Whatever happened to sexual liberation? Some stats

I think the world has gone daft!

I have become very judgemental – and I’m allowed because I’m old and grumpy!

Humans – especially women, are behaving badly – my first experience of the ‘new woman’, came when I first came to the UK. I had a job in a big store in a small town. It used to amaze me how everyone in the staff room fell about laughing on telling stories about how they got blind drunk and woke up in some stranger’s bed. It seemed a huge joke. It appalled me, coming into the UK from a conservative country.

But the story that really disgusted me, was of a woman who had had her ‘hen party’ the night before. She was getting married on the weekend. She told the assembled staff room that at the local pub, where the hen party happened, she spied a man at the bar whom “she simply HAD to have”. So she approached him and they went off together and screwed the night away.

That educated me.

I believe that engagement and marriage predicates faithfulness; loyalty in body and mind.

I believe in marriage. I believe that children should be brought up having two parents loyal to each other.

I believe in morals and self control.

I believe the porn culture is negative, that women should dress virtuously and behave well. And so should men.

I’m old fashioned. And I found this lecture by Amy Wax, very revealing. It’s all about stuff I care about…..with stats!



Should you say “No” to Smart Meters? Or is it all bolony?

My husband refuses to have a Smart Meter installed at our home. We are united on that decision. But, boy, the Utility Companies in the UK, press you to change your mind/have one installed.

We HAVE experienced the Smart Meter: we are not Smart Meter ‘virgins’ – we had one in our last home. We became obsessed by how we were using electricity Never again!

If you are in any way undecided about installing a Smart Meter, watch this video – be patient with it, its not your usual “bling” YouTube video, but it gives you immense insight, which is worth your time.

This video mainly covers the USA, but, is it possible that one day, we too, in the UK, will be forced to have them installed – for the same reasons?

Should everyone say “NO! I DON’T WANT A SMART METER, THANKS.” They are not what you think…..?

Here is the UK protest site for Smart Meters – LINK

With the prospect of ever-higher bills via “smart” Time-of-Use (TOU) tariffs in store, the Smart Meter programme is taking some big risks with a variety of aspects of our lives and well-being. From the sobering implications of connecting our electricity, gas and water supplies to the Internet — making domestic supplies available to hackers — to documented, scientifically-validated health risks, gross privacy violations and a capability for energy firms to remotely control our appliances at will, the “Smart Grid” will come to be seen as a Trojan Horse of our time. The primary beneficiaries of Smart Meters will be Big Energy — any promised consumer benefits will be short-lived, illusory or dramatically overshadowed by the enormous disadvantages.

And here is the video I watched.

A must-have resource on Smoking and Ethics – mentally, emotionally and morally scrumptious

If you are interested in smoking, vaping,  or The Tobacco Control Industry, as I am, here is a smashing resource offering information about everything you  have always felt was ‘never morally quite right’! You will find browsing here ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTIOUS!

Let’s knock ourselves out! Join me please……

Smoking – On Ethics

Smoking is controversial, eliciting strong views from many people. Investment in the tobacco industry can be equally controversial for some. The question is whether the “ethical” approach to investing in the sector is really ethical at all, or simply an expression of prejudice against smokers and the smell of tobacco smoke

Colour imaging of the body

I am archiving this here because I’m watching and waiting to see how this develops.

A New Zealand team have come up with a method of colour images of the body during scans. How this might be, to me, a really beneficial process is because such an image might lead to more accurate diagnosies.

In a scan, there are often mistakes of interpretation leading to false positives or false negatives in the confusion of black, white and grey. This new method reads molecular photons and registers them as colours. We know that already when we measure frequencies of light coming off of celestial bodies. Why not do it for human bodies too?

And, of course, they will make a LOT of money!

Here are some images with more information on scrolling – LINK

And here is the Site – LINK

The novel features of this scanner are: an ability to differentiate and quantify simultaneously several targeted cell types, biomarkers, and drug delivery at the target tissue. It provides molecular imaging at the histological scale by measuring x-ray attenuation of the tissues at different energies (also known as wavelength or colour).

Hate speech – the language of the alt-left.

I feel ashamed for our nation. We have forgotten our manners! Do the Trump haters not see themselves for what they are?

In the UK, here, we witnessed hate speech. The Trump protesters weren’t protesting policy – after all Obama built ‘The Wall’ separating Mexico, and ‘caged’ the children. Those were policies already in place. They were hating Trump using excuses.

The people in the streets of London, Manchester and Edinburgh were simply vituperous bile-spillers venting their spleens on one person.

