BBC lies & fakery

The BBC is my least favourite TV channel. Most of the time, my intuition tells me they are far from trustworthy, but biased, not representative of any situation that is occurring in this country – or any other either. They are not really the British Broadcasting Corporation, but some weird, twisted leftist mutation – a political tool.

I don’t even like the films they produce any more – every one of their new productions have the same themes, propaganda in every way. They have been aggressive about how the country is dealing with Covid19, I think it’s time they got snuffed out – they are no asset to anyone who looks for any balanced reporting. And no asset to the Government.

Take the coverage on Trump. It’s always anti. And here is an example of how they manipulate the things we see…

Shame on you BBC!

Poisonous and venomous press

THE difference between a poisonous creature and a venomous creature is the way one receives the dose. Poison is transmitted by touch, ingestion, inhalation. Whilst venom is recieved through puncture.

There was a pause right at the beginning of the Covid19 outbreak, as poisonous people and venomous folk, collected their wits. Being in the habit of producing poison and venom, they quickly discovered how to continue their addiction.

Poisoning via either method, must give the people who do it a thrill. They display their superior mentality, they think, when they promote ugly attitudes, aggression, bad manners.

So who are these poisoners and venomous creatures?

Well, the most blatant, are the press asking questions at the daily briefings here in the UK. Not happy with constant attacks against the Government, they repeat the same old, old questions day after day, that have already been answered in the briefing, had they actually listened.

I’ll tell you what happens. The reporters are sitting in their houses, nervously awaiting their 2 minutes on TV, and checking that their questions will sound nice and aggressive, suitably poisonous, and display themselves personally as a brilliant mind. So they don’t ACTUALLY listen to the briefing.

Do they realise how tedious they have become? How venomous they appear? How dull their reports are when finally published? Do they understand that poison and venom are not uplifting, not positive, not NECESSARY?

The Briefing is to disseminate facts. A reporter’s job is to report facts.

But somehow, nowadays, the press concocts lethal doses of mind-poison which, one assumes they get off on. So they apply the venom to others.

I could do without the press at the briefings. They are simply strutting themselves. They appear mentally deficient, often.

One has to wonder if there is any uncontaminated, poison free blood in their veins? Are they in any way happy people?

Today Boris is leading the Daily Briefing. I guarantee he will look better in the eyes of the viewers than the hostile press he will face. We are waiting for Boris to uplift us. Press – we don’t want to hear your self aggrandising vacuous questions.

It’s about time the press was banned from the Daily Briefings. Let them watch it on TV, like the rest of us. And leave us poison free!

Mail: Does smoking PROTECT against coronavirus?

Thank you, Frank – reblogged…..

Frank Davis

Yet another big report on smoking being protective against Covid-19. Excerpts from Mail Online:

…data from multiple Chinese studies shows that COVID-19 hospital patients contained a smaller proportion of smokers than the general population (6.5 per cent compared to 26.6 per cent), suggesting they were less likely to end up in hospital.

Another study, by America’s Centers for Disease Control of over 7,000 people who tested positive for coronavirus, found that just 1.3 per cent of them were smokers – against the 14 per cent of all Americans that the CDC says smoke.

The study also found that the smokers stood no greater chance of ending up in hospital or an ICU.

The reasons for this are unclear.

Evidence coming out of scientific studies is conflicting and some say doctors are just too busy to be accurately noting down everyone’s smoking habits.

Some researchers suggest smoking could reverse one of…

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Covid19 stats checks

Oh dear, the Internet is awash with conspiracy theories. It’s hard to know what’s true or not.

But, there are ways to check stuff.

I thought I’d share some good stats checkers.

For those who believe our UK Covid-19 is “just flu” you can check out the flu death figures at the Office for National Statistics – ONS. Its about 3000 and a few more, in a month – not over 10000 in a month.

And that is a good site for those who are adamant the Government is under reporting deaths. Here is the link You are correct. The Government is only reporting NHS hospital death’s. ONS has the extra deaths, but they are reported for the week ending peviously. They are not another vast number. is a brilliant place for checking information. You can add or subtract countries from your maps and charts.

