Should we give a shit?

Why can’t we use ourselves as the generator of electricity and gas?

This press release is from 2010 – Sewage works to provide gas for 200 homes in Oxfordshire  – sounds optimistic – enough to be uplifting.

Yet if you go to page 33 of the Government report  Energy in Brief, you will see that 2011 was its peak year – what happened to a damn good idea? No money in it for big corporations?

I reckon Shale Gas is much more profitable. There must be tons more money in fracking than from the 7 plus (and counting) billion humans…..

Cheer yourself up by playing on Worldometers – I did!

Wonderfully uplifting…Frank Davis

I found Frank Davis’s blog post The Cultural Liquidation of Europe tremendously uplifting.  It’s really worth a read. It’s the way I feel about my world that is becoming – has become – an alien place.

Frank says –  “The best thing that could happen would be for all these various protesting peoples to unite in one single task: the overthrow of the European political class who have so comprehensively duped and misled and betrayed their own peoples.

It won’t be just nationalistic: it will be a comprehensive cultural revolt against all kinds of imposed new norms and values.”


Trouble is, the current batch of younger humans billeted here on earth, think life as they know it is NORMAL. And any protesting groups are shouting in a vacuum where no media outlet is allowed to have ears to hear them.

But dreaming a dream is good – momentarily…..

This is my positive blog – demonise war like they did with smokers!

I decided I would post uplifting stuff here – uplifting to me that is. Why oh why, the older I get, do I find less and less situations uplifting?

Our planet has serious problems.

It really would be uplifting to me to think that our leaders knew what they were doing.

But I think they haven’t a clue.

But things could improve if….

Smoking was re-instated as it was before Big Tobacco and Big Pharma took it over, Politicians were over sixty and not paid or soccer players either for that matter. Tax was scrapped and we reverted to how it was before Governments became Corporations and Corporations became corporations. Corporations were abolished. We traded in services and seashells, pumpkins and charitable actions and REAL money. Rich people and Religions were expected to be patrons and do charitable works and subsidise libraries, schools and hospitals. Drugs were legalised, and most laws were scrapped. War, and anyone who makes war or has anything to do with war was demonised like they did with smokers and smoking – easy peasy – it took one generation only and it was done.

Do I feel better? Yes! Momentarily.

Is religion Good or Evil? Interesting video, if you are interested!

I am not religious. I used to be very tuned in to my invisible spiritual aspect. This is far easier to explore in countries that are not crenelated with atheist academics telling us that we have no spiritual aspect, it’s just imagination. So here in the UK, one gets that subtle part of one’s life stamped out by “Science” and secularism. There is a real anti-religion force here, and even an anti-spiritual tide. Unless you are in a community of like thinkers, which I am not, your ideas can easily wither and die.

Recently, our town council had to remove “prayer” from the beginning of their meetings because it was offensive to some people. I’m not religious in that I am not of any religion, but I think “prayer” before a meeting is a damn good idea! People should have a quiet time to focus their thought on the fact that they are deciding things for other people, and should feel focused and responsible for their actions.

This blog is uplifting. It’s my personal uplifting blog. I am tired of complaining! I have just watched this video. I felt uplifted. Maybe you will too!

Watch here  Is Religion Good or Evil? 

But then I particularly dislike Mr Dawkins and his prosteletysing  minions…..

Yeah! yeah! yeah! Praise!

  UK Government Postpones Plain Packaging

Jay Tyranny at Nannying Tyrants
Public Health activists, the tobacco control industry and smoker-hating charities like Cancer Research UK are weeping into their pints of non-alcoholic beer today. The British press is reporting that plain packaging plans are shelved in favour of seeing how the anti-smoker denormalisation experiment in Australia gets on. Twitter is alight with “OMG!!! The government is killing babies!” The *Independent*’s Oliver Duggan writes: The Government is to delay plans to introduce standardised cigarette packaging in the UK, sparking outrage from health campaigners. The policy, which was e… more »


