The e cigarette witchhunt

As a vaper, I have watched with utter amazement, horror and disbelief the unfolding of the ecig debacle.

If there is any example of the insanity infecting our planet this is it.

Recently India banned e cigarettes.

IRELAND! is considering banning flavoured e liquid.

Our rulers have gone daft. This is the clearest example of misinformation you could imagine, and a warning to believe nothing without checking your own facts.

Our rulers are infected with a malignancy. The cancer has eaten away at their brains where, now, no common sense resides at all.

They are so frail of mind, that any whiff of trouble, fans the flame of ignorance, fake ideas and fear, so they legislate on things they don’t understand, engulfing the rest of us, in burning cages of other people’s construction.

My heart goes out to all the smokers of the world, whose options have been seared away by madmen.

Here is Dr Farsalinos…telling the story…It’s worth the read.

The Witchunt on e cigarettes.

2 thoughts on “The e cigarette witchhunt

  1. Hi, I’m annoyed as well.
    They don’t like vaping do they? How dare smokers find another safe means to enjoy themselves.
    These people who are calling for bans or who have already banned the sale of vaping products are either stupid or cynical. I suspect the latter. Let’s get vaping stopped then we can concentrate on the ciggies again.
    Remember the slogan (can’t recall who said it): Never let a crisis go to waste.


    • Of course vaping loses money big time for Pharma and the Government. Smokers can be bled dry of every penny whilst discriminating against them too. Vaping, so far, is untaxed, and vapers can make their own e liquid. Governments are running at a loss!


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