Covington – we have gone too far

I have been following the Covington Catholic School hysteria. This was triggered by a video snip that showed a lad in his red Trump cap, smiling (called smirking) at a Native American singing and banging his drum, right in his face. It was instantly condemned as a white displaying his privilege and racially abusing a poor old man.

Celebrities condemned the boy. The press ran with it. Twitter went crazy. Hate spewed so that the boy’s reputation, the school’s reputation, his family’s reputation are trashed, and a bounty was even offered to anyone who would harm him. The school itself condemned him.


When the actual long video from which the snip is taken, is viewed, the situation is quite different!

None of the accusations apply. None. And the dear old man (revealed as a lier) stepped into the boy’s space. The smile? Appeasement and confusion…

Apologies and reparations are thin on the ground. No one likes to look a fool.

I think the Covington incident might be a historic event. It shows how very low, we as humans have descended. We might not rip people apart physically, but we rip people apart by judging too soon what appears to be something that it is not.

We are taken in by fake news.

This time, we have gone too far.

Here is Stefan Molyneux’s thought provoking assessment of the Covington incident…and a link below his video to the full video from which the snip was taken.




Abortion Laws

I’m an abortion in-betweener. I think abortion is good when done very early. 24 weeks which is the current cut off  is too late for me. What is 24 weeks, 6 months? At six months a baby is a person!

But this morning I watched this video of people clapping and cheering as the new law allowing up to birth terminations by any medical staff was signed in New York. As they laughed, I thought of the grief of thousands of mothers aborting thousands of babies who are real people.

To me, late abortions should only be done by proper doctors under exceptional circumstances.

New abortion law signed


The latest Brexit news according to my email

You’re receiving this email because you signed this petition: “Leave the EU now”.

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Leave the EU now”.

Government responded:

The UK will be leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019. EU leaders have now endorsed the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the future relationship between the UK and EU.

The UK will be leaving the EU on 29 March 2019.

EU leaders have now endorsed the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the future relationship between the UK and EU. This Agreement secures the rights of more than three million EU citizens living in the UK and around one million UK nationals living in the EU; sets out the terms of a time-limited implementation period; and ensures a fair financial settlement.

On Northern Ireland, the agreed Protocol guarantees that even in the unlikely event that the UK’s future relationship with the EU is not in place by the end of the implementation period, there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland and no customs border down the Irish Sea.

The agreement preserves the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom, upholds the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement, and ensures people and businesses that rely on an open border between the Northern Ireland and Ireland can continue living their lives and operating as they do now.

The full Political Declaration sets out a clear vision for the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

This includes the creation of a free trade area for goods, combining deep regulatory and customs co-operation with zero tariffs, no fees, charges or quantitative restrictions across all goods sectors; the first such agreement between an advanced economy and the EU.

A bad deal would be one which did not deliver on the referendum result, or did not allow the UK to take back control of our laws, money and borders. The Withdrawal Agreement achieves all of this, while the political declaration sets out the basis for a prosperous future partnership on trade and security, ensuring a good deal for UK businesses and citizens.

This Government does not want or expect a no deal scenario. Delivering the settlement negotiated with the EU remains our top priority. However, until MPs have voted to approve the Withdrawal Agreement we will continue to do the responsible thing and prepare for every eventuality, including no deal.

Department for Exiting the European Union

Whose to blame for the Brexit cock up….?

  • Remainers trying to stop Brexit
  • The EU
  • The corruption and deviousness of remainers trying to stop Brexit
  • The EU
  • The corruption and deviousness of…
  • The EU
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s no plan, no vision
  • The EU
  • The inability for parliament to co operate with each other
  • The EU
  • Theresa May asking for a deal
  • The EU
  • Fear of our own Sovereignty
  • The EU
  • Jeremy Corbyn and Labour
  • The EU
  • The opposition of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour being unable to co operate
  • The EU
  • Theresa May thinking the EU might co operate
  • The EU
  • Jeremy Corbyn himself who spews vile attacks on May, even though he said once that vile attacks were what was the trouble with paliament…
  • The EU
  • All of us for thinking we could get a deal.
  • The EU
  • Fear of change, guessing, muddled thinking, propaganda and scare mongering
  • The EU
  • A stubborn Prime Minister
  • The EU
  • The frustrating inability to free ourselves from our master
  • The EU

Watching the Government EU stitch up, waiting for the result, ready to protest….

I am watching history happen. Brexit is one of the biggest performances of dishonesty, manipulation and deceit in the history of the British Parliament.

It’s completely disgusting.

I see the bias of the BBC to remain, the collusion of the newspapers to remain.  It’s disgusting.

Watching the Remain experts speak and hearing what utter bollacks they spout is an illuminating experience. They don’t know. They simply guess. It’s deeply disgusting! There is always only doom and gloom about what horrors will happen to us when we leave the EU – IF we leave the EU. I felt safer when we believed in Satan and Hell.

This whole two year performance has been staged by those collaborating with the EU, who do not want us to leave, to display to the rest of the EU, how enormously difficult it would be if any other country tried the same thing. We are an example.

All the political parties are guilty of this fraud on the British people. They have sqabbled, fought, sniped, griped, bickered, wrangled and never, ever co-operated with each other on the behalf of us Brexiteers.

I tried to watch the debate on Government TV video link in Westminster Hall triggered by the very many petitions which had thousands and thousands signatures asking for a no deal Brexit. There might have been ten people in the hall, and the video link is so bad, it buffered and buffered and buffered. This debate ? was a sop thrown to us. Nothing taken seriously…I might be wrong – do watch it yourself….if you can.

I don’t know what to think about Theresa May – I’m trying to feel good thoughts, its very difficult. I have to admit profound disappointment. She’s a funny secret fish by all accounts, low on charm. Whose side is she really on?  If she’s a handmaiden of the EU, together they’ve done a bloody good job of dragging on the Brexit pain, seeding confusion and creating a successful two year dog fight.

When she triggered article 50, we should have simply LEFT.

Here is a video you might already have seen, but I’m watching it again, to remind myself what a monstrous thing the EU really is, and why I would vote again to leave it….and why I will protest if we don’t.


Parenting is Tough, but Science Suggests Clear Strategies that Help You to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

Very long excellent post on parenting that I’m archiving here…enjoy!

Damon Ashworth Psychology

In 2018, the American Psychiatric Association identified what they considered to be the three major goals of parenting:

“1. Ensuring children’s health and safety

2. Preparing children for life as productive adults, and

3. Transmitting cultural values”

Many environmental and biological factors influence a parent’s and a child’s capacity to reach these ambitious goals. However, there are still a few simple changes in how we try to parent our children and how we work to manage emotions in ourselves and those closest to us that can make a significant difference…

tilt shift lens photography of woman wearing red sweater and white skirt while holding a boy wearing white and black crew neck shirt and blue denim short

Parenting Styles

In 1971, a researcher named Baumrind identified and developed three main parenting styles. These parenting styles include parents’ attitudes and values about parenting, their beliefs about the nature of children, and the specific strategies they use to try to help socialise their child.

The parenting styles are known as:

1. Authoritative

Includes being warm and involved in the…

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