BBC: Government “formally” abandons plain packaging

Simon Clark at Taking Liberties – 4 hours ago
*Apologies for the lack of posts this past week.* We’re working on a new project, to be revealed in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile the BBC has this morning confirmed that Standardised plain cigarette packaging plans shelved. The government is to postpone its plans to introduce standardised plain packaging for cigarettes in the UK. Ministers are expected to tell MPs that a decision on the policy has been formally delayed so that more time can be spent examining how similar plans have worked in Australia. (I know this because I was woken at four o’clock this morning by someone – who… more » 

In total, 665,989 campaign responses were received from 24 separate campaigns. Around two-thirds of campaign responses received were from people who are opposed to the introduction of standardised packaging (total of 427,888 responses) and one-third of campaign responses received were from people who are in support (238,101 responses) …

Uplifting video showing the better part of life on this planet

I just love this video except for the question of why the dolphins did this to themselves – sonar distress? But that aside, it’s spontaneous, accidental, not put out by some lobby group, not promoting sales, not about money or greed and all it cost was people CARING! Thank you to the photographer keeping his nerve to carry on filming.

How nice! The Dalai Lama would be pleased I’m sure.

Shitbag reincarnation

Most people in the world believe in reincarnation.

It’s a satisfying system. It’s justice at it’s best!

Oh how pleasing to think that when a shitbag who has done you wrong, and for whom there is no way to punish on earth, dies, he must have some kind of life-review in which he is shown what a shitbag he really has been, and then decide on another life where he can either experience what it feels like to be in the clutches of a shitbag himself, or repay his shitbag behaviour to yourself personally in your next life – or another.

Of course, the downside is that when you have behaved like a shitbag, you will have to repay similarly. 

So, this is a really uplifting thought for me. I like it. I am trying to keep my reincarnation bank account in credit.

If this is indeed how things work, there will be so many people in this ugly, violent age, that will have to make reparation in future lives they might eventually return here and make this planet a better place! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Giving up.

I don’t know why I write this blog. There are so so many perverted trends in the way the world is going, that I have become mentally speechless. I have had nothing to say for ten days because I am overwhelmed.

It seems to me, that in a time of scientism, real science has been perverted in the hands of the righteous to use as their tool for domination. Examples of this are the dodgy twististics used by Tobacco Control to further their cause of a smoke-free world. Or the domination of science in the food industry so that our bodies are challenged to deal with engineered molecules that are the result of industrial greed. Or the constant re-enforcement of erroneous dietary guidance, like fat is bad for us, that has become the mantra of all medical food advice. Or the flooding of our consciousnesses that the cure is the drug to the great benefit of the pharmaceutical companies. Or the paradox that we need science to prove things that everyone already knows the truth of. Science has become a tool for earning a salary, for shoring up politics, for promoting opinion when it should be a method of investigation. Science as the beginning and end like this is scientism.

In the face of this new god, I feel powerless and overwhelmed by the powerlessness of us all.

I lived through the freedom and hope of the Sixties. I don’t know what happened to that freedom. And I have very little hope. Governments legislate on everything now – every tiny thing. Psychiatry claims natural human emotion, like grief, as mental illness, feral children as beyond  physical discipline, but quite able to withstand emotional abuse instead – or better – simply drugged. Our children are strapped in to everything for their own safety – baby rockers, prams, car seats, booster seats literally, and mentally and emotionally by society knowing what is “good” for them to know, like pornography, or things they shouldn’t see like smoking, or vaping because it looks like smoking.And us oldies, the smoking age survivors are just an expense instead of dead!

We now have rights that have been overcome by other people’s rights, we must behave politically correctly to have rights.  Our governments routinely override their duty to provide us with public services and defense, by intruding into every aspect of our lives and spying on us. And taxing us. And taxing us again, or charging us a payment for permission to do some things that once were free.The media has been castrated to become fawning eunuchs to our rulers. Their reporting is not the true state of reality, but an illusion of it contorted through outside pressure, a brainwashing tool used to swing our public opinion and private opinions. In these there is not real opinion, just compliance and the desire for comfort. Consumerism has mesmerised us.

This planet is an exquisite jewel. I used to love it here – an exciting place with possibilities for goodness, beauty, freedom, up-liftment and consciousness raising for a whole planet.  Now it just feels alien – a deformed thing.

I am giving up ranting. It gets me no where and uplifts no one. If it can’t be positive, if it doesn’t uplift ME in some way, I am not blogging it.