Bitchy, whining, blaming, shrieking politicians of the UK, listen up!

As the UK election nears, the bile and vituperousness of our politicians becomes more exposed.

I have made my mind up of who I’m going to vote for.

I’m going to vote for the one who is less ‘nasty’,  who does not spread calomnies nor slander, who is the most dignified and who is earnest; the one who is moderate in speech, tone and demeanour.

The politicians I hear promoting themselves all use the seven deadly sins of speaking…

Listen, politicians….

And learn that your words are turning people away from you.


‘Made for kids’ ruling on YouTube

Today, all videos on YouTube are to be classified as ‘made for kids’ or not.

Made for kids

Would this help with filtering out porn for households using a kids setting on their computers? Would kids using blocked computers only get movies graded at ‘made for kids’?

Would YouTube never offer kids videos about volcanoes, or history, or cooking or grasshoppers on a search? Who is actually going to mark every video uploaded as graded, or not graded for kids? And do it retrospectively?

The world of YouTube is not ‘made for kids’. The world of YouTube is a collection of trillions of experiences, thoughts, ideas, and cultural offerings made mostly by grownups for grownups over many, many years.

In fact the world is not ‘made for kids’.

For kids, the world is a dangerous place. Adults are there.

Or is this a way YouTube could do a giant cleanup and remove any video, and all old ones, not so graded.

You tell me……

Is this amazing or repulsive? You choose. I know what I think….

Well, well, now how about this?

We’ve got poor abused Greta.

We’ve got poor abused Desmond.

If this is the way of the future, then we are stuffed!

I thought there was something alien on this planet. I thought it was just that the planet felt alien to ME. But now I know it’s not me, the people on this planet are much stranger that you could imagine…..

Enjoy Desmond, the “Future of the World”.

PS. Added after I hit the publish button….I absolutely love drag – for adults!


Oh, nice post! I want to archive it on my Life on an Alien Planet blog if you don’t mind? Enjoy reading folks…….

underdogs bite upwards

One of my favourite Pink Floyd songs ever.

I’m told there is an issue with commenting here, apparently Google and WordPress are each calling the other invalid. Best guess: one of them updated and ballsed something up. That’s usually the reason. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Anyway. Money. My favourite quote on the subject came fom an Andy Capp cartoon many, many years ago. Flo returns home from shopping and says ‘It’s frightening how the pound’s going down in value’. Andy responds: ‘Well it’s a good thing we don’t have many of them then, isn’t it?”

It’s pretty much how I’ve always felt about it. This feeling has only been increased by finding out about fractional reserve banking and how most money is simply created by typing numbers on a screen. I don’t need very much money. In fact, I need other people to have cash to spare because I’m…

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