There are several fact checker sites, Full Fact is one.

The 5G theory is still whizzing around. Cures or defences, like coloidal silver, turmeric, meditation, tonic water, mouth wash, garlic and onions abound.

Conspiracy theories are terribly thrilling! I enjoy them. I hold a few myself. But it’s best not to articulate them, especially on Twitter, which can end up in a mud slinging match in the twinkling of an eye.

My current conspiracy theory is still that China made a big oopsie when the virus escaped from the lab. The Governments of the world know that but have been caught off balance to find their Covid-19 is much worse than they expected because China lied to the world about it.

And my favourite current conspiracy theory, is that the UK Government is trying their very best, in a hugely complicated situation. They really are. For once they are scared enough to be reasonably truthful.

But I must remember never to say that on Twitter.

Pick and mix Covid-19

There are a good few theories going around about Covid19. I thought I’d list some – just broad strokes you understand.

And like the Pick and Mix chocolates that shops once offered, you might like to choose your favourite flavour.

In no special order….

Covid-19 is a bio weapon designed by the Chinese.

It was released on purpose. Or it escaped from the lab in Wuhan.

Covid-19 is a bio weapon designed by the USA/Canada and stolen by the Chinese.

It was released on purpose, on instruction by USA/Canada. Or it escaped from the lab in Wuhan.

Covid-19 came from bats in the Wuhan market. Or pangolins.

Covid-19 is a karmic result of eating animals. It’s bad karma.

After Covid-19 we will be spiritually transformed.

Covid-19 is not real. It’s just flu.

Covid-19 is not real. It’s just seasonal flu. It’s a hoax. The pictures we see on the Internet are all fake.

The Elite started Covid-19 so all governments could establish Marshal Law.

While we are under house arrest, something else is happening. That could be the erection of 5G antennas, or a stealth influx of ET’s.

5G changes the state of oxygen/water in the human body and that’s why we are catching Covid-19.

Covid-19 outbreak is a plan to force economic dependence on our Governments.

Covid-19 outbreak is a plan to force us to use a different monetary system.

Covid-19 outbreak is a plan to force vaccinations on our people.

Covid-19 outbreak is a plan to force mass chipping and AI introduction.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the end of the world. Armageddon.

After Covid-19 Armageddon we will be spiritually transformed.

The Climate change activists are doing an experiment to see how Climate benefits from Lockdown.

Covid-19 has been predicted by psychics and Bill Gates Foundation did a trial run last October, so they knew.

The response to Covid19 is over the top hysteria by Governments.

The world is going through a huge gear change and life will be better/worse (take your pick) afterwards, but it will never be the same again.

How Covid-19 progressed in our family – symptoms

This might be useful to other people wondering what Covid-19 feels like. It’s from my blog “The Last Furlong”. And I thank our daughter for allowing me to publish it.

Covid-19 in the Furlong family – how it progressed – long post…..might be helpful

Our daughter and her family have had Covid -19. I thought it might help other people to see how the disease progressed in her day by day…

3/11/2020 I’ve started with a bit of a sore throat this morning. I’m hoping I’ve not got your cold. I don’t think it’s Covid19 – I just looked up the symptoms. They are strange. Very different to a cold/flu. I feel I’m developing a dry cough.My lungs feel like when I used to smoke too much. My throat is a bit sore but otherwise I feel ok.Rang the GP and they said they’re not doing any testing anymore. I just have to self isolate.

3/13/2020 Not sure if it’s corona virus. Feeling not too bad. Lungs are feeling more sore now. Had a slight headache and feel tired. Haven’t really developed a fever. Feeling anxious tonight. My symptoms aren’t bad but I just don’t know what’s going to happen.

3/14/2020 My temperature is 37.5 Not officially a fever. I was a lot better today. My lungs are feeling tight again. I have been busy doing kid bedtime so maybe I pushed myself too soon.

3/15/2020 I’m Ok. Coughing more now. I’m definitely cycling up and down through the day. It hit my lungs solidly. I was wondering if it was because I used to smoke?

3/15/2020 Me to my daughter How are you now, today?

