no wonder there are so few joining the protest….here in the UK, we have had years of propaganda that Tommy Robinson is a foul racist, an untouchable, never to be even heard speaking in public. The British People have been brainwashed and UKIP should have considered the damming impact of the Tommy Robinson effect.

As for the others. My God!

The Conservatives are squabbling.

Labour is squabbling.

The Lib Dems squabble inaudibly.

The Greens squabble with anyone else not living in their cloud cuckoo land.

And I think it has become completely obvious that no one in Government knows what the fuck they are doing!

There is no one that I could vote for.  We need a new political party – one that suits ME and may all the others go to pot; they’ve become rancid!

How 1984’s ending applies to Brexit

We need to take care about what is happening here in the UK with Brexit.

I am tired of it all. I was once light hearted because the people had seen what I saw, and wanted what I wanted; and they voted to ‘leave’. Those were heady days!

Now we have been tortured for two long years with poisonous anti Brexit rhetoric, a biased BBC, an opposition party so vicious, it has become a liability to democracy, a Prime Minister who has had to prostrate herself before our real rulers – the EU – in  embarrassing humility that has ashamed me. The EU have done bugger all whilst they must watch our lunatic antics in parliament with amusement.

They are Big Brother – the biggest brother. Everything we do is directed by them. And the power grows!  Now there is going to be a European Reich, whose supreme leader will be Mrs Merkel. They will be promoting immigration and multiculturalism and legislating that any criticism of immigration/multiculturalism will be “hate speech”. There will be an army.

In 1984 people were made to love Big Brother through thought manipulation, right speak and fear.

We Brexiteers are all like Winston Smith in 1984 following his torture in Room 101. We Brexiteers have endured two years of our torture. In the end of 1984 Winston, succumbs. He is conquered. He admits, at last, that he loves Big Brother.

It is so sad.

I feel like Winston in my heart. I am tired of it all. I long for the time when it will all go away and the UK government can get on with the real issues here.

The whole government have been complicit in the mangling of Brexit. Shame on them.

I think we must not succumb to our rulers, no matter how exhausted we feel.

In 1984 Winston was the only one left who opposed Big Brother, but in the UK, there are many of us. To all the Winstons out there, take heart, do not capitulate, do NOT love Big Brother. We are many!