Is this amazing or repulsive? You choose. I know what I think….

Well, well, now how about this?

We’ve got poor abused Greta.

We’ve got poor abused Desmond.

If this is the way of the future, then we are stuffed!

I thought there was something alien on this planet. I thought it was just that the planet felt alien to ME. But now I know it’s not me, the people on this planet are much stranger that you could imagine…..

Enjoy Desmond, the “Future of the World”.

PS. Added after I hit the publish button….I absolutely love drag – for adults!

The ethereal generation’s inheritance

In the United Kingdom, we have The Doomsday Book that is written in two massive volumes that have been stored safely for almost a thousand years. It is the Registery of all landowners and place names in England when we were conquered by the French.

All over Europe there are records of meticulous kinds, written records, that capture the history of the western world. The same history that is now tossed aside as the history of White Privilege, rather than the attempt to capture knowledge for all future generations.

Written records are the safest way information can be stored, even in this age of the etherial-seeming computer technology.

Writing ON things, like paper, buildings, papyrus, plaques, monuments, even clay tablets, has been proved to last.

In the eighties, the United Kingdom, planned to make a new Doomsday Book. A massive amount of information was collected; the citizens of the nation co-operated with huge enthusiasm and all the records were digitilised. Most of it is lost now because the computers used to capture it all, are obsolete.

Digital Domesday Book lasts 15 years not 1000


Trying to preserve knowledge the way we do now digitally, is dangerous indeed. It might never be retrievable. And clouds can simply puff away in the winds of change.

We are haemmoraging knowledge.

The Internet is an unstable place to try and store our knowledge and the internet is being more and more heavily censored, “disappearing” valuable information in the arrogance of those who control it.

Humbling to Social Justice Warriors and others believing in their own importance, is that fact that whatever they tweet into the Twitter Swamp, will thankfully be lost for the next generation as we enter the ethereal age of thoughts that simply get lost in space and time!

Slavery Reparations….

I think this was a really good opening speech by Ta-Nehisi Coates at the slavery reparations hearings in the USA.

I point out that white/European people were enslaved in much greater numbers in world history than black people ever were. The difference is that those slaves simply disappeared into the populations of the nations that enslaved them. They never became a “group” in those countries.

The Wests’ use of captured humans sold to them by African traders for profit and greed has been a different thing completely.

I thought this an excellent speech. What do you think?

Or do you think paying reparations for white and black actions in a different time and place in history is a dangerous precedent?

How are reparations paid? To whom? By whom? It will be interesting to see where this goes……

I don’t wear Poppies

It’s Poppy time.

I won’t wear them, buy them or sell them.

I wore a White Poppy once. But now, in my grumpy old age, I don’t wear any.

My ancestors fought in many wars. The sacrifice of their lives and physical health, the wrenching away from their families, the destruction of their lives was wrought by Governments making War. My ancestors had no choice about going to war: the ones who refused, were imprisoned. The ones who ran away, were shot.

My ancestors did not make war.

Governments and Kings made war. And still do.

I will neither wear a red poppy, nor a white one. It is a superficial affirmation that the wearer is remembering the fallen. Its a patronising symbol that ‘the people’ remember. It’s political. Noticing how it has become a mandatory virtue signal for everyone in the public domain, I’m more revolted by it than ever.

Fortunately I’m neither important, nor in the public domain.

I can grieve for the fallen in the privacy of my pacifist heart.

And mourn the fact that war is still with us.

More on British schools…child abuse

I wrote a post on the UK Mad Hatters of education here .

There has been an outcome from the many outraged comments on Twitter about making six year olds write a love letter from a King to his (male) servant suggesting marriage.

UK Govt to Give Private Junior Schools LGBT Lessons Opt-Out

I quote

While the government’s response to the consultation is yet to be published, The Timesreported “civil servants are understood to have made it clear” that inspectors should no longer fail private schools on the basis of neglecting to meet sexual diversity requirements, which include making children aware of issues such as “gender reassignment”.

Ofsted, whose leader Amanda Spielman has demanded schools place “liberalism” at the “heart of the curriculum” while insisting that institutions with “cultural conservative or religious values” should be “exposed”, said the standards should remain in place, with a spokesman saying the watchdog believes it “appropriate” that all primary school children are taught to respect LGBT lifestyles.

The Department for Education said: “Independent schools, like all schools, have to promote respect for other people with particular regard to the protected characteristics under the 2010 Equalities Act.”

News of the move, which was deemed as a government U-turn by left-wing opponents, followed what The Times characterised as intensive lobbying by faith groups after reports that schools were being downgraded over teachers’ failure to explicitly highlight LGBT issues during class-time.

This applies to schools that are NOT Government schools, remember.

Failing a private Jewish girls’ school for the third time, Ofsted claimed that pupils at the north London school for children up to the age of eight were being denied “a full understanding of fundamental British values” because they were not given instruction on homosexuality or gender reassignment.

Buckingham University’s Professor Alan Smithers told The Times: “Whether or not young children should be taught about LGBT issues and gay families in schools has been a battleground for ages.

“This looks like a government U-turn. Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups have bitterly resisted the requirement to teach alternative lifestyles, with protests and placards. If this loophole is granted to independent schools, there will be a big push for this in state primary schools too,” he added.

The news came after backlash on social media to a video which shows 6-year-olds at a state primary school in Manchester being tasked with writing homosexual love letters from a fictional ‘Prince Henry’ to his manservant, ‘Thomas’.

A full understanding of fundamental British values, for me, has got nothing to do with a tiny minority of people that many small children have probably never encountered and instruction on homosexuality or gender reassignment in junior schools is ABSOLUTELY not acceptable in any junior school. It is child abuse to my mind.

Bring on the outrage!

Michael Persinger and others

I became interested in Consciousness as an unexplained phenomena in about 1998 when we came to the UK.

Before that, I simply believed, like most people, that consciousness was me in my soul – my spiritual aspect.

But the UK made me question that. The UK had a negative attitude to things spiritual and growing atheist attitudes everywhere. Atheism was rapidly becoming fashionable. Instead of simply experiencing my observer self as the experiencer experiencing being alive – my soul, so to speak, I found everything had to be ‘proved’ by science.

Someone on an Atheist forum I was following suggested I find answers to my questions by researching Michael Persinger. So I did.

It didn’t really help me, as I have had spiritual experiences of my own, ones not triggered by magnetic fields. I don’t think real experiences can be induced – they are spontaneous, ‘given’ really. Other people who had a negative effect on me were Susan Blackmore and Richard Dawkins both of whom I consider spiritually ‘locked’. They were at the height of their brief fame.

Dawkins sat in Persinger’s God Helmet and NOTHING happened to him. Say no more! So did Susan Blackmore (video below).

Anyway Michael Persinger has just died. He was persecuted for his use of swearing in lectures by the rise of the very far left fashion of thinking that pervades universities today. Read here…

Laurentian University’s Michael Persinger, human brain researcher, dies

“One of my techniques is to expose people to all types of different words,” he told CBC Sudbury in 2016.

“Silly words, complex words, emotional words, profane words. Because they influence how you make decisions and how you think.”

Persinger said he had used the form for more than 10 years, but later in 2016, he was told he was no no longer teaching the course. His union filed a grievance against the school for violating Persinger’s academic freedom.

Some students also started a petition at the time to have Persinger reinstated to teach the course.

How the mighty fall nowadays, not for the challenging ideas they offer, but for the way they behave. Death is a natural way to get rid of old academics whose time is over. I liked Persinger. He should have been better cherished.