3/15/2020 Feeling tired and mild headache that won’t budge. Lungs still sore.

3/15/2020 Me to my daughter Sorry. Are you taking paracetamol and doing infusions?

3/15/2020 Yes. Paracetamol doesn’t help with the headache. Ibuprofen is better.

3/16/2020 My lungs are still heavy and I’m a bit more breathless.

3/17/2020 I’m slightly better but still need to rest a lot. James (child) is coughing and seems to be feeling shit. I think Sarah (child) has started coughing now. John (husband) still seems ok.

3/17/2020 Me to my daughter Rachel Mathews (from Frozen2) on her Covid-19 quote “Her symptoms ranged from “a sore throat, fatigue and headache” on the first day to developing a fever, body aches and shortness of breath.

According to Matthews’ diary, by the fifth day her symptoms were more manageable, although she continued to experience shortness of breath, loss of appetite, fatigue, and “randomly, no taste/smell”.

3/17/2020 Thanks that’s useful to know. That’s like I’ve had it. Still short of breath but not achy today 👍🏻

3/18/2020 I’m a bit better. Still tight lungs but a bit less so. Feeling quite emotional 😭

3/19/2020 This is hard work. James had a temp of over 40 last night and that was after calpol. He also seemed to be breathing fast and shallow. We called 111 and they called an ambulance. But James perked up about 5 mins later so we cancelled the ambulance. John slept next to James all night checking his temp every hour. I then had to deal with Sarah at 3 am. She said she had a sore tummy and was feeling scared about getting sick. She slept with me and then woke at 6am.

3/19/2020 James is better this morning but then has pockets of crying and like he’s in pain. John has gone to bed because he got up with the kids and let me sleep. Sarah being difficult- she’s crying about going to have a wee because she has to stop watching telly 😡 ffs!

3/19/2020 Me to my daughter Give her a potty. And so it’s stupid to ask how YOU are? 😢

3/19/2020 Meh – feel down. Still got a slight headache. Worried about James. Lungs better today. Stressed with cabin fever. Me and John are tired of kids and Sarah been particularly shite today.

At this point the family had to get medical help for the children.

3/22/2020 Yes. I’m better emotionally. Feel the best I have since I got sick.

3/23/2020 I’m Ok. But got no voice, sneezing and congested like I’ve got a cold now. Wtf?!? 🤷‍♀ It’s not bad just annoying.

3/24/2020 Hi – we are ok-ish. I’ve been feeling shit with this head cold and a rattly cough. I still can’t talk properly and my throat hurts so I’m not going to ring tonight.

3/24/2020 The kids are much better. Sarah’s temp is back to normal but she is coughing quite a bit. James is better but is still sticking his finger in his ear so I’m not sure that the antibiotics have completely worked for his ear infection. I’m tired of everyone being sick all the time. It’s been a hard 2 weeks.

3/25/2020 Me to my daughter Any better today? 🤔

3/25/2020 No. I’ve rung the Dr and I’m waiting for a call back. I feel like I might have a chest infection. Sleeping more and feeling tired. Very chesty cough

3/25/2020 Dr thinks I’ve got a bacterial chest infection. He’s prescribed antibiotics. We’ve sent out neighbour to collect it and I’m hoping it will be ready before they close at 6pm. Dr said he’s doesn’t think it’s anything serious or that I need to worry.

3/26/2020 From me to my daughter – I was thinking. I re-read Connor Ried’s symptoms if Covid 19. (I posted it right at the beginning when all this started) His Covid19 ended with pneumonia for which the hospital gave him antibiotics ( remember our discussion about why did he not take them?) I think you are still finishing Covid19. That was how his finished – with a “cold” and pneumonia. What else is a “bacterial infection” of the lungs? So, please give yourself time to get well. Drink lots of fluids and still do some inhalations, it will loosen the mucus. And HUG yourself! ❤

3/26/2020 Thanks Mom. I’m still feeling shit today. Lungs less heavy I think.

3/26/2020 Me to my daughter Good news on the lungs. The antibiotics should work, otherwise the Chinese doctors, and your doctor wouldn’t prescribe them! Feeling better?

