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A woman who is primarily attracted to other women.


A person who is attracted primarily to members of the same sex. Although it can be used for any sex (e.g. gay man, gay woman, gay person), “lesbian” is sometimes the preferred term for women who are attracted to women.


A term which refers to individuals or groups who “queer” or problematize the hegemonic notions of sex, gender and desire in a given society. Genderqueer people possess identities which fall outside of the widely accepted sexual binary (i.e. “men” and “women”). Genderqueer may also refer to people who identify as both transgendered AND queer, i.e. individuals who challenge both gender and sexuality regimes and see gender identity and sexual orientation as overlapping and interconnected.


A person who is attracted to both people of their own gender and another gender. Also called “bi”.


A person who is sexually attracted to people only after a strong emotional bond has been formed.


This term has many definitions. It is frequently used as an umbrella term to refer to all people who do not identify with their assigned gender at birth or the binary gender system. This includes transsexuals, cross-dressers, genderqueer, drag kings, drag queens, two-spirit people, and others. Some transgender people feel they exist not within one of the two standard gender categories, but rather somewhere between, beyond, or outside of those two genders.


A person whose gender identity is different from their biological sex, who may undergo medical treatments to change their biological sex, often times to align it with their gender identity, or they may live their lives as another sex.


A person who adopts some combination of male and female gender identity, dress, and social roles, or who identifies as gay, lesbian, transgender, etc.


A person whose sexual anatomy or chromosomes do not fit with the traditional markers of “female” and “male.” For example: people born with both “female” and “male” anatomy (penis, testicles, vagina, uterus); people born with XXY.


1) An umbrella term sometimes used by LGBTQA people to refer to the entire LGBT community. 2) An alternative that some people use to “queer” the idea of the labels and categories such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, etc. Similar to the concept of genderqueer. It is important to note that the word queer is an in-group term, and a word that can be considered offensive to some people, depending on their generation, geographic location, and relationship with the word.


For some, the process of exploring and discovering one’s own sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


A person who generally does not feel sexual attraction or desire to any group of people. Asexuality is not the same as celibacy.


Typically any non-LGBT persons who supports and stands up for the rights of LGBT people, though LGBT people can be allies, such as a lesbian who is an ally to a transgender person.


A person who experiences sexual, romantic, physical, and/or spiritual attraction for members of all gender identities/expressions, not just people who fit into the standard gender binary (i.e. men and women).


A person who participates simultaneously in more than one serious romantic or sexual relationship with the knowledge and consent of all partners.



The Andrew Neil and Ben Shapiro “thing”

If you follow politics, especially Daily Politics on the BBC, you might have seen Andrew Neil’s interview with popular American (conservative) Ben Shapiro.

I think Ben Shapiro was expecting an interview about his new book. He was unaware that Andrew Neil is actually NOT drunk, even though he always sounds as if he is, and that his interviews are never interviews but actually grillings of the most intense and unpleasant kinds!

Personally, I absolutely hate Andrew Neil. I dislike the shlurring. I dislike his aggression. I dislike how he purposefully makes his victim have to be on the defensive. I think he’s rude and obnoxious, and in this day and age, he should be put out to pasture.

For Ben Shapiro, unaware that we have such grotesque interviewers on the “impartial” BBC, it must have come as a hell of a shock.

I wish more people would refuse to entangle with a rude old codger, whose only draw is making people squirm.

It’s ugly journalism and nothing to be proud of. There is no place for bullying on the BBC, no matter what your political views are. It never gets the best out of other people. I hope Andrew Neil is as upset about the whole shemangle as Ben Shapiro is.

To people who are constantly under fire or who have perfectly legitimate ideas, an “interview” with Andrew Neil must seem like personal Armageddon. And the viewers are deprived of any actual nourishment in observing such abuse.

What do you think?


“Why God Is a He”

I am not a woman lover. In fact I am sick of seeing women anchors on the TV. I find a lot of female voices “grate” me. Women nowadays have developed a shrill, hard, nasal tone which is new. Our voices are sawing a way through what feminazis consider a man’s world.

