World Vaping Day

About three years ago, I gave up the struggle against the very corrupt Tobacco Control Industries. I made a video called “My last vaping video” and bowed out.

I have just re-read the script which is under the video. I still believe every word of it.

And I still vape.

Clive Bates has been part of the Tobacco Control Industry which I despise, but he is wise enough to see the benefit new technology can provide to achieve Tobacco Control’s ideology of a smoke free world.

Here is his blog for World Vapers Day.

WHO has gone rogue on tobacco policy – millions at risk from tired dogma and a refusal to grasp innovation

But of course, I think he is farting against thunder. The Tobacco Control Industries will get no profit from vapers. They are greedy. Not insane.

If you vape, be strong, vape on. Its the best way to poke the buggers in the eye!

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