How vile is this misinformation from the USA? From a Government Department of Health!

I have to tell you that, as a vaper since 2011, I have never been so absolutely shocked at the blatant misinformation, no LIES! than those I watched in the video below, and by reading the vaping website put out by an actual Government department in the United States as I am linking you to, here.

Its THE most shocking misuse of power.

Below these items, you will find links to what our UK Department of Health says about vaping which is as chalk to cheese.

How shameful is this video?

 is a service mark of the US Department of Health and Human Services

Information about Vaping that is more reliable, comes from these sources…


The three monkeys at the BBC

What is wrong with the British Broadcasting Corporation?

The Three  Monkeys are directing it.

They make sure that viewers are groomed to think correctly.

They make sure that viewers are groomed to behave correctly.

They make sure that we understand how beneficial all inclusivity is by fullfilling their quotas for gay, female, disabled, black, non smoking and other politically correct groups, in all their presentations, yet they do not include views other than theirs in their inclusivity.

They do this because they think they are right.

They do this because they believe the BBC can groom us into right thinking, right living and right action.

The BBC is a right-speak example to us all.

I was unfortunate enough to watch the Charles 1 three part series. The whole time I squirmed at the patronising presentation by a female historian with creepy blue eyes and the pretty unsubtle likening of the period of History to our own time. I got the  message from it that Nigel Farage was Pym playing with fire in toppling our EU membership. It was propaganda disguised.

Yes, the Three Monkeys are alive and well, and they live at the BBC.





We are all Tommy Robinson.

There is really something rotten going on…. here’s the video that explains the legal situation from the man himself.

The fact that I am unable to share this with my readers, except in the most round about way that has been constructed to constrain MY freedom, shows that we are all Tommy Robinson, gradually being shut down by censorship.

I have managed to put a link to the video here. Please take time to view it.