For 2022, the International Criminal Court Case against the UK.

Here is a wonderful larder of information about the thinking of people offended by vaccination, masks, lockdowns, and loss of freedom instigated it seems by The World Economic Forum and implemented by the UK Government.

In it, you will find all the “conspiracy” dogma and creed put about on the Internet. Do not stop reading!

It seems to me that “the other side” has at last compiled all their points into a single document focussed towards ONE action against people they blame. It is good that all allegations are made public, in court. I hope it is not thrown out before it is properly discussed in public before the whole world – uncensored.

Both sides need to have the opportunity to speak and have it written officially into the records of law.

Do read it, please. It is a 45-page document. And if you are interested in History, it makes a fascinating read.


International Criminal Court
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

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