3/26/2020 No not really. More my joints. Mainly just feeling tired and very bunged up. Antibiotics are making me feel a bit sick and I’ve got a metallic taste in my mouth from the pills

And that’s where we are at today!

My daughter has given me permission to publish this and sent me her own notes which she stopped writing when she began to feel “better”, which, of course, she wasn’t (and isn’t).

Wed 11.3.20
Woke up with slightly sore throat

Thursday 12.3.20
Sore throat for all of the day
Late evening felt like lungs were a bit sore and heavy

Friday 13.3.20
Sore throat a bit better
Lungs felt worse. Got quite painful as day progressed.
Temp started going up around 11am from 37.1 to 37.5
Temp dropped with paracetamol to 37.1 and stayed that way all day.
Slept for 2 hours after lunch. Felt week and a bit achy with slight headache

Saturday 14.3.20
Woke feeling better after good night sleep. Lungs felt less sore and more thickly. A bit of dry coughing. Declined over the morning. Took day nurse and it didn’t really help. Lungs felt sore but inhalation of steam helps for a short while. More tired and thick head and a bit achy. Just want to rest.Grumpy and anxious. Symptoms Seem to come in cycles through the day.

Sunday 15.3.20

Similar day to yesterday. Felt the need to do more inhalations. Had a constant headache that didn’t ease with paracetamol. Cycled up and down through the day. Noticed more breathlessness today.

James has been coughing a bit today.

Monday 16.3.20

Felt like I had a bit more energy this morning. My lungs felt heavier and I was breathless. Found climbing stairs difficult. This progressed into a full blown panic attack and we had to call the ambulance. I was hyperventilating and felt faint. My hands and arms began to tingle and I felt terrified. The paramedics confirmed my blood oxygen levels were normal and that I’d had a panic attack. They also said I most probably had Covid-19 and they are seeing more cases in the community and more people having panic attacks. Once I’d calmed down my lungs improved through day but I had a really bad headache by the end of the day. Didn’t sleep well.

James seems under the weather and is coughing. He is still playing and eating well. His eyes are watery.

Tues 17.3.20

Much better today. Not feeling achy and the headache has lifted. My lungs felt tight this morning but then eased through the day. I have now developed a tickly cough and my lungs feel a bit worse again tonight.

James is coughing quite a bit today. He actually had a little vomit and his breath smells bad. So does Sarah’s, but she says she feels ok. She said her throat hurt a few days ago. James was playing nicely tonight but then got upset and clingy at bedtime. His temp was up to 37.7. We gave him calpol.

She added “I stopped writing down symptoms because I felt much better. The cold kicked in on about day 11. The chest has been there all the time and progressed into infection. Started getting phlegmatic in day 9 ish.
By the way we all had a fart day and a bit of a runny tummy about day 5.”

Dear people-helping people – have you thought of this?

There are two things that people helping people might have missed.

  • Parents at home in flats who are self isolating
  • Old people in blocks of flats containing only old people

It’s not simply old people who need helping. It’s parents stuck at home who are in isolation. Ordering food online has not proved so effective. I know one family who’s order will only be delivered in ten days time! Fortunately they live in a really supportive community who have rallied around and shopped for them.

What would it be like if they had lived in a block of flats and no one had known their plight?

I know two blocks of flats with old people in them, where there is no one offering assistance. People outside might not even know they are there.

We have been showered with the most wonderful people-kindness. It has been most moving.

The spirit here is amazing!

We have had so many offers of others doing our shopping, helping, phoning for chats, bringing food etc, it is quite extraordinary. Community Groups are assembling all over the country. We’ve had emails from banks, financial advisors etc to assist with our mortgage ( we don’t have one fortunately), the AA for free car assistance, free licences of various kinds, Heritage sites opening for free so people can exercise in wide open spaces and on and on.

Strange, fascinating, interesting and scary times! But the biggest astonishment is what people are doing for other people!

It still doesn’t change the fact that people in blocks of flats, especially old-people blocks, are not getting the help they need!

Dear people- helping people – have you thought of this?