Nice links for smokers and vapers

Such skill and knowledge in the writings of these two men is worth sharing.

For smokers read this answer I found by Gustavo Guardiola on Quora – it’s great.

How is it fair that during work, smokers get to take a break to smoke but don’t have to make up the time they missed?

For vapers read Clive Bates on The Vaping Epidemic (in young people in the USA) (Long but worth the read)

The great American youth vaping epidemic. Really?




Vaping – ignore the fearophobes

I am a vaper. I have been vaping for seven years. A friend has been vaping for ten years. We feel great! We think we feel better than if we’d stayed smoking.

I am absolutely sick of all the bullshit we keep hearing in the mainstream media quoting bad science to prove vaping is harmful. To find out if vaping is helpful for smokers we have the millions of anecdotal stories from delighted smokers themselves: such as stories from smokers like me, who smoked for fifty years, and who stopped (accidentally) seven years ago by taking up vaping and not had a cigarette since.

The press are doing smokers a terrible dis-service by putting fear into society about “the dangers of vaping”. First of all, they put the fear of god into the families of those smokers who try to switch from smoking to vaping; secondly, fearophobics stop smokers trying something to replace smoking – with vaping – which is SIGNIFICANTLY safer.

Please stop reading the fear stories about vaping. The fact that Australia has banned vaping has nothing to do with questioning the health benefits of vaping, but everything to do with the control the Anti Smoking Industry has got over the government there. The Anti Smoking Industry is an example of totalitarianism gone wild. It is criminal to withhold beneficial technological progress from the people because YOU disapprove.

Thank goodness, the United Kingdom has more common sense.

A must-have resource on Smoking and Ethics – mentally, emotionally and morally scrumptious

If you are interested in smoking, vaping,  or The Tobacco Control Industry, as I am, here is a smashing resource offering information about everything you  have always felt was ‘never morally quite right’! You will find browsing here ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTIOUS!

Let’s knock ourselves out! Join me please……

Smoking – On Ethics

Smoking is controversial, eliciting strong views from many people. Investment in the tobacco industry can be equally controversial for some. The question is whether the “ethical” approach to investing in the sector is really ethical at all, or simply an expression of prejudice against smokers and the smell of tobacco smoke

Spamming Public Consultations online – vaping as an example of the dangers of ‘Public Consultations’

I have always been suspicious of so called ‘Public Consultations’. Just the name gives me the creeps. I know, that the outcomes of a ‘Public Consultation’ are rarely implemented and the whole operation is a scam.

A ‘Public Consultation’ is just a modern form of patronising the masses in a pretend offering of power.

‘Public Consultations’ seem particularly prevalent in Tobacco Control issues, and during the vaping wars with the European Union back in 2013, ‘Public Consultations’ were used to ‘discover’ public opinion. Of course, the final destination of a ‘Public Consultation’ is the bin, and further regulations on the already over-regulated public are brought in regardless. Public opinion be dammed!

In the USA, the FDA ran ‘Public Consultations’ on Vaping some years back when the controllers-of-people first panicked about it. The rulings the ‘Public Consultation’ produced are ludicrous. They covered regulations about the devices Vapers use to vape with. Now, they are doing it again about the flavours vapers use in their e-liquid.

It has become a farce.

But the whole episode is not unique. It has happened before. Spamming a ‘Public Consultation’ is a useful tool for a Government to have cause to dump the whole ‘Public Consultation’ operation as not being valid. That’s very convenient when controllers-of-the-people want to do their own thing despite public opinion.

As a vaper, the whole situation of the witch-hunt against vapers and vaping is very interesting to me. I watch what is happening.  I am appalled by the fact that vaping is now illegal in many countries, punishable with fines and imprisonment.

I ask myself “Has the world gone insane?”

But the spamming of the FDA ‘Public Consultation’ debacle exposes to me the fact that the world has NOT gone insane – but rather, it is influenced by the forces of EVIL working against the people living in it.

In a bitter battle to destroy vaping, bad actors have spammed over 255,000 fake ‘anti-vaping’ comments into the system overseeing the public consultation process for FDA’s proposed rulemaking on the Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products. Regulations that could include: restrictions on flavors or an outright flavor ban.

FDA sources tell RegWatch; the spammed entry of over a quarter-million fake comments is “extraordinary” and “unprecedented”. It nearly brought down federal servers and so bogged-down the internal network it’s become next-to-impossible to process any submissions at all. It’s a massive assault on the credibility of the public consultation process.

Who did it? Was it Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids?

Video on this LINK HERE

Who was it? Well – it is Tobacco Control of course! Who could doubt that? What other group has proved themselves more despicable in the manipulation of society?

