Really really real, but not really

Well, I have to admit, humans are ingenious!

A commentator sent me a link to this article on “Hyper Realistic Stress Inoculation”

For many years I have been convinced that violent movies, porn, conspiracy films and series on TV, are ‘grooming’ our minds. Coarsening society. Making us immune to shock and horror.  I don’t like it. I’d like peace, love and harmony always.

But my ancestors used to flock to the town square to see a lynching, a hanging or an execution not so long ago. It was huge entertainment! They were faced personally with death, sickness and poverty for real. And, further back, intense cruelty, rape, pillage of marauding armies/tribes, and slave catchers.

We have evolved in a soup of violence. There has never been peace, love and harmony always, ever.

Now, is the time in History where ordinary people have more peace, love and harmony in our everyday lives than at any time in History.

We are so far away from personally experiencing brutality – at least in the West,


to really get used to reality, we have to make it up!


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