Here we may not vocalise many opinions. It’s been bottled by law. It is illegal to use hate speech. Where can we release the pressure we have blocked up? There is no way anymore to simply be one’s self without constant self monitoring….

Except with sanctioned hate – and that’s all right!

Hate speech is fine – encouraged actually – if it’s against President Trump. Trump is the preferred adversary who can represent everything evil; he has so many colourful attributes: white successful powerful person, white rich man, rich man who likes women, a cocky, confident man, an outspoken politician, a narcissist, a joker, an anomaly, a rule breaker, tweeter, anti press, anti EU.

There is something to find in him for every victim of the world to protest!

Hate speech is the preferred language of the alt left.

It makes me ashamed for them.

They are as blown up with arrogance and self righteousness, as the one they hate.

Overblown all!

Image result for Images Trump protests London

The BSE saga – poisoning by Government proclamation – what else has it done to us?

We were in Africa when BSE broke out in the UK. We felt ‘safe’ – until I found out that tonnes of infected meat had been shipped to Africa to ‘get rid of it’!

I’m sure many of my readers have never even heard of BSE – or mad cow disease.

  1. bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a disease of cattle which affects the central nervous system, causing agitation and staggering, and is usually fatal. It is believed to be caused by an agent such as a prion or a virino, and to be related to Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease in humans.

It was supposedly caused by feeding scrapie infected meat and bone-feed to cows – fancy that; feeding meat to cows! and eating sick cows gave it to humans. Well that was the theory – it was caused by feeding cows dead animals.

People were terrified of developing CJD, which can take years to show itself.

But, there is another story.

This is the story of the OTHER story.

Organic livestock farmer Mark Purdey was ordered in the 1980’s, along with all cattle and dairy farmers in the UK, to treat his cows with an organophosphate pesticide ‘Phosmet’ manufactured by I.C.I.. Organophosphates are derived from military nerve gas and a systemic treatment (the chemical enters the entire internal system of the cow) would undermine his organic principles so Mark refused to treat. “If Phosmet is proven to have caused BSE, the worldwide use of organophosphates (OPs) could be put into jeopardy, costing the chemical industry billions. The government know more than they’re letting on. They’ve stuck to the scrapie theory to placate people and give the impression they’ve got it under control.” Mark Purdey, Organic Dairy Farmer, Exmoor. “If the government are found liable for BSE – by enforcing organophosphate treatment – the payout could break the economy.” >>>

The British Government “got BSE under control” by ordering the slaughtering of millions of cows – millions. Britain lay under a pall of smoke from the incineration fires as it did during the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001.

The story continues in more detail – but the final outcome in my comment under this quote might have given Mark Purdy some comfort. He wrote a book, but died before he completed it. It is heroes like Mark Purdy that REALLY change the world.

Mark Purdy, had a different theory about the cause of BSE.

 One that the authorities and the pesticide producers have gone to great to lengths to silence. Between the late 70’s and 1982 British farmers were forced by law to treat their cows for warble fly with a pour on organophosphate called phosmet – organophosphates are derived from nerve gas formulated by nazi chemists during World War II. Big business soon realised its profit potential and, post war, it was exclusively marketed as an agricultural pesticide by ICI, and later their cunningly renamed subdivision Zeneca. Seeing how his own organically reared cows never developed BSE, but phosmet-treated cattle brought onto the farm did, Somerset dairy farmer Mark Purdey refused to treat his herd. In 1984 MAFF took him to the High Court, but lost. “Before 1982 farmers could treat warbles with an organic ground-up root compound called Derris. This was outlawed, so they could sell more organophosphates,” said Purdey. Organophosphates, used to treat headlice in school children, have been implicated as a potential cause of Gulf War Syndrome. Purdey managed to alleviate symptoms in a BSE infected cow by injecting oxime, an antidote to pesticide poisoning. The cure was never completed as MAFF turned up and destroyed the cow. Unconvinced by the accepted cause of BSE and CJD, Purdey set about studying how disease clusters reflected OP usage. He found Britain, the only country enforcing phosmet use, to have the highest rate of disease. Ireland had some BSE, but OP use was voluntary, and given at a lower dose. Brittany (France) began to develop BSE following an enforced phosmet trial, and human new variant CJD was clustered in Kent’s Wield Valley, where hop and top fruit growth gets saturated with organophosphates. Agitated by Purdey’s discoveries, the pesticide industry hit back. The dubiously named National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), a lobby group representing the UK animal medicine industry, whose membership reads like a Downing St dinner party invite list of extremely dodgy chemical interests – including Bayer, Monsanto, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Schering-Plough etc – published documents discrediting Purdey’s work. NOAH produced an independent expert, Dr David Ray, for the BSE Inquiry, who turned out to be receiving funding from Zeneca for his Medical Research Council toxicology unit. “I don’t think this affected my judgement,” Ray told SchNEWS. “You may not believe it, but I didn’t realise Zeneca produced phosmet at the time.” Hmmm. In March 1996 – one week before the UK government admitted to a link between BSE and new variant CJD – Zeneca sold the phosmet patent to a PO Box company in the Arizona desert. As Ray said: “Zeneca are not keen to be sued.