Vapingpoint Liz


Thoughts on vaping


I started a video channel in 2011. I called it ‘Vaping for the over sixties’. Now I am in my seventies. Maybe I’ve just got old and crabby, but I am not going to make any more videos or write about vaping anymore. Firstly, there are wonderful videos on the internet about vaping and vaping products – or at the moment there are. The  disappointment in me is that videos by vapers promoting vaping might be shut down as the cage of hate about vaping constricts us and freedom of speech is closed down by those who control us.


So right now in June 2018, in England, we are free to spread the word that vaping is a good thing. In the UK, there seems to be a saner attitude to vaping. It is allowed by our controllers. You can buy devices freely and vaping is sanctioned as a helpful thing for smokers to “quit “ smoking.


But I have not used vaping to quit smoking, though, of course, I HAVE.  I smoked for fifty years. As the regulations against smoking seeped into society and smokers became the persecuted minority, I vowed I would NEVER give it up. The word “quit” is a word put about by Tobacco Control to give the idea that  stopping smoking is a flippant thing that anyone can do, like it is a simple thing. I don’t believe that.


People smoke for reasons other than  simply being hooked on nicotine. It has always been nicotine that has been blamed yet, with the advent of vaping, a lot of ideas should have been jettisoned about nicotine. Nicotine was the  bad boy in smoking that, we were told, addicted us, and killed us.


Tobacco Control, lied to themselves and the world by demonizing nicotine. There are still people who think that nicotine causes cancer. And that  IT is what enslaves us to smoking.


From my own experiences as an enslaved smoker, it is something else in burning tobacco, some combination of chemicals that my body topped up with every time I smoked a cigarette. As a vaper, now, I never get the frantic meltdown if I do not vape, that used to overcome me without a cigarette. There is some other factor in inhaled tobacco that creates the craving.


I vape about three mls of e liquid a day. I mix my own. The  amount of nicotine is at strengths between 1.1 and .6 percent. It doesn’t  seem to matter what strength of nicotine it is but flavour is important to me. I used to often vape pure vegetable glycerine without nicotine or favouring. It is pleasantly sweet. But currently I only have aqueous vegetable glycerine which is bland, uninteresting and tasteless.


I switched to vaping as a SUBSTITUTE for smoking. It was never my intention to, as they say, ‘quit’. Smoking is deeply rooted in my psyche. And I believe it is rooted that way many people. Smoking is a comfort for me. A way to fill a hole. A pleasurable  activity, meaningful. It is the marker of peak experiences, deep lows, celebrations, triumphs, a friend that accompanies me through my life. My best friend. How thoughtless it is for someone to tell me I must simply ‘quit’.


It is more realistic to consider the idea that many people, for whatever psychological reason, who smoke, do not simply quit, but abandon a friend. The depression that such people feel, the emptiness, the loneliness, the heavy hearts are because they are suffering grief. I could never face the grief.


So vaping, for me, was the substitution of one friend for another. I have been such a happy vaper.


I achieved what  Tobacco Control wanted. I stopped smoking.


But now, I see some kind of insanity in the world that has grown up around vaping. In some countries it is illegal. Even possessing vaping paraphernalia can get you in prison. Don’t think this is some primitive, backward society somewhere remote. It is happening in so called civilised countries. In some, nicotine is illegal. Nicotine!


Instead of the welcoming of a technology that could truly make people give up their best friends and discover a new friend, we have prohibition, false science, scare stories, and persecution. Those responsible are the same Tobacco Control that are on a mission to make the whole world smoke free and destroy the Tobacco Industry.


They are using the same tactics about vaping. In the UK, we already have restrictions on the size of our tanks, the strength of our e liquid and, the most frustrating thing of all, the tiny tiny 10ml bottles in which we have to buy e liquid. This for a disabled person, drives me nuts. Also, we now are producing and discarding millions of little bottles!


But, at least, in the UK, vaping is not illegal.


Since I have been vaping, vapers themselves have changed. The absolute joy and comradie of discovering vaping has evaporated.


There is my kind of vaper, the kind that still thinks of themselves as a smoker who now vapes, that has switched friends so to speak, and then there is the other kind of vaper who is a bitter anti smoker.


Anti smoking vapers are not doing any good. They simply alienate smokers. They regurgitate the anti smoking dogma that has poisoned them. They quit from fear and compliance.


I don’t care if people smoke or vape. Smokers have had enough persecution. They  must be the most discriminated group on earth in the West. There has been no consideration shown to smokers in the UK, though, some European countries have not been so terminally infected by anti smoking lobby groups. For me, watching how Tobacco Control has promoted themselves worldwide, frightens me. It is totalitarian at its clearest. It means, to me, that any ideology using the same tactics could gradually remove our right to be free.


