Plunder of our commons

I found this video fascinating. It explained to me the very strange world that I live in now compared to the world I was born into seventy five years ago.

It explains to me how the dark energy of greed and avarice seems to rule in areas that were once free and now are not.

How universities are now deformed from what I knew to the places they are now.

It reveals to me how common people have been made commodities.

How, in our town, our common land was recently and against huge opposition, transformed into something we, the people, didn’t want.

How this change, is not my imagination, but a real thing.

If you have time, its worth a listen…. Archived here.


Smacking, or mental abuse? Strange twist.

Since we climbed out of trees, mothers and fathers have disciplined their unruly children physically.

It’s a habit followed by nearly every mother and father in the animal kingdom.

Strange that, don’t you think?

But humans are far more advanced. We have language!

Smacking a child has progressed in concept from the word “discipline” to “physical abuse”. We must not do it any more. We say two adults that smack each other as using “physical abuse” against each other. They are adults.  Two adult animals “smacking” each other might end up being a group skirmish.

Children are not adults. Cuffs are out, but real abuse has replaced them.

We are bringing up our children nowadays using mental abuse instead.

We must distract little Johnny when he attempts to put his hand in the fire, so that afterwards he has learned nothing about hands, or fire, or acceptable behaviour, or that putting one’s hand in the fire is not something he must do.

In a social situation, where little Johnny is misbehaving, leaping on the sofa, or biting his cousin, he is sent to sit all by himself in the “naughty corner” (like the old dunce) listening to the others in the distance carrying on without him. He sits there, rejected, hurt and confused. His immature internal philosophy does not suddenly well up to explain to him, his failure.

In both situations, a quick smack causes fast learning without using convoluted false and contrived mental manipulation.

Johnny knows putting his hand in the fire is not allowed which gives a secure parameter for future behaviour.

Johnny knows jumping on the sofa and biting his cousin, is not acceptable, but even so, he is NOT expelled from the group. Someone in the group will comfort him. Love returns more quickly.

A smack is instantaneous. It shows someone cares. It needs no manipulative language. It sets the rules for future behaviour. It is the way to train children in what is acceptable or not as they enter the world of grownups.

A smack is not “physical abuse” – it’s a quick, efficient, reprimand.

A smack is not a BEATING.

Making it illegal for a child to be smacked, is an intrusion into a parent’s/carer’s purpose – to transform small children from feral animals into secure, confident creatures.

This new move to make smacking our children a crime is just another action on a political journey to restructuring the family, removing its solidity and making parents/carers frightened. How to abuse and confuse our children through the manipulation of their minds is a big agenda. And we are allowing it!

The West has gone insane.



The e cigarette witchhunt

As a vaper, I have watched with utter amazement, horror and disbelief the unfolding of the ecig debacle.

If there is any example of the insanity infecting our planet this is it.

Recently India banned e cigarettes.

IRELAND! is considering banning flavoured e liquid.

Our rulers have gone daft. This is the clearest example of misinformation you could imagine, and a warning to believe nothing without checking your own facts.

Our rulers are infected with a malignancy. The cancer has eaten away at their brains where, now, no common sense resides at all.

They are so frail of mind, that any whiff of trouble, fans the flame of ignorance, fake ideas and fear, so they legislate on things they don’t understand, engulfing the rest of us, in burning cages of other people’s construction.

My heart goes out to all the smokers of the world, whose options have been seared away by madmen.

Here is Dr Farsalinos…telling the story…It’s worth the read.

The Witchunt on e cigarettes.

Life on this gender neutral planet

We’ve gone daft.

We are a bunch of raving loonies.

All sane people really have to re-assess the way the world is going.

40 schools are banning girls from wearing skirts in school, for the sake of gender neutrality.

It’s an affront!  Common sense has disappeared! 

Gender neutrality? Nothing is gender neutral.  Our genders are set down at the moment of conception and they develop from that moment into a male gender or female gender.

Each gender has innate preferences that appear in childhood….and continue into adulthood.

Why are we completely consumed by a minority to completely deny the fact that boys and girls are different.

Do not tell perfectly normal children that they must be gender neutral, when they are not. Boys and girls are different. Get over it!

From an early age, most children typically choose to play with toys typed to their own
gender. In order to identify variables that predict toy preference, we conducted a metaanalysis of observational studies of the free selection of toys by boys and girls aged between
one and eight years. From an initial pool of 1788 papers, 16 studies (787 boys and 813 girls)
met our inclusion criteria. We found that boys played with male-typed toys more than girls
did (Cohen’s d = 1.03; p < .0001) and girls played with female-typed toys more than boys did
(Cohen’s d = -0.91; p < .0001).


Many studies have found that a majority of boys and girls prefer to play with toys which are
typed to their own gender, but there is still uncertainty about the age at which such sex
differences first appear, and under what conditions. Applying a standardized research
protocol and using a selection of gender-typed toys, we observed the toy preferences of boys
and girls engaged in independent play in UK nurseries, without the presence of a parent.


Don’t dismiss our reticence, we quietly wait!

I really enjoy the blog When I am King.

Today the post was especially moving to me, and I liked the historical reference having taught the history of Rorke’s Drift for many years.

Just because Leave voters are not out in number, screeching obscenities at Westminster, spitting and snarling at those with whom they disagree, does not mean that the strength of feeling is any lower, nor that opinions have changed. Iain Duncan Smith once cautioned: “Do not underestimate the determination of the quiet man” and right now it feels as if we are the British garrison at Rorke’s Drift, facing up to an enemy we don’t recognise; an alien, hostile, noisy and numerous enemy; and lest anybody think that ‘enemy’ and ‘foreign’ and ‘alien’ are hyperbolic descriptors, just look at what they intend.

The Final Countdown

That is no less than the overthrow of an elected, if marginal, government. The overturning of constitutional procedures which go back centuries. The dismissal of the monarch’s role and in the process the trashing of the life’s work of the world’s longest serving and arguably the most steadfast head of state. And ultimately – for this is the European Union’s destination – the subjugation of a once sovereign nation to the whim of an unelected and unaccountable politburo of cronies and cranks with a common vision utterly at odds with the populations over which they hold sway. For them to refer to Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament as a coup is an absolute triumph of doublethink.