Our un-finest hour

I have joined the group of people who have had to withdraw from watching TV or reading the news because of Brexit.

I believe Britain is going through its un-finest hour.

Confusion and shame have cloaked me. Confusion because I simply cannot see how remainers do not see the evil that exists in the EU, how corrupt the system is, how powerless it has made us, how it overwhelms. I see them as products of EU brainwashing and handmaidens/handmen of EU propagation.

Mrs May’s deal has got nothing to do with her or us. It’s the EU deal. It’s their deal that she is forced to offer again and again while we watch her political self harming and suicide.

I feel disappointed, betrayed, and ashamed that Brexit has turned into such a vile dogfight and I cannot bare to listen to the cacophany any longer.

We are prey. When all the dismembering is done, our abject story will be the example to any other country daring to leave the EU.


You didn’t like my yesterday’s post on School “Climate Strikes”? Well, how about this? THE MANUFACTURING OF GRETA THUNBERG

If you think our wonderful, courageous children are protesting spontaneously such a great thing as Climate Change, and demanding that Governments of the World must do something NOW through their in-school-hours “Climate Strikes”, then we need to drop the scales from our eyes. There is yet another strike tomorrow (15th March 2019)

As I said yesterday, its ADULTS organising the children. Be aware!

My granddaughter who comes from “activist” stock’s attitude is “she is not bothered one way or another. She went to the last “Climate strike” because her friends were going and it meant they got a day off school. She is not investing any thought – political agendas /fear or anything else in it.” My granddaughter is a typical unpolluted teenager…I don’t know if I should be pleased or disappointed that she’s not politically motivated! But I guess her’s is the normal response to complex things she can’t see apply to her.

If you think I’m a conspiracy theorist, you are welcome. But wait! Maybe I’m not.

If you too, wish to know what might actually be happening to our children, how they are being “used” here is a very long article, carefully researched, that will give you a lot of information.  If you wish to read, or browse it, it’s worth wondering about…….see what YOU think…..


This was a discussion on our TV’s at the last “Climate Strike” three weeks ago….


Modern fairy tales, the Children’s Crusade and the Pied Piper

On Friday, there is another “Strike for Climate” in our town. On Friday. On a school day. I have been invited to join it.

Well, I’m not going to.

There is something particularly creepy about the whole thing. What I see is the grooming of children by adults to further a political cause and I disapprove.

When I was a teacher in South Africa during apartheid, I was given the job in a “new” Government initiative being introduced in the schools, of forming a Youth Group in our school, to teach the ideals of the then National Party. I was repulsed by it. When the inspectors arrived to inspect me due to my insurrection, I explained that this new Youth Group was nothing less than Hitler’s Youth and I refused to do it.

I’m not sure how I kept my job. And I think the project was shelved due to teacher revulsion of it.

Today, teachers are mendicants of the psychological instability of the age.

Children are groomed to think ‘right think’ in all sorts of ways. I see this as indoctrination, not education.

Now, to me, Strike for Climate, is being used to inculcate a sort of whipped frenzy in kids, drawing images of a terrible satanic future for them, us and the world unless we stop the world NOW.

Strike for Climate appears to me to be pushing Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ which certainly would stop the world NOW. It is absolutely impracticable. And to facilitate this world frenzy of dumping classes for political activism BY ADULTS psyching children on, is despicable.

It’s a combination of The Medieval Children’s Crusade and The Pied Piper of Hamlin unfolding before my eyes.

The Children’s Crusade “remains one of a series of social explosions, through which medieval men and women—and children too—found release”.


Leaving Neverland thoughts

I was very moved by watching Leaving Neverland. I don’t know how it affected you. It seemed not so much about Michael Jackson’s guilt or innocence, for I think he was guilty anyway, but rather, about how the grooming of people happens – in fact the grooming of whole families happen. And how ongoing sexual abuse of children, also means the parents and families have, in some way, been groomed too.

I was gripped by the sincerity of the film. I think it will be a watershed film on Michael Jackson himself and how abusers, set the scene.

This film will predictably have interesting outcomes, wait and see.

If you haven’t watched it, please do. There is not a spiteful bone in its body.

Some initial response on Leaving Neverland (UK stream)