The strongest tool that Tobacco Control used, by design, planned at their conference when they were first forming and on purpose, was that they could claim second hand smoke was affecting others, and that smokers were not only killing themselves, but everyone else too. They used that to drive their ideology.


As of now, how dangerous second hand smoke is, has not been proved. Couples in which one partner smokes and the other doesn’t have been studied over lifetimes without producing any proof of fatal dangers.


This is important in considering how Tobacco Control is infecting the minds of society to also demonize vaping. What is our vapour doing to others? How frightened can they make society of US?


So, as I become more satisfied with devices we vapers can buy, they are getting better and better, I get more alarmed by how, this wonderful friend I have, is being demonized by anti smokers. To me, it is tragic how vaping has not been accepted for the pleasure it gives millions. Or, in my own experience, the ability to switch this devoted smoker, ME, to a substitute friend, to quit, to enthuse me to actually make videos for seven years, to write blogs, defend  and talk about vaping. If vaping did that to me, it can change millions of people. And of course, it has!


Unwittingly, my humble video channel ‘Vaping for the over sixties’, has encouraged hundreds of people to stop smoking. I know, because they write to me. I thank everyone for watching my videos which I am going to leave up as HISTORICAL. I will leave it all here till YouTube removes me for so called ‘promoting vaping’.


Younger people than me need to go on fighting the fight. A lot of you don’t remember the bad old days where people were free in an old fashioned world full of smokers. You cannot know the imagination, creativity, optimism of writers, artists, movie makers and society in general in those days. It seems to have disappeared now. A pall of depression has fallen over us. Society is being altered, dumbed, manicured. It has become a topiary where every stray shoot is being snipped off so that everyone conforms to the design of the controllers.


Everyone in the West is complaining their rights are violated by this, that or the other thing. Suicide rates have risen. The obsession with lifestyle has overtaken the spontaneity of enjoying a life.


No one smokes behind the shed in school any more. Or uses smoking as a rite of passage. They use much more dangerous stuff. Children are ashamed of their parents for smoking, drinking or being fat. School makes them so by telling children how dangerous to life smoking, drinking, and eating is. Their parents are killing themselves. How frightening that must feel about someone you love.


There are parents agonising about the behaviours of their children too. We are obsessed with vice but smoking is the greatest evil of all.


I wonder sometimes, in this time of war – the war on smoking, drugs, drink, food, thought, hate, men, bullying, and the many other wars of the modern age how the world would have been for young people had there been no wars, how life would be in a society where lobby groups were not allowed to partake in government, where drugs were legal and medically controlled, where the rite of passage was a cigarette, or sex was a thing you did rather than simply watched. And where people were free to NOT take offence.


It is politically incorrect to speak about many things that were once openly discussed, and, in the UK, in the twenty years I have lived here, the people i know have become more reticent, more tight lipped and more fearful of simply being themselves. We are being mentally sanitised in the West. Newspeak is the new speak. We have entered George Orwell’s 1984.


I ask young people listening to me, to investigate how the world has changed since the times we were free from excessive regulation. How, gradually, you are being muzzled, manipulated and brainwashed. Us oldies will not be here much longer. We have revealed a stunning truth that despite eating all wrong, smoking and drinking all wrong, being disciplined all wrong, being groped, flirted with, raped even, in a society run by men, we survived. We even flourished.


We are the longest living generation of all time.


Everyone nowadays has a better standard of living, better medical technology, better choices in food, clothing, and most material things than we had. And most people can read and write.


With all the wrong ways we were treated that in these times would be considered shocking, and all the wrong behaviours we practised in our lifestyle that are frowned on now, my generation developed true grit, produced wonderful music, comedy, literature, poetry, science and ideas that changed the world. And we did it in a smoking world.


Be aware of the danger of a world full of those promoting their own ideologies in the name of HEALTH or HAPPINESS. They are getting governments to legislate your every action.


Be sceptical of anything that regulates your thoughts. Be sceptical of so called science. Investigate the funding, the bias, the motive of the scientist doing the science. Believe nothing just because you are told to.


Health follows happiness. And happiness can develop when you are free.


If you smoke, smoke without guilt. Many smokers do NOT die from smoking. If you vape, vape without guilt. We are the big experiment that is worth it. Do not let the tight lipped disapprovers get you down. And to both smokers, vapers and those who are interested in liberty, resist totalitarianism of any kind.


If you haven’t, read, (or watch the films) the book George Orwell’s  1984.


Thank you for vaping with me. I wish you joy.