Interestingly – and VERY STRANGE! is that the British Government, in it’s final analysis ” took the view the cause was not scrapie, as had originally been postulated, but was some event in the 1970s that was not possible to identify.” My bold. Link Wikipedia

Here is Mark Purdy telling his story in 2001. In today’s glitzie video line up, it might seem dull, but it is well worth watching and reveals his courage in the face of persecution. Unfortunately, Organophosphates are still used in some countries – as herbicides and pesticide – ‘Its use is banned or restricted in 23 countries and its import is illegal in a total of 50 countries.’ and they have been mostly abandoned for use on animals.

Here is Mark


Spamming Public Consultations online – vaping as an example of the dangers of ‘Public Consultations’

I have always been suspicious of so called ‘Public Consultations’. Just the name gives me the creeps. I know, that the outcomes of a ‘Public Consultation’ are rarely implemented and the whole operation is a scam.

A ‘Public Consultation’ is just a modern form of patronising the masses in a pretend offering of power.

‘Public Consultations’ seem particularly prevalent in Tobacco Control issues, and during the vaping wars with the European Union back in 2013, ‘Public Consultations’ were used to ‘discover’ public opinion. Of course, the final destination of a ‘Public Consultation’ is the bin, and further regulations on the already over-regulated public are brought in regardless. Public opinion be dammed!

In the USA, the FDA ran ‘Public Consultations’ on Vaping some years back when the controllers-of-people first panicked about it. The rulings the ‘Public Consultation’ produced are ludicrous. They covered regulations about the devices Vapers use to vape with. Now, they are doing it again about the flavours vapers use in their e-liquid.

It has become a farce.

But the whole episode is not unique. It has happened before. Spamming a ‘Public Consultation’ is a useful tool for a Government to have cause to dump the whole ‘Public Consultation’ operation as not being valid. That’s very convenient when controllers-of-the-people want to do their own thing despite public opinion.

As a vaper, the whole situation of the witch-hunt against vapers and vaping is very interesting to me. I watch what is happening.  I am appalled by the fact that vaping is now illegal in many countries, punishable with fines and imprisonment.

I ask myself “Has the world gone insane?”

But the spamming of the FDA ‘Public Consultation’ debacle exposes to me the fact that the world has NOT gone insane – but rather, it is influenced by the forces of EVIL working against the people living in it.

In a bitter battle to destroy vaping, bad actors have spammed over 255,000 fake ‘anti-vaping’ comments into the system overseeing the public consultation process for FDA’s proposed rulemaking on the Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products. Regulations that could include: restrictions on flavors or an outright flavor ban.

FDA sources tell RegWatch; the spammed entry of over a quarter-million fake comments is “extraordinary” and “unprecedented”. It nearly brought down federal servers and so bogged-down the internal network it’s become next-to-impossible to process any submissions at all. It’s a massive assault on the credibility of the public consultation process.

Who did it? Was it Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids?

Video on this LINK HERE

Who was it? Well – it is Tobacco Control of course! Who could doubt that? What other group has proved themselves more despicable in the manipulation of society?

Legacy of the Nazis

Once, years ago, I went to meeting at our village hall. A man was speaking. The topic was ‘The Fourth Reich’. Being a historian, I was interested to know what that was.

But I was only one of about five people who attended.

‘The Fourth Reich’ turned out to be The European Union. The chap speaking – I can’t remember his name – must have been disappointed with a turnout of five people, but his talk made a permanent impression on me!

Since then, I have always thought of The European Union as ‘The Fourth Reich’.

Of course, I did not just accept what the speaker said, but I was so shocked by the idea, I came home and did a huge amount of research on the topic. I found the idea supported by evidence.

Not only is the European Union ‘The Fourth Reich’, but other Nazi legacies are still with us, like Tobacco Control, Public Health, Government ‘Nudge Policy’, the War on Drugs, Political Propaganda, Political Correctness etc.

But this post is about The European Union. Here is a video I saw this morning on the topic which is seldom – or never – mentioned.