Yes! Stop whining.

I was up almost the whole night on Thursday night. I was exceedingly pleased with the result of the UK election.

We need a Government that has a majority that can implement Brexit. Only one party offered that. Only one.

Our election, to my mind, was a resounding yes to Brexit.

I have noted before on this blog that the person who did not bad mouth, slander, slag off, or otherwise behave grotesquely, during the run up to the election – the only one – has been Boris. I have never heard rudeness from him. He might be a bit stiff about some of his responses but he’s been reliably non hysterical.

His thanking speech at the vote counting, was short and sweet, and then he went home.

In contrast, Caroline Lucas, the only Green MP, went into an embarrassing hysterical rant in her thanking speech that was cringeworthy. Even the BBC faded out of it.

The election is over. Yet, no one seems to let it go now. The country is doomed. The NHS is doomed. The economy is doomed. The poor are doomed. We are all doomed in the hands of a man who is a liar and a cheat and who only ever wanted to be Prime Minister.

Mrs May wanted to be Prime Minister. Jo Swinson wanted to be Prime Minister. In fact she assured us she would be! Jeremy Corbyn wanted to be Prime Minister.

Thank God somebody does – it must be a thankless task.

This country voted for the best person to lead our country. They could have had Prime Minister Caroline Lucus or Prime Minister Jo Swinson or Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn or Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They went for the best of a mostly absolutely dreadful bunch.

And they chose the party that will move us forward rather than keep us wallowing in bile and verbal stench in a Parliament bogged down by whining, rude, hysterical pre-programed robots.

Let’s get on with a proper Parliament now, yes?

That’s what us ordinary folk want.

Don’t blow it on vaping!

I am a vaper. I have been since 2011. The delight and joy I experienced on discovering that I like vaping better than smoking has been tarnished by the utter frustration of observing the ignorance, fear and outrage vaping has caused in society – especially in the USA and other backward countries (Australia too) where it is being fought, rather than being welcomed with open arms.

I am sick to the stomach about the foolishness of humans.

Its nice to watch a video that uplifts me, you might like it too….enjoy!

Better the devil you know….

In a week, we will know who has won the election.

Before my eyes, the Liberal Democrats have committed suicide.

And the Brexit Party have gone nuts.

I remember Labour well. They’re the ones who shopped till they dropped.

So, what the hell to do now?

I voted Conservative for the very first time.

I like old Boris. Through all his clumpy bafoonary and feet in the mouth, I’ve a good feeling about him. He’s got something solid about him more than just his weight.

Go for it Boris.

You might be less of a rascal than you are made out to be.

You feel emotionally comfortable to me. A manly chap who understands the days when men were men and women appreciated it. I have enjoyed your bloopers, because it makes you human.

I’m rooting for you Boris. Better the devil you know than the devils you don’t.