Once, when women were not liberated, I approved of women’s liberation. But we ARE liberated. We should not have targets and quotas anywhere for how many women to employ. The best person for the job, should get the job.

I once worked in a department store that had a quota of 10% disabled staff. I was one. Us disableds knew we were being patronized, and some of us were definitely not the best person for the job!

So the modern woman sounds horrible, looks horrible, and behaves horribly to my eyes because we have become cartoons of men.

I am longing for the return of flirting, the feminine voice, the subtle power of the woman in male life and I DEFINITELY don’t want God to be a woman!

Delicious advertising insanity

People are talking. The press is reporting. Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall must be delighted.

Sane people are appalled. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so very peculiar, a symptom of odd thinking.

The true absurdity of the ‘junk food’ advertising ban revealed

A little known fact about Transport for London’s ban on ‘junk food’ advertising is that a company doesn’t have to be selling food to fall foul of the rules. If an advert for a West End musical used a picture of a custard pie, it would be rejected.

The rules also apply to TfL’s own advertisements. The campaign shown below ran in 2016 but would not be permitted today because cakes have too much sugar for Sadiq Khan and the neo-puritans of ‘public health’.

Banning the depiction of normal food products in adverts that are not advertising food soon leads to absurdity. To get an idea of quite how absurd things get, I used a Freedom of Information request to ask TfL how many of its own adverts it has had to edit to comply with its own daft rules. The documents I received are mind-boggling.

The story begins in late November 2018 when someone at TfL with the mildly sinister job title of Customer Marketing & Behaviour Change Executive realised that her organisation could be caught short by the impending changes. She e-mailed staff requesting a comprehensive review of TfL’s in-house advertisements to weed out any depictions of ‘junk food’ that could violate the new rules and embarrass the Mayor. To be on the safe side, it was decided that ‘junk food’ would not only be scrubbed out of TfL’s adverts on public transport, as the ban required, but from all its marketing materials.

Do read more…it gets pretty crazy – LINK

and more..

TfL forced to remove strawberries and cream from Wimbledon advert after it fails to follow its own junk food rules

First they came for the smokers…..when ARE we going to be allowed to be normal, ordinary people, safe from maniacs?

Land in South Africa – education!

There is a massive ignorance by black people of their own History in South Africa.They maintain that White people stole their land. There is nothing further from the truth. Basic History exposes the myth.

It was only in the 20th Century, the nasty Apartheid overcame South Africa. My husband and his family (who are white) were forcibly removed from their homes and dispersed so the area could be proclaimed “Indian”. So removals worked both ways! People always think it was only Black people who were “moved”.

Apartheid was not a good thing. But South Africa is not a “Rainbow Nation” now that the people are free. It’s a mess. And it’s going to be a bigger mess.

Apartheid lives!

The Government is going to take the “stolen” land back, without compensation to Whites, and eliminate property rights.  They have not issued property rights to millions of Black people either.

The people do not want to work the land, they want to live in the cities. Farming is essential for feeding the people – but when offered land or money, 97% of Black people take the money. And successful commercial farmers (White) are going to have their operations removed/transferred to Black owners who might not be farmers. Who will feed the people?

The South African Government has gone bonkers – it’s South Africa’s worst enemy. Of the land it has “taken”, only 6% has gone to Black people and millions of black people are living in homes in townships that have not been granted any property rights at all. A swamp? Oh yes…..

If you want to get educated, watch this Documentary. It is full of astonishing details.




Grieve “Notre Dame de Paris fire”

I feel grief. I am not religious. But this is a sort of a 9/11 moment for me somehow. The fire started 6 minutes after closing up, in two? places…I wonder what we are going to be told?

What do you think?

Time to grieve by watching a video without a commentary, except the quietness of the watching crowds….

Roundup, Monsanto, cancer, golf courses, hidden secrets

Very interesting post, thank you. The host at our last year’s holiday rental was an avid golfer. Just before we left to come home, he had a whole lot of squamous cell cancers removed from his head. He shot to my mind as I read your post. He spent most of his time on the nearby golf course. Cancer in dogs is on the increase. They have to deal with weed killer along the roads. I have reblogged this to Life on an Alien Planet.